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  • Is there any home remedy to prevent tooth cavities?

    Suffering from tooth cavities? Interested in knowing home remedies to resolve the suffering? On this page check out the advice provided by our experts for your queries.

    I have some holes in my teeth. Food waste remains trapped in these cavities while eating. Sometimes there is a pain too?
    What if these teeth with holes were removed?
    Is there any home remedy to prevent tooth cavities?

    Please give me a solution to this problem.
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  • Cavities in the teeth are small holes made on the tooth enamel by bacterial action. Generally the main reason for this is the sweet material clung to the tooth surface and then its decay along with bacterial action. That is the reason why it is advised to rinse the mouth after eating anything and also to brush the teeth thoroughly two times a day. The children who take sweet items and chocolates but do not rinse their mouth after it are prone to such dangers. Once small holes or cavity is formed in the teeth the process of tooth decay starts and then the only remedy in medical science is either remove it or drill it and fill it with special cement material.

    In addition to observing the basic hygiene and cleaning there are some home remedies which can give relief in this condition. These are -

    1. Salt water - Rinsing with salt water cleans the cavities and gives relief.

    2. Clove oil - This is one of the old and tested remedy and putting a dab of clove oil on the cavity helps in keeping the bacteria away.

    3. Vegetable oil - Rinsing the mouth at least 3-4 minutes with vegetable oil is a good method to clean the cavities.

    4. Tea tree oil - Applying tea tree oil on the teeth and gums and rinsing with it is also a useful thing in controlling cavities.

    5. Lemon - Keeping a piece of lemon in mouth and crushing it and then rinsing with water is also helpful in teeth cavity management.

    6. Garlic - It is having anti fungal and antibacterial property. Eating raw garlic helps to reduce cavities.

    7. Neem - It is known as a traditional remedy for dental cavity management and it is easy to use as one has to chew a few Neem leaves and the rinse with water.

    8. Turmeric - Turmeric is to be mixed with mustard oil and is to be applied on teeth for about 10 minutes. It helps in reducing the cavities.

    9. Baking soda - Application of wet baking soda on teeth helps in managing the cavities. As soda has potential of enamel scratching, its prolonged use is to be avoided.

    10. Wheatgrass - Applying wheatgrass juice diluted with water is also a remedial measure for cavities.

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  • Teeth are the hardest part of our body and are strong even more than bones. Our teeth consists of called dentine, a calcified tissue and mainly composed of calcium, phosphorus, and minerals. Dentine remains covered by enamel, a shiny layer that we see.
    A cavity in a tooth develops due to food particles stuck while we eat. Bacteria present in mouth cavity turn food into acid which decay tooth and creates holes or cavities.

    Generally, dental cavities are fixed by filling after removing the decaying part of the tooth. if anybody is having cavities in teeth, a visit to dentist is recommended to avoid further tooth decay. As bacteria in small cavities in tooth may destroy tooth enamel and may create deeper cavities.

    But tooth decay can be stopped by taking some precautions and using some home remedies. As teeth are made up of calcium and minerals, enamel get repair itself by using minerals that we intake from food and found in saliva, and also from fluoride.
    Some of the good home remedies and precautions are listed here:

    1. Avoid sugary food or use sugar free food.
    2. Take Vitamin D and other supplements
    3. Coffee made from roasted coffee beans is also useful to prevent cavities.
    4. Brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste
    5. Use aloevera tooth gel
    6. Avoid frequent snacking
    7. Avoid juices with higher sugar content
    8. Avoid chocolates, sugary candies, sweets
    9. Use cavity fighter mouthwash after eating.
    10. Avoid chips, bread and pastas
    11. Avoid bananas or high sugar content fruit or rinse mouth after eating such types of fruit immediately
    12. Drinking milk is also helpful as milk contain calcium and phosphorous which strengthen and repair tooth enamel
    13. Rinse your mouth regularly after eating and going to bed
    14. Visit your dentist regularly
    15. Eat tooth-healthy foods
    16. Eat foods with natural probiotics which helps to equalize the acidic pH in the foods/drink you consume
    17. Oil pulling. It is an ayurveda dental cleaning technique. In this technique cleansing of teeth by swishing with a tablespoon of oil in the mouth empty stomach for about 20 minutes. Sesame, sunflower or coconut oil can be used for this purpose. It effectively reduces plaque buildup. Thereafter brush your teeth. Oil pulling removes toxins and improves oral health, reduce plaque and gingivitis.
    18. Clove oil can be used. It is also having antibacterial properties.
    19. Turmeric powder mixed with water is also very good for rinsing mouth.
    20. Use salt mixed with mustard oil for cleaning teeth.
    21. Use dental floss daily.
    22. Use of baking soda mixed with little water can also be effective.
    23. Use salt water for rinsing mouth. Besides betadine can also be used.
    24. Use of licorice root as a tooth brus. It is also very helpful as it contain licorice, licoricidin and licorisoflavan A, which inhibits the growth of cavity-causing bacteria.
    25. Neem oil and neem twig can be used to clean mouth.

