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  • I want job in HR Department

    Looking out for making a career in HR domain? Searching for help and advice to search for a job? On this Ask Expert page do scroll through the responses and decide how to make a future in HR.

    I need a job in human resource department. I want job in Gujarat state. I know Gujarati Hindi and English language very well. I know all basics of computer knowledge.
    What should I do?
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  • How to get a job under the HR section is not a problem at all. There are good job opportunities for the HR section all over India.

    Human Resources Manager, Human resources information system (HRIS) analyst, Employee assistance plan manager, Employment-recruitment and placement specialist, Training and development specialist, HR Consultant, Human Resources Executive, HR Entrepreneur, Executive Recruiter, Human Resources IT Specialist, are the main types of jobs under Human Resources Section.

    To become an HR manager, you would need at least a Bachelor's degree in human resources management or business administration or a related field. Three to four years of experience is also needed to become an HR Manager. Some companies may require a Masters Degree. Good communication skill and organizational and leadership quality is a must to become an HR Manager.

    In order to get a job, you have to register with a job website. and search every day for a good job post and apply for the job as early as possible.

    In our website ISC there is a Job Section having good job posts. Search for an HR job in this section and apply it.

    You can also register in some other job websites such as Naukri, indeed, shine, placementindia, and LinkedIn

  • It is good that you are well versed in Gujarati, Hindi and English language and also know basics of computer knowledge. But you have not given any clue about your academic qualification.
    Still, I am telling you about requirements, job types and opportunities here.
    Many employers require a candidate having graduate degree with a higher national diploma or degree or a post graduate diploma or degree in Human resource management, personal management, business administration or some related subject for HR positions. Besides, you should have good interpersonal, communication skills, talkative, and extrovert personality. If you are having these qualifications and skills then doing jobs in HR may be a good career option for you.
    If you are having a bachelor degree in any stream, you can get admission in diploma or postgraduate course or training in HR or business administration. Taking some grooming classes will also be very helpful in your personality development. If you are having some experience of office work. It will also help you to get a job.

    It is not necessary, that without a degree or diploma in Human resource you can't get a job in HR. Sometimes a candidate having basic qualification and good communication skills make successful careers in Human Resources without any professional degree.
    In Human resource you can work as HR Consultant, HR Manager, HR generalist, HR branch manager, HR business partner, Executive Recruiter, HR Director, Training and Development Manager, Compensation and Benefits Manager, Labor Relations Specialist, Chief HR Officer.

    So, first of all, if you have not a graduate degree, get a graduate degree then try to find a job in HR and grow your communication skills and still if you are not getting a job Then do master degree and a professional course and then you will definitely get a job in your desired field.
    In Gujarat there are lots of private companies are there in Ahemdabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot etc. which recruit HR professionals frequently. You can also contact with a local job consultancy firm which will help you to get a job in HR. You can get registered yourself on online job portals for latest jobs updates. You should also check advertisement in local and national news papers. You can also check job section on ISC also.

  • The information given by you is insufficient. What is your basic qualification? Are you a graduate or postgraduate? What are the subjects you studied in your degree or PG? This information is very vital to give you a piece of proper and useful advice regarding getting a job in the HR department. These days people are learning computer even without any basic qualification.

    By seeing your post, I am sure that you can be useful as a data entry operator in any department of any organisation. But I think that is not the answer to your question. I can give you a general idea of HR department jobs.

    The most important resource for any organisation is Human Resource. Manging the other Ms is easy but managing men is very difficult. So it requires special skills. So to take care of these issues HR department is created. Personnel Management was the old term but it is similar to the latest HR Management.

    For any institute, establishment or organisation, the necessity of human beings will be there always. You may create robots, without the interface of persons it can't be managed. So the HR department plays a very important role in the successful running of an Organisation.

    The HR department will have managers, executives, clerks and sub staff. The nature of the job depends on the size of the organisation and the number of employees in the organisation. For a senior position, the organisations will prefer persons with suitable qualification and experience. For junior positions, they may consider fresh qualified people or less experienced people.

