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  • Is co-education good or not for our education system

    Interested in understanding the pros and cons of the co education system? Want to also know what changes to make in the present co education system? On this Ask Expert page check out the responses for your questions.

    I want to discuss about the importance of co-education. How it helps in the development of students ? What are the psychological reasons in favour of this theme? Does it help in development of group complex?
    What are the necessary changes that must be applied in our present co-education system?
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  • In traditional societies, co-education was not considered as a good thing to introduce as it might lead to physical involvement of children with each other at an early age. That was the prime consideration and today in many countries it is still not allowed on moral grounds. Slowly the people are opening up to the co-education and have started to accept that there is no problem in co-education. Already in the developed countries it is a common practice.

    Coming to our country in particular, we are still lagging in this matter as the traditional cultural values especially in our villages and towns are against the co-education. The girl empowerment and women's lib movement have redefined these old customs but still there is a long journey to get the co-education as a widely accepted phenomenon. Many communities are against it due to their inherent religious doctrine and it is to be seen as how to bring them in the main stream.

    Today women are working shoulder to shoulder with men in every field right from factories to the armed forces. In such a situation going for co-education is a positive thing as these opposite sexes would have already experienced the coexistence during their school life. If we do not allow them co-education and suddenly one fine morning ask them to work together there will be some element of shyness and apprehension in the mind of these people. They will not be frank with each other and will have a hidden fear in between. So, co-education is to be imparted right from the childhood and proper education regarding this is also to be included in the syllabus. It is imperative that the students are also taught and exposed to the information on sex and serious concerns and matters related to it so that the young minds do not err and land with grave mistakes in their tender age. So, co-education with proper education on the matters related to opposite sex has to be now accepted everywhere as the world is changing and new social structures are coming up. There was a time when we could not think of a live in relationship. Today our children are doing it without any fear or apprehension. In this changing environment we can not deny going for co-education.

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  • Co-education is always good. The boys and girls mingle and learn together. This creates a healthy atmosphere among them without any gender discrimination. The boys generally feel shy to talk freely with the girls. The girls will always have a fear about the boys. In a co-education system, the shyness and the fear among them diminishes and a sense of equality develops between them. They develop mutual respect and this will be very useful in their career building.

    In the olden days, there were some apprehensions about co-education. One of the main doubts was that the boys and girls may get attracted as the opposites attract. They thought that this mutual attraction in some cases may hinder their studies and cause problems. If we go back and remember the days when many of the villages were not having high schools, both the boys and girls used to go in a group to the other village by walk or other means and come together after the school hours are over. It created camaraderie and equality among themselves. This proves that co-education is always better.

    In all the co-education system is good. It gives the spirit of equality and camaraderie. The co-education system will also help to teach both the genders to co-exist which is very important in their future life. A sort of competitiveness develops and it will help both the genders. When the boys and girls participate together in the extracurricular activities of the institution, they feel like one. This helps in developing and equality and mutual respect.

    There may be a few disadvantages like mutual attraction and loss of concentration on studies. In some cases, this may happen and here the role of teachers and parents will help in sorting out the things. They can counsel them and make them concentrate on the task at hand that is their study.

    In my teaching experience, I have seen that both genders benefit from each other in a co-educational institute. When I was transferred to a Women's Institution, I found that girls there are ignorant of many things of which the girls at the co-educational institute are aware.

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  • Coeducation provides a right platform to both the genders so as to exchange their ideas in the various topics and even a healthy discussion between the two can take place in respect of their studies and other issues. Mingling the two sexes in an healthy atmosphere, would lead to better understanding of individual mentalities and capabilities. Shyness, Confusion and Fearness hovering in the minds of youths of both sexes would mitigate with the free mixing of these genders. While we analyse the performance of girls studying in Coeducational - institutes, they have fared well in IIT, NEET, IIM etc due to their sustained motivation as a result of exposure of coeducational - system.
    In the olden days the parents had different outlooks with respect to bringing up their kids and in such proces, there existed some discrimination in the field of education and other areas resulting in improper growth of the girl - child. The two sexes were never allowed to meet each other in most of the occasions. This developed a sense of insecuritity within the minds of both the sexes. However, such discriminations are the matters of past and the parents have realised the importance of proper growth in the coeducational system.
    Though there may be some flaw in such a system such as free mixing of both the genders could lead to sheer wastage of time, disrupting their study activities due to their mutual attractions but such developments are rare because of the vigilant attitude of the teaches.
    In fact, coeducational system offers us the ways for the better appreciation of thought between each other raising their analytical skills to solve the problems mutually. Such results are not achievable in non coeducational system.

