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  • Is there any Ayurveda treatment to solve dry skin problems

    Suffering from my dry skin problem? Looking out for ayurvedic remedies and make the skin soft? check out this page where our ISC experts have provided suggestions for this problem.

    I am suffering from dry skin problems.

    Different types of oils and creams are applied to the skin, making the skin dry again and again. The Dry skin problem is more common in the legs. Generally itching in the legs is felt. Due to itching scratches are there on my legs.

    I had heard that there are treatments in Ayurveda for dry skin problems that can be cured quickly.

    Can you please tell me, Is there any Ayurveda treatment to solve dry skin problems and give my skin a lot of softness?
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  • I also have a problem with dry skin. It was more in winter and summer it is less. I have used many moisturisers and creams. But I am not getting ay relief.

    Then I started applying Coconut oil. I took pure coconut oil made in our village without adding any other ingredients. What I started doing is immediately after the bath, I used to wipe the wetness with a dry cloth and apply coconut oil immediately to all the parts where itching sensation and dry skin problems are there. Then I used to dress up normal. In the evening after bath again I used to apply coconut oil in the same way.

    I continuously did this for about 2 to 3 months and now I have no problem of dry skin. But still, in winter I continue to apply this coconut oil.

    This is the best way to overcome the problem of dry skin. I suggest you try this.

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  • While coconut oil is the best homemade remedy to apply for the dry skin, the other available method is to apply aloe vera on the affected place to get the best results. You can apply aloe vera from outside and also have aloe vera juice which is now available readymade. In fact, when I was moving through the OU campus in the morning many walkers prefer to drink aloe vera juice which is being made there instantly and served to the people. And what I was told that aloe vera usage from inside and applied from out will also keep away the skin fungal diseases which are bound to occur during this season.

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  • You can try various means to rid of dry skin

    As per my personal experience , til oil has really helped me a lot. You can massage til oil on your skin till it gets observed well and later take bath.This really helps.Post you take bath use some moisture when your skin is still wet. You should do it basically for about a month or so to see results and I am sure you will definitely see some results within a week's time.

    Drink enough water and stay hydrated.Dehydration is also a cause of dry skin

    Have you recently made any changes in soap you use on your skin? If yes try changing with some well moisturizing soaps. I would recommend use soap only twice a week and all other days take plain water bath.

    Also get checked with doctor if at all this don't help

  • Dry skin condition is very common condition in many people and aggravates in the winter season. Ayurveda believes that good food habits along with application of oils continuously to moisten the skin is the sure way of getting rid of dry skin conditions. In Ayurvedic practices some foods and spices are supposed to keep the skin in a good conditions. These are - Warm and hydrated beverages, Ginger-Lemon tea, Soups and stews, Food High In Essential Fatty Acids, chia seeds, walnuts, salmon, cayenne pepper, ginger, turmeric etc. Blood circulation is also a technique to keep the skin pores clear and for this some basic exercises are to be included in the lifestyle.

    There are many items which can be helpful in dry skin condition but we have to use them for a long time. They are more on the maintenance side than curing the condition. Some of these most common remedies for the dry skin condition are -

    1. Ripe Papaya - Papaya is a fruit which is very rich in vitamin A and is used as a skin scrub also. A paste of ripe papaya applied to the skin hydrates it nicely. It is a natural remedy and has no side action.

    2. Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera gel is to be applied on the body with light massage before going to sleep and is to left as it is overnight. It is a very good hydrating agent for the dry skin.

    3. Calendula flower petals - The paste prepared with calendula flower petals is used for hydrating the skin. It is to be applied on the skin and to be removed only when it is dried up. Then we have to rinse the skin. It not only hydrates but keeps the skin glowing also.

    4. Barley flour, turmeric powder and mustard oil - This is one of the scrub which is used to hydrate the skin and it also creates a glow in the skin after the use. Apply it as a paste on the skin.

    5. Coconut oil - Continuous use of coconut oil is a great remedy to keep the skin moistened. Even mustard oil is useful but it is a bit messy.

