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  • What is the Hegarty's theory in psychology related to sex tendency in human?

    Are you studying psychology and specifically about the sex tendency in humans? Searching for detailed information about this theory? No worries, on this page out ISC experts shall provide you with all the required theories to understand the sex tendency in humans.

    A question which was asked in a teacher recruitment examination. I came to know that Hegarty was the psychologist who worked and emphasized on human sex tendency but I have not enough content to understand his theory. Before today in my knowledge Sigmand Freud was the person who mainly studied about sex. But today I got new fact and have wish to understand Hegarty's theory. So that I can clear my concept.
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  • I think it is Hegarty.
    Peter Hegarty is a psychologist and he has conducted research in the areas of Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender( LGBT) psychologicsl issues, social psychology, feminism, and history of psychology.

    He has also written a paper "Graphing the order of the sexes: Constructing, recalling, interpreting, and putting the self in gender difference graphs". In this paper the implicit sexism communicated through graphing practices and outlines how this research fits within both the social constructionist understandings of psychology and feminist perspectives on scientific conventions was discussed.

    Besides, research he has also ran summer institute for LGBT psychology at the University of Michigan in 2008 and 2010.

    Further, he is also connected to women's and gender studies. He has also worked at Yale university as a visiting professor in Women's and Gender Studies.

    His first book Gentlemen's Disagreement: Alfred Kinsey, Lewis Terman and the Sexual Politics of Smart Men, was published in 2013. This book focuses on his interest in the discipline's history with his interest in gender and sexuality.

    In 2017, he received the "Award for Promoting Equality of Opportunity" from the British Psychological Society.

    On the other hand, Sigmond Freud was a Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis (1856-1938). His psychoanalytic theory of personality explains that human behavior is the result of the interactions among three component parts of the mind: the id, ego, and superego. He also explains five psychological stages of growth.

  • I also think it is Hegarty.

    Hegarty graduated from Trinity College in 1992. After his graduation, he went to Stanford University in California in the United States. He studied social psychology, His focus was more on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) psychology. He received his PhD in 1999.

    After PhD Hegarty did further research in the areas related to LGBT issues, social psychology, feminism, and history of psychology. He published many publications on these issues in many journals. Among them the paper published in the year 2010 by the title Graphing the order of the sexes: Constructing, recalling, interpreting, and putting the self in gender difference graphs. His publication describes the implicit sexism. He also described the use of graphing practices in communicating these issues.

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  • Peter Hegarty (born 1969 in Ireland) is a social psychologist who has contributed a lot of research papers and books on various facades of psychology and completed his PhD in 1999 and is a psychology professor, visiting fellow and research guide by profession. His works have a focus on theories of sexual orientation, heterosexual behaviour, gender conformity in childhood, Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) psychology etc.

    Hegarty has extensively worked in the area of interaction between human intelligence and their sexual behaviour. His detailed analysis about this so called sexual politics of smart men was published in form of a book where he has discussed the issues along with the observations of the other eminent psychologists (Alfred Kinsey and Lewis Terman) in the matter. He has also very much involved in the area of 'Women's and Gender Studies' and has connected it to the feminist principles. To illustrate his points Hegarty used the methodology of graphing the order of the sexes in gender difference graphs by constructing, recalling and interpreting them to arrive and understand the social constructionist aspect of psychology as well as the feminist perspectives. As he used new techniques and methods to explain the human sexuality and its manifestations in presence of the human intelligence, those who are interested to learn these techniques in greater details are suggested to go through his original work and books to take the clues and now use them in some studies or research work.

    There are a large number of papers to the credit of Hegarty on various issues in psychology and one of he most talked about among them is - Graphing the order of the sexes: Constructing, recalling, interpreting, and putting the self in gender difference graphs. by Hegarty, P., Lemieux, A., & McQueen, G. (2010), Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 98, 375-391. Then, there is the book which talks of sexual politics of men and the title of the book is - Gentlemen's disagreement: Alfred Kinsey, Lewis Terman, and the sexual politics of smart men.

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  • Hegarty having his wide reputation in the field of Psycology has conducted numerous research in the area of LGBT issues, Social - psycology, Feminism and the History of psycology. He has numerous publications to his credit. These papers discuss the implicit sexism communicated through graphing practices and has outlined how the research fits within both social construction understanding the psycology and the feminist persepective on social conventions.
    He saw the need to sort out issues inherent in the field of hetero - normative by understanding the different phenomena in the complexities of human - psycology.
    During the period of research, he witnessed numerous exciting, vibrant , joyful and happy academic accomplishments.
    Apart from his involvement in psycology, Hegarty was also involved in to women gender studies. Hegarty acknowledged that his work was intimately related to feminist principle and also have claimed to have got a feminist identity.
    Hegarty offered his advice to the academics in the area of Psycology stating that Life is difficult when one approaches to understand this simple philosophy and there is every possibility of getting entrapped in narcissism. However, it can be meaningful if the same is approached in team and he has suggested to follow the path of friendship to understand the philosophy of life.

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