  • Co-education is good for our education system. The following points prove my point-

    1. In co-education system, boys and girls interact with each other on a regular basis. There is an air of easiness among them. They don't shy away from talking to the other gender and don't think it's a taboo to talk openly with the other gender unless you are bound to them in some relation.

    2. Co-education helps the different gender in our society to co-exist. It helps in developing mutual respect for the other gender and learning to co-exist with them. It teaches them that this world is a place to be shared by different people. It's not of any single person, gender or community to be owned by.

    3. Since boys and girls study together in a co-ed school, there are chances of healthy competition among them. This helps them understand the potential, difference and importance of the other. This also helps them learn and inculcate qualities from one another.

    4. Co-education system also helps in shaping and enhancing the character of different genders. It is said that children behave more civilized in front of the other gender. Undoubtedly, boys are girls are different in many ways. When boys are only with boys, they don't care how they behave. So is the case with girls. But boys and girls are together, they try to enhance their behaviour or character.

    5. Co-education system also wipes out the possibility of discrimination between boys and girls. An equal platform is given to both boys and girls to showcase their talent, their qualities. They get to study in the same school, share the same responsibilities and learn the same lessons.

    6. We all know that there is a shortage of good teachers and professors in our schools and colleges respectively. In co-ed school/college, both boys and girls can learn from the same teacher/professor. They will get the same education. Either only boys or only girls school/college may not be alloted, unworthy teachers to teach them.

    7. In co-education system, children get to know about each other. They talk on a regular basis, get taught together, take part in groups, debates, experiments, social activities etc. together. In this way, they come to know a lot about one another. This wipes out the extra curiosity or obsession of one gender towards the another. This extra curiosity often leads to shameful situations.

    8. Since children share a common environment in a co-education system, they get to learn the views and opinions of one another. The common environment also teaches them to be more compassionate, caring and understanding towards the other gender.

    9. Different minds have different ideas. In co-education, different gender gets a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. This doesn't only make space for equality among them but also helps them learn from each other. Often an interaction with the other person helps us change our perspective in life, our understanding etc and that indirectly guides us towards what we seek the most in life.

    10. Co-education also teaches parents and society that there is no difference between boys and girls. There is no need for discrimination between them. Both of them should be given enough chances to prove their potential and act as a beacon for others.

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  • I feel this topic should be placed as a thread. Then many people may come forward and might have made a good contribution. Anyhow, this is just my feeling only.

    Coming to the topic of coeducation, it is good and it should be started from primary school education. There should not be separate schools for boys and girls. But the enforcement of discipline and teaching values and ethics are very important. These are the days we hear a student falling in love with a teacher and a teacher falling in love with a student. This is mainly due to not having discipline in the living.

    From the beginning, the dress code should be strictly followed for all the students. There should not be any exemptions to this. At the same time, we should see that a student see the teacher as he looks at his/ her mother/father. This concept should be developed in the minds of the students from the initial stages of their education. One should get a feeling when they see a co-student that he/ she is his/her brother or sister.

    Once this concept is developed and get into the minds of the students, they will have a good understanding with each other and there will not be any chance for unnecessary complications.

    Our Puranas say that a teacher is equal to God. A teacher may be a male or female we should see as a God only. We should not get any other feelings. Co-education will help in developing this concept provided they were taught all values from the beginning.

    Even a boy and girl have to sit side by side work together their mind should be there on their work but not on anything else. This concept will develop if the teachers and parents start teaching them from the beginning the importance of education. How one should concentrate on learning and how pious they have to think about their teacher and the fellow students should be made to understand by the kids. Then only it will give good results.

    So a always recommend coeducation with strict discipline in educational institutions.

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  • Many theories existing whether co-education is good or not good for the students. In my opinion, co-education is good for students as they need to go in front of the society after their school and college education, where both men and women should mingle for work or family life. As far as my knowledge, there were only co-education following schools existed in the earlier stage. But after the coming of English education to India, separate schools for boys and girls started. In society, there are equal responses to any issue. Like that, many people followed co-education and many others followed separate education for boys and girls.

    If we check the pros and cons of co-education I can summarise them as below.

    In a co-education school, education gives to boys and girls without any gender discrimination. This is the real concept of co-education. The base of the co-education system is that there is no gender discrimination.