    Now coming to the question of opportunities, there are many. Please make an impressive CV and post it on and They will be sending you the notifications. You can apply for the posts suitable to you. Recruiters will view your CV and if they feel you will be useful for them, they may contact you. Similarly, go on searching in various job portals and apply for suitable posts. You can refer newspapers and also ISC's job section.

    Meanwhile, you can do some certification courses in HR skills and related skills. That will give you a better chance to get a good job in the required area.

    always confident

  • I have noted your plus points. You have mentioned that you are well versed in Gujrati,Hindi and English apart from your familiarity with the computer - basics.
    However, you have not indicated your basic qualification and without going details of the same, my explanations may not suit you. However, I can give you insight of the working of HR in a large organisation and the points listed below may benifit you while choosing the career of HR personnel.
    1) If you are a man of extrovert nature, prefer to solve the human related problems, having the patience to hear the grievances of the employees and resolve their issues with an alacrity. You would be treated as the right person in this department. Ensure that you are influent in English, Gujrati and Hindi languages and are aware of basic humane - psycology.
    2) In terms of qualification - angle, you must be at least a graduate in any stream with a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Development with a distinguished Institute such as IIM, Xavier's Institute Ranchi or Bhuneswar or any top 20 B schools. The market being competitive in nature, the organisations have high expectations from the aspirants.
    3) Your leadership quality should be undesputable. On numerous occasions, you will be asked to sort out the labour - problems arising out of poor service of canteens, anamolies regarding their basic pay and other related issues. Your decision must be instateneous so as to defuse the labour problem.
    4) Farsightedness in developing the Human - resources would be essential. You need to raise the moral of the workforce with suitable motivation, providing appropriate training to raise their efficiencies in relation to their jobs.
    In order to get an oppurtunity in a large organisation, you need to take up the following things-
    1) Make an attractive resume with help of some consultant and apply in the or Times of India. Com. You may also refer to leading English Newpapers so as to look out the vacancies of your choice.
    2) Start working in a medium size company located in your area through the job - consultant and once you enrich your experience in HR area, you may have your wide openings in a large company with an attractive pay - package.

  • Though you have not mentioned your qualification but I assume that you have some basic degree or diploma in management so that you can apply easily for such jobs. Even if you are a simple graduate then you can go for some diploma or degree in HR management after completing which you will be able to apply in such positions. You will have to keep a watch on job portals and newspapers where such jobs are advertised.

    Though a normal graduate can also apply for such positions but the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) suggests that a degree with subjects like business administration, behavioural science, social science, economics etc will be preferable. Many companies and organisations prefer a MBA for such posts.

    Another step in this direction is to become a certified HR person through doing certification course. There are some reputed agencies which provide certification and many companies prefer to recruit people having certification in this line. Some of these certifications are known as Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR), Certified Compensation Professional (CCP), Global Remuneration Professional (GRP), Certified Sales Compensation Professional (CSCP), Certified Executive Compensation Professional (CECP), Certified Benefits Professional (CBP), Work-Life Certified Professional (WLCP) etc.

    So, you have to see your eligibility and if not sufficient then it will be necessary to acquire some diploma or degree course after which only you will be able to enter this stream. Though job condition is very tough in todays situation but every company requires HR persons to man its routine and day today operations and to that extent many jobs will be coming up in this arena.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Unfortunately, you have not mentioned your qualification. Knowing the local language, Hindi and English is fine and will be useful; but if you want to make a career in HR, which is apparently your prime area of interest as a Career, go ahead.

    However, it is steep climb. If you are just a graduate, you need solid experience. Go to any good bookstore and buy a standard textbook on Indian labor laws. If you have a background in commerce, you might find it a bit easy. However, after the advent of Google and YouTube, it is very likely that even entire PowerPoint presenatations on the basics of labor laws like the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, the Factories Act, Workmen ' s compensation Act, Minimum Wages Act and so on are available in Gujarathi itself. Once you know at least the basics, make out a good resume and approach the HR Department of a very small organization employing just two hundred people. Even if they tell you that there is no vacancy, volunteer to work for free as a trainee. Slog it out for over 12 hours. Go to the factory as often as possible to know the pluse of the workers. After office hours, just visit the houses of a few workers to understand their social position. Go through all files in the HR department and take down notes on whatever you get to see. For example, the organization would have an organizational structure and perhaps some vague or sometimes detailed job descriptions for various positions. Please do note that job descriptions is only for the position and not person. Check how many people ideally fit such job descriptions.