  • Dental hygiene is the main home remedy to prevent cavities.

    Oncethe cavities have formed, either it has to be filled by modern medicine facilities or has to be just 'managed' by not allowing to aggravate.

    Managing can be done by using dental cleanig with ayurvdic toothpastes. Using commonly avaialable leaves like leaves of mango tree etc.Onecan Brush the teeth by using neem stem as brush. Tooth paste/ tooth powder with clove or clove oil can be beneficial.

    As sweetness, extreme cold or extreme heat can tickle and pain the nerbves, one should avoid foods and drinks which are cold or hot or very sweet. Mouth should be washed properly preferably with lukewarm salt water immediately after taking food or drink. One should ensurethat food particles do not eneer and get stuck inthe cavities. One should wash in such a way. Mouth washes having anti bacterial agents can be used.

    One should not poke sharp or pinted thigs into the cavities. At the very start of signs of pain one should apply soft cotton soaked with a couple of drops of clove oil on the cavity and press it (clench it) with upper and lower teeth.

    "What if these teeth with holes were removed?"

    Removal of tooth is necessary only at a stage when the 'root canalprocedure' is not feasible, the tooth is shaking already and is decayed beyond redemption. Seeing from your question it appears you may need filling after root canal procedre. That will keep the tooth healthy and strong for many years if you 'manage' dental hgiene properly.

    As it is ver dificult to prevent cavity becoming deep in our present daily life style,
    it is sugested you visist aqualfied Dental doctor and get the cavity filled so that the issue does not become srious later.

  • If already cavities are formed on the teeth, you have to see the dentist immediately and get the cavities filled when they are in the initial stages. Otherwise, the cavities will become big and teeth will decay fast. So an immediate action is very much required in this case. Generally, the dentist will clean the teeth and fill the cavities. If this process is delayed you have to go for removing those teeth and get the artificial teeth arranged. So take action immediately.

    Now coming to the question of prevention of cavity formation, the following methods can be followed.

    1. These days sugar-free gums are available in the market. Chewing this type of gum after meals will prevent cavity formation.

    2. You can eat yoghurt and milk. It will give you vitamin D to your body and also spend some time in the sun early morning so that the required vitamin D will be available to the body.

    3. Use fluoride toothpaste so that the required fluoride will be available to the teeth. This will help you in preventing cavity formation.

    4. Reduce sugar consumption and don't eat sweets in more quantities. Please make sure that the teeth are properly cleaned after eating so that no remnants of food in the teeth. This is very important

    But these practices can't close the cavities formed but they may stop enhancing the sizes. But they stop formation.

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  • Cavities can cure by a dentist only. However, we have many home remedies that can strengthen the enamel of the tooth in the pre cavity stage. They are giving below.
    1)Brushing with a Flouride toothpaste in the morning and evening which will prevent from cavities by strengthening the tooth enamel.
    2)Tooth gel with Aloe vera is an effective way to fight with tooth decay. Brushing with Aloe vera gel will prevent forming tooth decay.
    3)Avoid eat and drink of sugar product will help to prevent tooth decay.
    4)The antibacterial properties of liquorice root may target the bacteria that cause cavities,
    5)Add Amla powder in black tea will help to prevent tooth decay.
    6)Brushing with Miswak twigs is a traditional way to prevent tooth decay. It is a long tradition that using Miswak twigs in Middle east and Indian sub continent area.


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  • Hello ma'am.

    Since you are already suffering from tooth cavities, and it pains a lot too, I would advise you to see a dentist immediately. Because home remedies work very slowly and don't give long-lasting results and if you delay more, you may get suffer from other related problems too. Your cavities may get larger and affect deeper layers of your teeth. This may result in severe toothache, infection and even tooth loss.

    Also, teeth holes can't be removed. They can be filled or crowned. And to get it filled or crowned, you have to see a dentist before the situation gets worse.

    Since cavities are caused by tooth decay and tooth decay develops because of plaques which in turn forms because of-

    i) our bad or irregular eating habits, or because of consumption of certain foods and drinks like soda or cake.

    ii) inadequate brushing or use of toothpaste that is not suitable for our teeth.

    iii) dry mouth, since the presence of saliva washes away food and plaque from our teeth and prevents tooth decay.

    iv) age, as it also plays an important role in tooth decay. Usually, older people are at higher risk because their use of medications may reduce saliva flow in their way, which may ultimately lead to tooth decay.

    Some of the home remedies to prevent cavities are as follows-

    1. Aloe vera gel- Aloe vera gel helps to fight/kill the cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. It may also help to remineralize enamel at the pre-cavity stage.

    2. Oil pulling- If we swish a tablespoon of sesame or coconut oil around in our mouth for 5-10 mins and then spit it out, it can improve teeth health and may also prove beneficial in reducing plaque that causes tooth decay.