    In India, the co-education system prevailed from the Vedic period itself. We can see many incidents in the Vedic books that women were given high power in the society in that period which deteriorated afterwards in
    Indian society.

    The co-education gives an opportunity for both boys and girls to overcome the fear of the opposite gender. There were many criminal cases registered the killings of the opposite sex due to the mere factor of fear. Also, we have many divorce cases because of a lack of knowledge of the opposite gender and the main factor in all these cases is the lack of awareness of opposite sex parts or characteristics.

    Co-education can help to have a healthy competition between opposite genders. This competition will understand that both women and men are equal in terms of intelligence and other powers.


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  • Co - Education is really something for which all the parents should opt for their children

    It helps in development of the individual. When a person is limited with some gender based environment and later he/she is subjected to mingle with different gender groups , he /she may feel very shy or awkward. This also limits their thought process and learning. They will be exposed to all kind of situation and as a individual they will add both the gender categories in their social life.

  • A few years back education was not considered good at least for the females but nowadays the mentality of the people have changed. Still, there are fickle-minded people who don't consider coeducation good for the girls whereas in my opinion coeducation is good because of the following reasons:

    1. Children grow up with the self-confidence in themselves.
    2. Less or no feeling of awkwardness or shyness while facing the opposite gender.
    3. They learn some sense of equality for gender.
    4. They learn to build health and better relationships with the opposite gender.
    5. They are not much obsessed with the opposite gender. If a person is in contact with the opposite gender he or she respects them for their point of view.
    6. They learn to know the common views of the opposite gender.
    7. They are good at communicating and presenting their views in front of the opposite gender.
    8. They mostly are against the old traditions which are against the females and oppose them.


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  • There is nothing wrong in having the co-education method of education in any school or college. After all, almost 98 percent of any boy or girl would be married on a later date. Very few people opt to stay single in their lives. Hence, learning to understand members of the opposite sex should start from a very young age.

    Be that as it may, there are so many "ifs" and "buts" in this game. It is imperative that we understand these wider realities and take appropriate steps to make co-education a big success. Let us discuss these ifs and buts in some detail.

    The first "if" concerns the most important change agents in the co-education schools and colleges. There are hundreds of teachers who all out in enabling very young boys and girls understand each other very intimayely. If this is ensured, everything is okay.

    But there are encouraging signs that the understanding between boys and girls is far better these days. If there is no check on the activities of the children on social media, it can lead to very undesirable consequences. We do need such checks and balances in a big way. Yes, there are some abberations in some places. But these abberations are few and far between.

    If there are healthy debates on every issue and every learning experience, it is always observed that such healthy interactions between boys and girls actually go a long way in making deep inroads into the thought processes and future behavior of the students becomes far better. There is no "but" here. The healthy bebates are already happening in thousands of CBSE schools everywhere in India. All that needs to be done is to make such schools the benchmark for future endeavours in this direction.

    Once again, very healthy team work practices are noticed in hundreds of engineering colleges. For instance, thousands of students of such colleges are involved in deepening of ponds and lakes near Chennai.

    These practices need to be multiplied all over. Once all the aforesaid things are ensured, there is no reason why the co-education as a method cannot flourish anywhere in India. In any school or college.

  • In our student life we never dreamt of co-education as it was strictly forbidden administratively as well as socially. This is only when the modernisation in the various societies took place and we also started to copy the life style of western countries that the idea of co-education got sanction in our country. Slowly the co-education is getting accepted and contrary to the old beliefs it does not appear now to be harmful.

    In fact co-education is removing the inhibition from the minds of the boys and girls regarding the opposite sex. Now they enjoy the company of each other and frankly talk and play together. This appears to be a healthy atmosphere as compared to the restricted regime which prevailed in the earlier decades in our country. I believe that co-education is good for the education system.

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  • A few decades back, people was thinking only about single sex education due to their traditional thoughts. But now time is changing and thinking of peoples is also changing. Due to modernization, traditional thoughts of single sex education have been changed and getting replaced by co-education. And choosing co-education is necessary and demand of changing time and fortunately co-education has spread far and wide and to a greater extent accepted in India.

