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  • I need some specific information about Ashoka University?

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    I have a small doubt about Ashoka University in Haryana domicile.
    Is it good for engineering graduates for higher studies?
    They provide some specific financial aid for the master's program.
    Can you clarify?
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  • If you are a Computer Science Engineering Graduate there is a chance at Asoka University, Hariyana for P.Hd program. For BE /B. Tech Students, Asoka University Hariyana provides Ph.D. programs in Computer Science. These are fully funded Ph.D. programs in Computer Science with a generous stipend. A Bachelor's Degree or a Masters degree in Computer Science is the basic qualification needed for getting admission.

    Asoka University now invites applications for this Ph.D. program from highly motivated candidates to do research and innovation. Students will get a stipend of Rs. 35,000 per month. The University will provide an on-campus accommodation facility to Ph.D. students. In case on-campus accommodation is not available, students will be provided an additional Rs.7000/- per month as HRA. There are opportunities for supplementary industrial fellowships.

  • I think you are talking about Ashoka University who's campus is located at Plot No. 2, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, National Capital Region P.O.Rai, Sonepat Haryana-131029.

    But I think you have heard wrong that it provide higher studies for engineering graduates. As this university do not offer engineering. It offers undergraduate programmes in Biology (B.Sc.Hons), Computer Science (B.Sc. Hons.), Economics (B.A. Hons.), English (B.A. Hons.), History (B.A. Hons.) Mathematics (B.Sc. Hons.), Philosophy (B.A. Hons.), Physics (B.Sc. Hons), Political Science (B.A. Hons.), Psychology (B.A. Hons.), Sociology/Anthropology (B.A. Hons.). Some Interdisciplinary Majors are also offered like Computer Science and Entrepreneurial Leadership (B.Sc. Hons.), Mathematics and Computer Science (B.Sc. Hons.), English and Creative Writing (B.A Hons.), Economics and Finance (B.Sc. Hons.), Economics and History (B.A.Hons.), English and Media Studies (B.A. Hons.), History and International Relations (B.A. Hons.), Politics, Philosophy and Economics (B.A. Hons.), Politics and Society (B.A. Hons.).

    It is also offering Masters in Economics, Masters in English and Masters in liberal studies. It also offers Ph.D. programme in Biology, computer science, economics, English, history, physics and psychology.

    It offers programmes in arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences only not engineering.

    If you are a computer science student you can get enrolled yourself in Ph.D programme. Where you can apply for fellowship and stipend offered by university or UGC.

    Yes it offers Young India Fellowship programme but in liberal studies not engineering.

    However, still you have any doubt in your mind you can visit ashoka university website at or contact at +91-130-2300000 and email:

  • Ashoka university, Haryana does not have Master course in engineering stream. It has Masters degree only in Economics, English and liberal sciences. However it has a good facility for PhD and the students can do it many of the specified areas under the specified lis of subject. In such a situation one can decide to do Masters from some other place and then if required can come back to this institution for PhD.

    You have not mentioned your particular reason for desiring to do Masters from Ashoka University only but now you can do your Masters from some other place comfortably.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Ashoka University is a private research university. It is located in Sonipat, Haryana, India. This institute is recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This university is recognised by the Government of Haryana.

    This institute offers instructions in sciences, social sciences and the humanities. There will be a Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and Deans will be there for different faculties. There an academic council for the university in which academicians and scholars from around the world will be there as members. This Council is responsible for setting the standard of the University. They advise the university on issues like curriculum, faculty recruiting and research.

    Once you apply for admission, you will be asked to write an essay on the subject given by them. Then you have to attend an interview. They may ask you to write an aptitude test or not. It is optional. Based on your performance you will be offered the seat.

    Ashoka University offers a full-time 3 years undergraduate programme in various subjects. But no Engineering course is there in this university. But there is a computer science subject is there. After completing 3 years of degree the student can stay back in the University for conducting in-depth research in the major subject of your graduations.

    In addition to this graduation course, they are offering a PhD in various subjects in which Computer sciences is also a subject offered. If you are interested youn can apply for the same.

    always confident

  • Ashoka University is managed by the bodies privately and still the course cirricula in different subjects being taught by them are of spuperior standard and the entire courses covering both undergraduate and post graduate programmes are recognised by UGC and even recognised by the Haryana - government.
    There is an academic council consisting of a number of scholars of different faculties and are engaged for the upward revision of the subjects included in both the programmes undergraduate and the post graduate one. If required, some inclusions or omissions of some of texts are effected with the recommendations of experts.
    For undergraduate level of courses, this university conducts programmes for almost all streams such as science, humanities, commerce including B.Sc in computer - science.
    Similarly there is the provision of Master's course in English, Geography, History, Economics, Mattematics, computer - science, Physics etc.
    However, there is no provision for teaching in Engineering courses in both the levels ie B.Sc ( Engg) or M.Sc ( Engg)
    However, they have the stiff criterias for admission and the aspirants have to pass the written and other tests prescribed the university.
    For undertaking the doctoral programme especially for the Engineers, they would be required to persue the post graduate programme in Enginnering in any stream from a recognised university and later try for the doctorate degree in the Enginnering stream persued by them during the post graduation level so as to get genuine support from their guides. Their stipend - rate, too, is attractive and would meet the basic needs of the aspirants during their period of research.

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