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  • To know about cyber crime related to google account.

    Have a query about her crime? Confused what to do in case someone's google account is accessed without permission? Know if this will become an issue and how it can be resolved on this ISC Ask expert page.

    Accessing someone's Google account without their permission, is it a cyber crime in India? If yes, what are the charges for such crime? Is it a serious issue or not? I need to know about it. My friend have accessed someone's Google account without their permission and that person is going to know about it soon.
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  • Cybercrime is a crime, which include a computer as an object of the crime. It includes hacking, phishing, spamming, cyber piracy, identity theft, transaction fraud etc. It is also used as a tool to commit an offense like child pornography, hate crimes etc.

    Cyber criminals can also use computers for communication and access to any electronic record, document or other material, without the consent of the person concerned, discloses such document or other material to any other person. For such activities they may be punished as this type of crime are very serious and causes lots of loss to an individual or business. Extent of punishment depend on the type of fraud.

    The penalty for accessing a computer system without permission of concered ranges from 6 months to 5 years.

    The procedure for reporting cyber crimes is similar to any other fraud. Aperson need to approach the local police stations for filing complaints with cyber crime cells specially designated with the jurisdiction to register complaint.

    A person can also file a complaint by using 'E-FIR' option. It is also available now in each and every state.
    In E-FIR status of complaint can be tracked easily.

    Yes, your friend is doing a cyber crime. It is very serious and may get punished if the person who's account is being accessed without his permission will file a complaint against your friend.

  • It is not an easy thing to enter someones email account or online account as it is under some security cover. If any person does it by hacking or other tricks then it tantamount to a cyber crime and as per the cyber regulations is punishable under the cyber act. In this case a complaint is to be lodged with the cyber branch and they will come for preliminary investigations followed by the nabbing of the culprit. Online accounts and email accounts are a secure place and the host site spends a lot of money to secure it with the help of so many applications and anti virus softwares. Any person who is breaking this wall of fire with his higher level knowledge of computer software and applications may be a genius but his actions will be taken by law as a criminal act. So he can not escape punishment for this offence.

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  • Going through someone else's emails without proper approval in writing from the concerned. It will be a cybercrime only. Hacking is objectionable and it will be classified as cybercrime only. This matter can be reported to the local police station to their cyber crime cell. Such persons who are illegally viewing the information of others can be punished by the police.

    They will be imprisoned for a minimum period of 6 months. It may go as high as 5 years also. Once the complaint is given the concerned police will enquire the matter and based on the information found they may arrest the person who did this cybercrime.

    You can file a complaint by using the 'E-FIR' facility. This facility is available now in almost all the states. Once you file a complaint online tracking will be easy for you.

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  • Hi Yogesh!

    Cybercrime is a crime which is done using a computer and an internet connection to hack into someone else's account or a private/confidential website, without the knowledge of the account holders or the owners of a website, with an intention to steal information or taint the image of the persons concerned in any way.

    Usually, those who commit cybercrimes are called hackers. These hackers deliberately hack an account or website, for various reasons like burglary, piracy of copyright content, child pornography, etc.

    1. So according to the definition, yes accessing someone's Google account without their knowledge/permission is a Cyber Crime in India and other parts of the world too.

    2. The punishment of Cybercrime usually ranges from six months to five years, depending on the type of cybercrime the hackers committed.

    3. It is a very serious issue. No one is allowed to peek into others personal information. It is as confidential for the common public as for the government. And usually, cybercrimes affect a lot of lives, can leak very private information etc which may harm the person concerned and even the persons related to the person concerned.

    If the person whose account has been hacked by your friend comes to know about it, he/she may easily file a complaint. It is similar to filing an FIR. Also, such FIRs can also be filed online now. Your friend may get into big trouble in this case. He/She shouldn't have done that.

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  • Question: Accessing someone's Google account without their permission, is it a cyber crime in India? If yes, what are the charges for such crime? Is it a serious issue or not? I need to know about it.

    Answer: Google account contain so many things including financial transaction other than email or personal information. So, Google sometime ask for a verification (SMS or Call) in case if they found suspicious activity from a different device or an IP address other than a regular device or IP address to access it.

    Yes, it is a serious issue. Once the main account holder knows it (without sharing it to him or her, or handing over the smartphone or computer or devices to someone) then they can complaint to Google and local authorities (for crime branch) offline or online for further investigation. They may then decide the punishment to the concern based on the affects, case volume or crime taken place.

    Q: My friend have accessed someone's Google account without their permission and that person is going to know about it soon.

    Ans: The account holder may or may not take an action or legal activity against someone once they come to know that someone has accessed their Google account. It is depend on the Google account holder and its seriousness and affects. He or She may change the password or take a different step including filing complaint etc.

    What we heard is, clone app or suspicious app / software can steal the information to access the various detail. So, need to be very careful on this.

    It is better not to share or sell the device without removing the Google account detail and auto-password save etc. for safety purpose. In case hacked or accessed illegally, they then can raise the complaint to a crime branch offline or online even in case Google has not cross verified it on suspicious activity.

  • Cyber crime can be done with the acess of the account of any user with the help of computers and the man involved in such rackets are known as hackers. Usually they are the people with the sharp mind but it acts in the direction oh committing crimes.
    Their activities may be termed as serious in nature especially when they can extract a lot of personnel informations in relation to financial - transactions and other activities in which the account holder is involved and without the consent of the account - holder, the informations are hacked with the malafide intentions.
    The definition of the punishment is well defined and one may be prosecuted for a period ranging between six months and five years depending upon the extent of cybercrime.
    The reputation of the person whose account has been hacked is at stake due to leakage of sensative informations and often such informations can lead to untimely death of the person affected by hackers.
    In case, the informations have been hacked by hackers, immediately this has to be reported to cyber crime branch by applying FIR and even the same can be done on line.

  • Accessing someone's Google account by simply entering the password and gmail id ,is it crime or illegal activity??

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