    There are innumerable benefits of co-educations.
    1. Early mixing of boys and girls: While studying in co- education, kids start integrating at an early age. They become friends, know and understand each other and learn about them. Girls and boys connect in groups, exchange their ideas and sometimes debate issues in class. A feeling of cooperation also develops among them. It also makes boys and girls comfortable with each other. They eat, play and do other activities together and remain comfortable and support one another. Co-education also helps children overcome a dread of the opposite gender, so that they maintain positive relationships in the future.
    2. Healthy competition: Competition is essential for learning and progress. It also helps children to deal and overcome with failures. In co education learning environment children work together and despite the feeling of gender. Boys and girls study, participate in play and sports and do other activities together. They take part in cricket, hockey, volley ball, badminton, and tennis etc. They make a team and work with each other. This also develops a healthy competition among them. They understand their capability, importance and distinction. They learn to maintain their dignity after a failure.
    3. Confidence and skill development: Co-education develops confidence, as opposite gender works together hence they do not feel shyness. When you choose to send your child to a school with both girls and boys, they will benefit from development of social skills, self-respect and self-confidence and it will better future where both genders play an important role. They learn to communicate and shares their views and ideas with each other and develop their vision towards life.

    4. Gender equality: They gain knowledge of gender equality. By gaining education with each other they know strengths and weaknesses of each other and also develop respect for them. So by getting education in a co-education environment both boys and girls recognize the importance of co-existence and they develop the sense to accept them as they are. It also gives knowledge to their families and society that there is no such discrimination in between two genders except physical difference. They both have equal potentials. No one is backward.

    5. Social and behavioural development: Children studying in a co education environment, they develop respect for each other. Ultimately boys and girls have to work together at home, offices and at any other place. They start socialize early if they study in co-education. They also put together better relationships.

    6. Mutual understanding and respect: Children studying in co-educations schools, colleges and universities respect each other and they used to behave graciously and more civilly in the presence of opposite gender. The inclusive education, co-educational system supports superior understanding between the boys and girls and induces indiscrimination and increasing high opinion towards each other.
    7. Helps in Gender specific behavior: Co-education in puberty helps to balance the gender specific behaviours.

    8. Character improvement: Co-education helps in character building as both genders learn to behave well, listen and respect to each other.

    9. Promotes healthy environment: Co-education also develops good ethics, proper dressing, use of good language and discipline and develops decent and healthy learning environment.

    However, during teenage there may be some distraction due to psychological changes and feeling of attraction and personal interest. But still co-education is having more beneficial.

  • When we were students the population was less and there has been fewer schools of government and private managements. But even then there was separate school for girls and boys. As the demand for education has begun and more population boom has taken place, there was a need felt to have co-education system. It all began with Kendriya Vidyalayas spread across the country to have co-education system and that was copied by other government and private schools. Now, most of the schools in both sectors are having the co-education system and that has been widely accepted by the parents too. What I feel that children are grooming to be sincere and hardworking with coeducation as the self-esteem and prestige is at stake. The boys are competing with the girls to outsmart and girls competing with boys. This healthy competition giving rise to their best output and excel in the exams.

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  • We at present moving to our old tradition in many ways. We start using coal,Neem,salt to clean our teeth. In olden days Horlicks, amrutanjan etc came in bottle but later on introduction of plastics they switched to plastics and plastics eradicated. It is started to tell Eating in banana leaves, eating food by sitting on floor are good.
    Similarly it is better to drop co education to avoid misusing the concept.

  • The co-education system is good in all the ways. First of all, having a separate school based on gender by itself creating a gender discrimination. Not just in our society, women and men co-exist everywhere in the world. Having separate schools for each gender is not a great idea in my perspective. Studying in the co-education system has numerous advantages and negligible disadvantages.

    A student learns to adapt to living with the opposite gender in society, just not at home by studying in a co-education environment. The co-education system creates an opportunity to interact with the opposite gender that enables one to go easy with everyone than treating the opposite gender like an alien as school or college is the place where the student spends most of his time during the young and adolescent age.

    It is very natural for a student to study in co-education school to treat the opposite sex equally and respect the freedom of each other. It is not very common in all the developed nations to have separate schools for each gender unless it is a spiritual or a bible school.

    There are co-education schools and colleges that are very restrictive that the students of opposite gender not allowed to talk to each other. This is very rude attitude shown on students by the amateur educational institutions this has to be changed. Sanitary measures and toilets in the co-education institutions should be very good as this more important to ensure basic comfort, especially for girl children. Like student to staff, the ratio is closely monitored by controlling authorities sex ratio of teachers also needs to be ensured as this will help students to get gender-specific psychological support from the teachers.

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