    6. Sandalwood and Rose water paste - It is also used by many people as a replacement of oil for keeping the skin moistened. It cleans the dead cells from the surface of the skin and brings a glow to it.

    7. Chamomile - It is a natural anti-inflammatory material and its decoction is used not only to moisten the skin but remove the dry allergy condition also. A few drops of the decoction can be added to a bucket of water before bathing.

    8. Neem leaves - A fine paste of Neem leaves can also be used for this purpose. This helps in curing many skin infectious also.

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  • There is no impossibility in ayurveda for curing any diseases as this type of treatment is considered as very old comparing any method. With my personal experience my suggestion to you is :
    In Kerala there are many hospitals treating through panchakarma as Kerala is the motherland of ayurveda.
    I can suggest one more hospital in Karnataka :SDM Ayurveda hospitals,Kuthpadi,Udupi,Karnataka dist.
    It is a big hospital run by Darmasthala Manjunadhaswamy Trust consists more doctors under different faculties,having admitted patients as well out-patients.The charges are also nominal but treatment is marvellous

  • Dryness of skin means our moisture is losing out of the skin. In order to increase the skin's moisture level and protect it from dryness, we must first and foremost take care of our skin. There are various herbal remedies that as per Ayurveda. Here are few:

    Massage daily by oils. Coconut, almond, castor oils are outstanding massage oils. It is best to heat the oil a little and then rub it into the skin. Leave the oil on the skin for half an hour and then take a shower. You can also use herbal oils twice a week. Apricot kernel oil can be used two to three times a week, especially at bedtime. It keeps the skin moist and enables blood circulation and reduces moisture retention.

    Use herbs and foods that nurture the skin. These include aloe vera juice or gel, chamomile or calendula. For example, Aloe Vera has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, and it cools many types of skin problems caused by extremely dry skin, such as itching and rashes. Sandalwood is known for its cooling properties. It prevents inflammation and lessens acne, pimples and other rashes. It also softens the skin after sunbathing. It is best left on the skin until it is dry and then washed off.

    Ayurvedic Lifestyle Changes for Dry Skin:

    1. Shower less and use more oil: This is one of the best ways to prevent dry skin. Wash your skin with cold water, as warm water dries out the skin. Avoid soaps as it washes away the natural oils of your skin. After your shower, apply coconut oil on the skin and then dab off with a towel.

    2. Drink enough water: Water is crucial for the skin to keep it hydrated. It is always good to drink warm water.

    3. Nutrition: Have a balanced diet containing vegetables, fruits, grains, carbohydrates, nuts. Always avoid fried food and fast food. It is best to eat vegetables and fruits that have high water content, like Cucumbers,
    Watermelon, radish, cauliflower. The naturally high oil content of nuts and seeds helps to improve the appearance of the skin and maintains it healthy. Cooking with ghee is also always a good idea.

    4. Exercise: Exercise boosts the metabolism, which leads to a better discharge of toxins, stimulates blood circulation and of course keeps the muscles and joints fit.

    5. Get enough sleep: The body and mind do not function properly without sleep. That's why it's even more important that we sleep for at least seven hours a day.

    6. Avoid extreme weather as they are not good for the skin.

    If we follow the above things then no doubt that our skin will remain glowing and healthy.


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  • Yes, there are very effective treatments for dry skin i Ayurvedic medical system. Yu may visist qualified and experienced Ayurvedic physician.

    But in the meantim you can try the following.

    1.Avoid strong soaps. The soap should not burn your eyes. It should be Ph neutral really. Use good soaps with TFM(especially vegatble oil based ) mpre at least more than 76%. Use those with sndal as ingredient.
    2. Appl pure cocnut oil on your skin at least whereever it is dry and scalping.When you get time apply cocnut oil throught th body and wait for sometim eand the take bath.

    3. If possible avoid soaps atogetherand use green gram powder, Chana powder etc insteadof soap. That wi be good for skin and wil cleanse the skin too.