    Secondly, learn everything from practical experience. For your kind information, there are Government of India and State Government recognized qualifications that are duly mentioned by the State Government in their Gazette, for appointment as Welare Officers under the Factories Act. Go through this document in the minutest detail. Then go on to acquire the best qualification in HR. Ideally, even after three years, I'd your financial position is good, right away take the entrance examination which is always conducted mostly in the English language, for admission into the two famous institutes called XLRI, which is housed at Jamshedpur and the other one called the Tata Institute if Social Sciences, Mumbai. These are the two best, two year full time qualifications.

    Thirdly,if you are not able to do that,check with some good HR professionals in Gujarat, what you can do, part-time. Possibly, even the Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, may be having a part-time diploma course in HR. You positively need one post graduate qualification. And note,the correspondence or distance education courses are not worth the paper on which the degree certificate gets printed.

    Fourthly, you need to get your hands and your pants dirty in the shop floor and learn at least the basics of how the factory works. Your practical experience in time office management, in administration of welfare amenities, grievance handling, day-to-day interactions with the trade unions, the politics played out in each department and so on, will enable you to get something like an Asst Manager position after six years of experience.

    Forthly, the vital experience is in the signing of wage settlements under section 18(1) of the ID Act. This will come to you only after 12 years of experience, when you should jump to a bigger organization having 800 or thousand employees. Obviously, if the unit is just one unit of L&T or say, the Aditya Birla Group, even better. That would offer you a platform for you to learn far better.

    Fifthly, you must understand that it pays to get experience in all areas and not just the more glamarious areas like Training and Development, Performance Management, and so on, which are key areas only in the IT sector.

    Sixthly, you need to also become very cunning and ruthless. Generally, in factory environments, your role will be to reduce cost left, right and center. You can't have moral values that go directly against such practices. If you try to champion the cause of workmen, you are gone. In a globalized environment, everything is fair in love and war. In organizations across the country, for the next 60 months, it is going to be a big war. It is going to be very tough. The HR department will be used as a tool to all sorts of unethical things. Even in one well known Chennai headquarted IT organization, the HR Managers are asked and mandated to simply force the employees to quit. This is the reality.

    Have a solid experience in manufacturing before you go to IT. Please go through one recent article of mine on why HR has still not reached the status of marketing or finance. That will guide you.

    All the very best.

  • Can you please confirm what is your qualification? Have you completed Bachelors of Business Management or Masters in Business Management and specialized in Human Resource Management?

    Some companies really don't mind for the qualification and even consider BE/ B.Sc/BA/ B.Com Candidates.

    To be an HR in any company , you need to have following skills which the employer will be looking for

    1. Good Communication Skills
    2. Ability to mingle with people
    3. Ability to fetch information from people
    4. Good negotiation skills
    5. Good managerial skills
    6. Escalating skills
    7. Recruiting skills
    8. Knowledge about the current trends in Human resource management
    9. Updated with various incentives and the rules and regulations.
    10. Aware of Labour laws and the updates
    11. Approachable and helpful in nature
    12. Updated with the various Human Resource Document preparations like PF calculations, Preparation of Salary statements, etc
    13. Idea about conducting exit interviews
    14. Coordinating skills
    15. Problem solving abilities
    16. Organizing skills

    You can start applying for Junior level HR or Asst HR roles so that you can learn and equip yourself over the period of time and master the skills necessary

    All the best

  • You have not mentioned your education and qualification to give enough detail on this.

    There are many Manpower or HR or Consulting organization in Gujarat where you can approach (as Walk-In if there is an adv) or search it online and apply directly to get a call for.

    The other one is, there are many organizations have different HR department other than above mentioned firm. You can apply for HR related jobs in a different organization to get a job and experience.

    If you have additional Diploma or Certificate in HR then you can get additional benefit on getting the HR associated jobs.

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