    3. Vitamin D supplements- Vitamin D supplements have a mineralizing effect. They help in reducing the chances of dental cavity and also helps to strengthen enamel.

    4. Abstinence from sugary foods- Consumption of sugary food is the most common reason for tooth decay. It is because sugar mixes with bacteria in the mouth, it forms an acid and affects our enamel badly.

    5. Licorice root- Eating licorice root may target the bacteria that cause tooth decay and protect our enamel and teeth.

    6. Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing- Brushing with fluoride toothpaste prevents cavities and it also helps in remineralizing enamel.

    7. Clove- Clove is rich with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so it helps a great deal in alleviating pain and also prevents the cavity from spreading.

    8. Garlic- Garlic has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Eating raw garlic is very beneficial for oral health.

    9. Saltwater- It is the simplest and the most common home remedy for oral health issues. It removes stickiness from the mouth and keeps it bacteria-free. It also neutralizes the PH level in our mouth by removing the acid.

    10. Lemon- Chewing a lemon for a while and then rinsing it with water, kills germs and helps in easing pain caused by the cavities as it contains Vitamin C.

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  • Cavities are the tiny holes in the teeth caused by decay of the enamels. Several home remedies are there to stop this cause altogether or this process can be slowed down significantly.
    Streptococcus Mutans is a type of Bacteria known to play a role in this disorder. Over times it reaches to the inner layer of the tooth. At this point, a cavity starts to develop and with the passage time, the pain because of this disorder becomes unbearable to the patients.
    We can arrest the formation of tooth cavities with the tips provided below-
    1) Oil - treatment - It requires swishing a table spoon of Sesame oil or Coconut oil around in the mouth for the prescribed period, then spitting it out.
    It will reduce the amount of plaque formation and removal of Bacteria as a result of mouth wash. The result would be visible in fortnight. However, longer duration is recommended for the results say at least two months.
    2) Aloe Vera Gel - Aloe Vera Tooth Gel would help in fighting the Bacteria responsible for the cavity formation. The antibacterial effect of this gel kills the harmful Bacteria inside the mouth.
    3) Avoid the foods containing Phytic Acid - There are certain foods such as Maize, Wheat, Rice, Rye, Kidney Beans etc contains Phytic Acid. Avoiding such foods may help in averting this issue.
    4) Use Raw Garlic - The function of Raw Garlic are many fold such as thinning of Blood, helping in high blood pressure, killing the harmful bacteria inside the stomach. This herb is rich in Selinium an antioxidant to bring back normal health in numerous issues. This herb would kill the harmful Bacteria inside the mouth.
    5) Use of Lysterine Mouth - wash after your principal meals - This mouth is antibacterial in nature and would arrest the harmful Bacteria .
    6) Use of Clove Oil - Drop 2-3 drops of Clove oil inside the cavity and this would produce a lethal effect against the Bacterial - germs. You may use this two to three times daily.
    7) Consume Vitamin D - Consult the Doctor for the appropriate dose in your case. Supplementing with Vitamin D would arrest the formation of cavity significantly.
    8) Licorice Root - This Aurvedic herb should be chewed twice or thrice daily and finally this should be swallowed so as to kill the Bacteria.
    9) Avoid Sugary Items - While sugary items come in contact with the Bacteria inside the mouth, there is excess formation of acid leading to further deterioration of the enamel. Hence this practice is to be curbed.
    10) Rinsing with Salt - water would remove the excess Bacteria inside the mouth. This should be adopted every time after the food intake to maintain a good oral hygiene.
    However, it would be better to have a consultation with the dentist if the problem persists.

  • Cavities are tiny black holes, and bacteria has already damaged the teeth and can be cured only by the dentist. Home remedies are to avoid cavities and for precautions.
    To prevent cavities strictly follow a daily routing of brushing teeth twice a day, and rinsing mouth after every meal.
    Once a week add little soda or salt in toothpaste and brush your teeth.
    Using a miswak stick or neem stick is also very good.

  • Firstly meet a dentist and get it checked if those holes can be filled up or there is any need to remove the tooth. Some cases they use some cleaning agents and try to clear the issue.

    Few things which you need to follow to get rid of the cavities are listed below

    1. Rinse your mouth with water every time you have something.
    2. Brush your teeth regularly twice a day so that you can prevent its spread
    3. Use clove oil on the region where ever you have pain.
    4. You can rinse your mouth with salt water regularly
    5. You can also brush your teeth with salt
    6.You can also try Oil Pulling
    7. Try using neem oil and neem twigs to clean the tooth
    8.Include vitamin D rich foods in your diet

  • If you already have big size cavity then get it filled with cement , silver or any other metal immediately. More you delay more it will go in deep. Worst have to remove tooth. If it pains in home temporary solution is to put clove in that area or apply clove oil by cotton or finger gently. Clove acts as pain killer. But as I said it is best to see doctor and look for permanent solution.

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