    4. Apply a paste of mixture of sandal and tumeric on your skin when you get leisure an sufficient time. You can also apply 'Kaakadi" or 'Kakrikka' or smal type 'Vellarikka' over the dry skin surface.
    5. Tak natural fruit juices and sufficient water and avoid chemical synthetic drinks.

  • In winter dry skin problem is common. But sometimes it may be in any season. It may occur due to genetic predispositions, malnutrition, extreme temperatures, sebaceous obstruction, or medication. But this can be avoided after taking some precautions and use of proper lotions, medication and eating healthy food. Some tips to avoid dry skin are as given below:

    1. Apply Vaseline petroleum jelly on affect areas.
    2. Aloe vera can be used. Now aloe vera gel and lotions are also available in market. You can choose any brand as per your choice.
    3. Do not use strong soaps. Instead you can use any Glycerine soap. Besides you can also use dove soap.
    4. Any moisturizing lotion may also help. Use it daily before bedtime.
    5. Apply coconut oil on affected areas.
    6. Drink plenty of water
    7. Drink fruit juices and eat fresh fruits.
    8. Use warm water for bathing. Don't use hot water as it can make skin more dry.
    9. Drink milk.
    10. Sunflower seed oil can be used. It also improve hydration when used as a moisturizer.
    11. Honey can also be used
    12. Olive Oil Cleanser can also be used to Soothe Dry Skin.
    13. Some scrubs and masks are also helpful to get rid off dry and exfoliate skin like Natural Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub, Oatmeal scrub, Oatmeal Honey Mask and Avocado Mask.
    14. Vitamin E can be used as both a supplement and as a topical remedy for dry skin. It is having powerful antioxidant properties. It can be taken orally or apply be mixing in any oil. It help to protect the skin from further damage.
    15. Use a humidifier.

    In Ayurveda there are very effective treatment for dry skin.

    1. Abhyanga : Most important ayurvedic treatment for dry skin. In this self message of body with the oils is done. Coconut, castor, almon aor seasame oil can be used for message. First of all, oil should be warmed and then message the body for half an hour and then take a bath.
    2. Nourishment of skin by herbs: Many herbs like aloe vera juice or gel, chamomile or calendula have anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. They are helpful in reliveing itching and rashes caused due to dry skin.

    Ayurveda also recommend some changes in life style to avoid dry skin like:
    1. Take a balanced diet.
    2. Hydrated yourself
    3. Exercise daily
    4. Get enough sleep
    5. Use of oil after shower
    6. Reduce stress
    7. Extreme weather conditions should be avoided.

  • Ayurveda recommends numerous approaches to take care of dry - skin issue and these tips would eliminate the problem. A few tips are given below for the redressal of dry - skin problem.
    1) Abhyanga - Abhyanga is the process of application of oils on the body with the gentle but regular massaging with the oils such as Sesame, Coconut, Almond etc. Care should be taken that the massage should done uniformly on the entire body with any of the oils mentioned above. However, if massaged with oils in warm condition would create a condition for the body to absorb them quickly through the pores.
    2) Take abundant water - Hydrating oneself with water would eliminate this issue and moreover enough intake of water would flush out toxins from the body - system giving a radiant glow of the entire body.
    3) Nutrition - Intake of nutrition in the form of Protien, Carbohydrate and healthy fat would avert the dry - skin problem. Make sure you are taking balanced diet including fruits such as apples, oranges, papaya ripe and a slight amount of nuts such as Walnuts, Almonds, Pistachios etc to nourish your body apart from consumption of Salads such as Cucumber, Tomato etc. Healthy fat includes cow - ghee and this should be used a little amount for the healthy fat substitution.
    4) Take enough sleep - A healthy sleep cycle for at least eight hours in night would sterngthen the immunity thus helping us to maintain moistened skin.
    5) Stress has to curbed at all cost so as to maintain the moisture of skin. In case of stress, you may take the capsule of Aswagandha nightly for at least a month so as to reduce stress. This will help you to maintain healthy sleep cycle as well.
    6) Avoid going outside in erratic weather such as extreme cold or hot since under such conditions, it may deplete the normal moisture of the skin.

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