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  • How can I join indian cricket team at the age of 24

    Interested in playing cricket at the national level at the age of 24? Looking out for advice online? find suggestions from experts here and decide how to join the Indian cricket team.

    I play cricket passionately and am sincere and dedicated. I play cricket for my school team and have won 2-3 certificates. I am a diploma holder in civil engineering and won certificate for cricket also. Is there any possibility to play cricket for Indian cricket team at the age of 24?
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  • The players who start playing at their earlier age will have more chances to get into the team. There are people who play for under 14 and under 19 teams. Those will get more focus than people who are trying to enter directly to the senior team. Already you are 24 years old. So chances are less and you are a little late. But people say better late than never.

    Already you have some experience in playing and got certificates when you played in your school cricket team. You played while doing your diploma and you got certificates. So now you have to focus on the game completly and acquire additional skills.

    I suggest you join a good cricket coaching academy and you get trained there. While you get coaching there, you can start playing with other academy teams through your academy. Your coach can help you in acquiring additional skills and he can help you in getting a place in local teams and if you shine there with your performance you can go for first-class cricket like Ranji trophy and other interstate games. All depends on how much time you spare for this and with how much focus you try. I wish you all the best.

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  • Hi Vikram!

    To get into Indian Cricket team and to play for India, aspirants start to work towards it at a very early age. They enrol themselves in the school cricket team/club, play and if they perform well in the inter-school or local tournaments, they get recognised and selected under District Under 13 team. Later if they enhance their form and keep performing well, they even get selected in the Under 16 and Under 19 teams. Then, a cricket tournament is held between the state teams and those who display their potential get selected in the Indian Under 19 team. After this, unrivalled performance, unique quality, vacancy, timing and even luck decide the future of the players.

    Since there's so much rush and competition in the field of Cricket, a lot of players cannot make it to the state/Indian teams. Such players play professional league cricket in their states. They get to play with top players of the state and even get paid well. If such players, continue to give extraordinary performances, they may get selected for the state team and play state matches like Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare etc. Their unique performance may get noticed and they may get selected in the Indian Cricket Team. But again, unrivalled performance, unique quality, vacancy, time and luck decide their future.

    It may take a lot of time to get selected in the Indian Cricket Team. Usually, ten to twelve years as it requires and the aspirants need to start from an early age and prove their potential.

    From your information, it seems that you play cricket since your childhood yet you haven't made it to the Indian Cricket Team. Don't fret. Play with the state team and prove your calibre and display your potential in those leagues. If it is not possible, then I would advise you to enrol yourself in a good cricketing club and focus only on practising cricket and on your fitness too. Sweat it out. You need to do better than your best because it is not easy to get selected in the team at the age of 24. After practising well, play for local cricket club and display your potential so you may get noticed by the upper-division teams. Once you start playing, you may reach greater heights but that would again depend on unrivalled performance, unique quality, vacancy, time and even luck.

    So, if you want to give a shot, make sure, nothing binds you or keeps you away from practising your best, not even family obligations because your efforts may go waste. Go work towards your goal. All the best.

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  • To join Indian Cricket team aspirants do work very hard and start practicing cricket from the age of 5-13 years. They easily get a chance to play in the U14 and U19 teams. However, there are some cricketers who play at the age upto 40 or beyond it. Pravin Vijay Tambe also made his debut for Rajasthan Royals at the age of 41. As you are 24 year old right now, so it is not too late. You still have almost 15 years to play. Learning can be done at any age. You should practice daily and focus to improve your performance. Already you have knowledge and experience of playing cricket and also received many certificated by playing in your school and college. You should practice cricket daily. You should also join a cricket academy for better learning and improve your skills and then join a local cricket club. Then, you can also participate through cricket club on district level competition. But again for this you will have to work hard. If you will be able to perform well at district level competitions then it is possible that you got selected for State level championships. You should try for getting into Ranji teams. You need to do extra hard work to keep fit yourself so that you can be able to prove yourselves and get into a state level team.
    Again, if you are passionate and dedicated and want to play cricket at a good level, you can start it right now. Age will not stop you. Don't waste your time and work hard. join a good cricket academy. Your coach will guide you. Participate in inter academy, inter district and interstate competitions. Getting chosen for state level team is also a big challenge in itself. Many people wants to play for state team. So first of all, focus on your goal, work hard, join a cricket academy and also get registered yourself to a good cricket club. Play at district and state level and improve your performance.
    Sometimes there may be some camps conducted by IPL. Search for such camps. If you show your good performance to them then it may be possible you will get selected. But you will have to prove yourself and show your unique quality to them. If you will not be selected directly to national level then still can get a chance to play at state level. Improve your skills, improve your stamina and work hard.
    After good performance at State level, you may get a chance for playing in Indian Cricket team. So keep practicing and boost your enthusiasm until you get achieved your dreams.

  • If you have a real passion and interest in cricket then you can definitely progress in this area and reach the dream of joining the national cricket team but it will require sustained hard work and continuous practice of the game as well as dedication, focused approach and determination to achieve the success in this field.

    First thing which is very important to achieve this goal is health as playing an outdoor game or sport requires physical fitness and for that you have to make a schedule of morning exercises either in a gym or in an open park. Yoga. walks and other exercises are said to be the best things in the morning to tone up the body. Another thing is meanwhile continue your practice of playing cricket either in the local teams or local clubs and keep your practice continued as practice makes a man perfect.

    The game of cricket has developed from simple play to todays high tech play where certain new techniques have become an integral part of it and good players are taking advantage of these methods and methodologies in their game. For achieving this, one has to join a reputed cricket academy and improve ones game and learn new skills. There are many good cricket academies across our country and depending upon your location and financial freedoms you can choose a centre for advanced training in this game. A good training is essential for sharpening the already existing competencies.

    Another important point is try for opportunity to play in local level, district level or state level matches as much as possible so that the mangers and organisers can observe your game and if it is really worth they will themselves approach you and invite you for playing the high level matches as they generate revenue for them and for their club and it is their main concern to grab the good players in their team or franchise. All these efforts might take 3-4 years at the most to reach at the best of ones performance and if it is commensurate with the national level the individual will be selected for it.

    So with sustained efforts and dedication one can achieve the dream of playing in the national level team.

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  • Age is definitely is crucial factor while opting for cricket, but it does not indicate that a man entering the age of 24 cannot make inroads in this game. All would depend upon patience, your eagerness to know the tips to excel in this game and a right guide to inspire you and make you familiar with some essential tips so as to achieve success in playing cricket.
    Don't be so much serious regarding your age, but look around some cricket academy adjacent to your locality. Enrol yourself in such an academy and see how others are playing so as to demonstrate best shots. Talk to the guide posted in the academy and ask him to solve your present confusion related to this game. This is certainly a learning procedure and more you know at this stage, more it woud be better to grasp the complexities of this game.
    Then after the elapse of certain time, start playing for district level competition and your performance would be watched closely by your guides and other members in this field. Your repetitive performance in the district level woud certainly boost your confidence and spirit.
    You have to locate the teams played by IPL. Search it thoroughly and perform the best in such shots in the field of fast bowler or in the form of any player best suited to you.
    In that way, you will be noticeable before the organisers and will be given chance for the state - level. Develop your patience, put your best efforts so as to win in the Ranjee Trophy.
    With your sustained performance in the state - level , your name may be recommended for Indian Cricket Team. Only your sustained spirit and your positivity would lead to success in the area of cricket.

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