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  • Regarding document verification

    Have a query regarding document verification? worried what to do if some marks are interchanged by mistake while filling the application form? On this page our ISC experts shall provide you with guidance to resolve the issue.

    I have cleared BCECE examination and also my allotment letter has come but I have a done a silly mistake during form fillup of this exam. When I was providing my marks statement my Chemistry marks was interchanged by Biology marks.
    However there is no change in my total marks of PCB. Will I be disqualified for this minor mistake?
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  • I don't think that it will create any problem as the overall percentage will remain the same.


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  • After completing our education, we have to try sincerely for a job. When we apply for jobs we should be very careful and we should do check at least once or twice before sending the application. Then we can eliminate this type of silly mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes will only cost the job also.

    Did you attach a copy of your marks list to the application? In such a case, they will see the copy also. If you have not attached the copy, they may go by the marks you have entered in the application. However there is no change in the total marks and the overall percentage, you may not have any problem.

    When you go for verification of documents, you will carry your original certificates, they will compare the marks you have entered with the original copy of the marks sheet. If anybody questions, you can tell him it is a mistake and you have not noticed. They may not disqualify you for that mistake if there is no other problem.

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  • Well, the forms that we fill clearly mention a statement at the end that asks the applicant who has filled the form to certify that all information is true and to the best of his knowledge and he is liable for any wrong information and his form may also be cancelled on account of the wrong information he entered. So, it might create a problem when the details in your form are matched with your original documents. You may not be disqualified but put on hold until it is proved that you did not do that intentionally. I hope it doesn't cause any problem to you or affect your job. All the best.

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  • First of all, Congratulation for passing BCECE examination. In Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (BCECE) whole process has include various steps like examination, counseling, seat allotment, document verification and then admission.
    Merit list is prepared on the basis of the candidate's performance in the entrance examination.

    Qualified candidates in the entrance examination, will be called for BCECE counseling for allotment of seats to various government, semi-government, and private institutions for admission in courses like Pharmacy, Health Science and Agricultural programs. As you have already received your seat allotment, now you will have to appear for document verification.
    Here, all your documents will be matched with the information provided in the application form. You have mentioned that, during examination form fillup you did mistake and chemistry marks and biology marks got interchanged. But there is no change in total marks of PCB.

    I think, during document verification when they will cross check your documents and information provided earlier in application form. There will be difference in subject marks only. There may be two things:
    1. It may be possible they check only total marks and ignore your particular subject marks. If it will be like that then you need not to worry.
    2. But in second case, it is also possible that they may notice the interchanged marks. Then you will have to be ready for convince the officials that it was done by mistake only. For this you will have to submit an affidavit stating "that this was done by mistake and my actual marks are so and so".
    So, No need to worry. But again I suggest you, while form filling for any examination you should be very careful and recheck form before submission. Hope your query got resolved.

  • You must be congrutulated for your grand achievements in the BCEC examination and your intake of admission would depend upon relative marking - scores.
    However, the mistake Commited by you showing misplacment of marks subject wise though aggregate remains the same.
    While present in the process Document - verification, you should carry all the marks sheet including the one where you have erred in entering the marks subject - wise. You should make an apology for the mistake Commited by you.
    The authorities would entertain your case on humanitarian ground.
    Henceforth. You should be cautious in such sensitive cases.

  • They may put on hold in case they find the details are not matching in the form and raise for further query and you can clarify them in case they approach you. Some cases the person who is assessing it may even cancel it. But generally they would not cancel without raising a query as they would have already faced such past mistakes committed by applicants.

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