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  • Coding for emotion detection in matlab

    Planning to write a paper on emotional recognition? Looking out for matlab code to carry out this recognition? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you the code solution.

    I want to present a paper on emotional recognition. In that paper, it deals with DTW algorithm and k-NN algorithm and mainly we need to implement a sample of the program in matlab.
    So anyone has an idea about this matlab program code related on emotion recognition?
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  • There are some applications for emotion detection and you can download them from the relevant sites. I think you can convert the in html or in their code language and then if you know the basic procedures in that language you can make out the code and then in the same fashion you can design your own emotion detection applications. These are generally released under the brand name of the Matlab but are actually propounded by a site called MathWorks. Emotion detection uses some Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools also. Before going in to work in this area you can join the free tutorials available on Matlab in the internet.

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  • Human computer intelligent interaction (HCII) helps in making computers to be able to interact with humans. It detects human emotions like anger, fear, happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise etc. through facial expressions.

    There are many websites have matlab program code for emotion recognition. Besides, Mathworks, you can download face recognition and emotion detection codes from,, and

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