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  • Suspended degrees of deemed universities

    Worried about the status of degree from deemed university as given by the Supreme court? Searching for detailed information about the validity of the degree? On this page find advice from ISC experts for your query.

    What is the latest clarification on suspended degrees of deemed university in distance education of 2002 to 2005. I have completed DME in 1990. After that I joined BTech Mech in JNRVU in ,2002 in distance education by lateral entry.
    In 2007 I have completed my BTech Mech successfully.
    Now 2017 supreme court has suspended degrees between 2002 to 2005 academic years. Now is my degree valid or not?
    Has HR ministry, govt of India is giving any clarification about suspended degrees issue?
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  • Supreme court gave its decision on the matter of validity of diploma courses by open and distance learning mode by 4 deemed university by notice dated 22.11.2017 was not subject to judgement dated 03.11.2017. Your college JNRVU is also included.
    All the candidates were given not more than two chances admitted during session 2001-2005 covering all the subjects to pass the examination conducted during June 2018 and December 2018 across India in NTTs, PEC, Chandigarh and Anna University. Result of first phase i.e. june 2018 was declared in July 2018 and second phase I.e. December 2018 in February 2019. Marks of the candidates were also provided on website of AICTE. Diploma of the Successful candidates now got validated and they will get all the benefits of a regular degree. These successful candidates were also issued certificate by AICTE. Copy provided.
    Have you taken any of the exam conducted by AICTE for validation in June 2018 or December 2018 as per Supreme court descision ?
    If, no. your diploma /degree may be suspended and withdrawn. You will not be able to take advantage of this degree. Your job may also be affected.
    Now you should contact to your college/ university or University Grant Commission or AICTE in person for further procedure.
    I have added supreme court decision dated 03.02.2018, ugc letter dated 22.11.2017 and public notice of AICTE and DhVBN. Read them carefully and act accordingly.


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  • Read public notice of AICTE letter dated 26.04.2019


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  • Read public notice of DHVVN dated 08.07.2019 and AICTE letter dated 26.04.2019


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  • See letter issued by UGC dated 22.11.2017.

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  • The degree certificates obtained from the subject colleges, in which your college name is also included are suspended and they are not valid. After that different people approached the court as they obtained jobs, higher qualification and even jobs abroad and they don't understand what to do. For such people, the Supreme court has given a chance to attend the examination that will be conducted by AICTE during June 2018 and December 2018 across India and people who are qualified in that examination will be considered as qualified in the examination obtained from the said institutions. If you have not attended in the above-said examinations, your certificate will not be valid any more.

    Now it is better you contact UGC and AICTE and decide on the future course of action. If necessary you can contact a lawyer and get a copy of the Judgement in that case and what are the options available now to you can be studied and can proceed as deemed fit.

    always confident

  • The Supreme court in its ruling of November 2017, suspended the degree of B.Tech. given by certain deemed universities during 2001-2005 which includes JNRVU also. At the same time the honourable court gave a relief to the students whose degrees were nullified to appear in an exam to be conducted by AICTE and accordingly the exam was conducted by it in the year 2018. This gave a good opportunity to these students to qualify in the exam and got their degrees revived. In case they fail in this specially tailored exam then they lose their degrees and the degrees become invalid.

    In your case, you were probably not knowing about these special exams which were conducted basically help the students who unfortunately got their degrees from the suspended universities. There will be many students who might have missed this exam and are losers on that front. Now only thing which I can suggest at this juncture is find out from AICTE whether any such exam is being contemplated by them for the left over students or not. That is the only hope now in such cases. You can send a request to AICTE in this respect and also give a copy to UGC and see if there is anything in the pipeline for the remaining students who did not know about these exams.

    AICTE addess:

    AICTE-Western Regional Office,
    Industrial Assurance Bldg.,
    2nd floor, V.N. Road, Churchgate,
    Mumbai – 400 020

    UGC address:

    The distance education wing of UGC,
    Distance Education Bureau (DEB) Office,
    University Grants Commission (UGC),
    Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg,
    New Delhi - 110 002

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  • Sir I am not received the below mentioned new answer30 Jan 2020: New answer posted for the question Supreme court judgement of BTech distance education.
    Pls post the answer.

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