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  • How to Get Certificate of Chartered Engineer

    Want to know how to become a chartered engineer? Looking out for how to proceed with certification? On this page our experts have provided with suggestions and the required information so that you can start preparation.

    I am having experience of 18 years in Project and Operation in Elect Eng. I want information about how to get certification of Chartered Engineer in India.

    Do let me know the process of for become Chartered Engineer.
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  • Chartered Engineers are also known as Professional Engineers and are entitled to use the suffix as C.Eng.(India) or P.Eng.(India)" after their names. It shows their accreditation, association and membership status with Indian Institution of engineers. Having a certificate for CE also denotes acceptance of one's techno-academic qualification and professional attainment on a global platform.
    To obtain the Certificate of Chartered Engineer you will have to obtain membership as a corporate Life Member of Institution of Engineers complying the eligibility prescribed.
    For this membership you need to apply to Institute of Engineers India on prescribed application with prescribed fees.
    For becoming a chartered engineer the master in engineering will be best option but if you are having an undergraduate degree you need further learning. Already you have 18 years experience in project and operation in electrical engineering. You can apply for Chartered engineer certificate.
    After getting C.Eng certificate you can take following advantages:
    1. Empenelment as Valuer, loss assessor in financial companies like banks, finance and insurance companies.
    2. Empenelment in original sides of High Courts, Central excise and customs
    3. Empenelment in Govt. Bodies like municipal bodies etc.
    4. Free lander
    You can check website of
    Check also the application form for C.Eng attached here.


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  • A Chartered Engineer certificate will be issued by the Institution of Engineers(India). To become a Chartered Engineer you should be a qualified Engineer by obtaining BE/ B Tech from a recognised University or AMIE from Institute of Engineers from India in the concerned subject and you should have prescribed experience for the prescribed years in the concerned area. You have to first become a corporate Life Member of Institution of Engineers. Such corporate life member can apply to IEI on the prescribed application and the required fee is to be paid. The person should be engaged in the profession of Engineering in a responsible position in a company of repute. You can apply for corporate membership in IEI and then you can apply for Certificate.
    More information and details can be obtained from the web site:

    The Chartered Engineer certificate may be useful for you in your career as per the details given below:

    You can get empanelled as Valuer, Loss Assessor in various institutions like Bank, Insurance companies, private and government Organisation.
    You can become a Chartered Engineer in High Courts, Central Excise and Customs and other similar govt concerns.
    To win contract of works from Municipal Corporation and similar govt bodies.
    To be employment and promotions in various foreign and Indian companies.
    To become a consultant in India or abroad.

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  • Chartered Engineer and Professional Engineer are the two terms used for the same thing in different countries. This is a professional affiliation with a body of engineering entity like IIE (Indian Institution of Engineers) or any other similar agency. So far in our country IIE is the agency which is mostly recognised and used by the engineers for the purpose of becoming a Chartered Engineer.

    For becoming an affiliate of IIE one has to apply in the prescribed performa or there is an option of applying online also and become a life member of IIE by paying a prescribed fee. An engineering graduate with 2 years of work experience can apply for this membership and become a member of this professional entity. People having AMIIE mode engineering qualifications are also allowed to apply for it. After becoming a member they can use the suffix 'C.Eng.(India)' after their names. It conveys that they are the member of IIE, the professional body. This is a type of accreditation also.

    Once the application is made and necessary credentials are submitted the governing council of the IIE will decide for the membership of the applicant and will accordingly approve it. This is a professional affiliation and this membership is honoured in other countries also. This also helps the engineers to apply for certain open engineering positions where the companies are looking for C.Eng. certified persons for those positions. Acquiring the Chartered Engineering affiliation is mostly used as the validation of the competence of the person as an engineer and definitely helps in the professional world in seeking better assignments in India or abroad. In some countries the Chartered Engineer or Professional Engineer seek slightly more salaries than those who do not have this accreditation.

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  • Hi Dhruv.

    A Chartered Engineer (in India) is an engineer who receives the certification from Institution of Engineers, India as Chartered Engineers.

    It is not an academic or professional course. Actually, the corporate membership of the Institute of Engineers, India enables its members to be entitled as Chartered Engineers for their professional support.

    To become a Chartered Engineer or to obtain a Chartered Engineer certification, the aspirant has to do the following-

    1. He/She needs to qualify BE/B.Tech or equivalent degree recognised by the Institution of Engineers, India. AMIE degree holders can also apply for Chartered Engineer Certification.

    2. He/She needs to apply for corporate Life Membership of Institution of Engineers, India.

    After this, a special certificate specifying as Chartered Engineer can be obtained on payment of Rs 8,850 or more. It is to be noted that this is applicable only to the members who have paid Composite Subscriptions or Life Compounding fees in full.

    It is also important to note that to become a Chartered Engineer, one must have a good experience, usually of 5 years or more.

    There are various benefits that a Chartered Engineer enjoys. It is very clear that Chartered Engineering is a top-level post and so such engineers would be given a good salary (usually more than what normal engineers earn). Also, the importance of Chartered Engineers is more in the Government sector than in the Private Sector. The Chartered Engineers can get some professional license like Approved Valuer, Loss Assessor etc.

    Basically, the certification of Chartered Engineer issued by IEI, which is one of the oldest and largest professional bodies of Engineers, helps in the recognition of one's technical and academic qualification and professional attainment at world level.

    To know about the benefits of being a Chartered Accountant in detail, visit the following website -

    Hope it helps.

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  • A Charted Engineer is a kind of certification issued by Institution of Engineers. In fact, the Institution of Engineers Kolkata is the single body awarding Charted Engineers to Engineers having BE or B.Tech qualification from a recognised university or should have passed both Section A and Section B in any stream with the prescribed length of experience.
    They will have to apply for the corporate life membership of institution of Engineers, India.
    A charted Engineer does not have enough credibility because of this certification and there is no special consideration for such charted Engineers during the process of recruitment.
    As per declaration no 16 of the Royal - charter, 1935 and Bye Law and regulation of the Institutions, every Corporate - member ( FIE, A MIE, MIE) is entitled to use this style.
    It has been observed that the Certification of Charted Enginners is vital for the following purpose
    1) To be an authorised Valuer, Loss - acessor in various financial institutions such as Banks, Firms, Insurance - companies etc.
    2) To be labelled as Charted - engineers in the sites of Central Excecise Duties and Customs and other related departments.
    3) To secure the contract of Civil - works from the Municipal - corporation and other similar bodies.
    4) To get better job prospects in foreign companies.
    5) To practice as a self employed consultant in India.
    All is required to be a life member of Institution of Engineers with the prescribed eligibility - criteria so as to get this prestigious certification.

  • A Chartered Engineer certificate is a recognition and acceptance of one's qualification and professional achievement on a worldwide platform. The certificate is issued by one of the largest professional bodies of Engineers called the IEI. Some of the benefits of getting the certificate are:
    1. One can start his own consultancy service or work in companies in India or abroad.
    2. One can take work from government bodies like municipal corporations, etc.
    3. One can work in financial institutions and companies like a bank, Insurance companies, etc. as Loss Assessor and Valuer.
    4. One can work for Customs, Excise, High Courts and similar government works as Chartered Engineer.

    As you have an Engineering degree and 18 years of experience in Project and Operation in Elect Eng. I,
    the experience of 18 years in Project and Operation in Elect Eng. I, you can directly apply for the corporate life membership of the institution of Engineers, India. For the membership, you need to pay Rs.8850 or US $ 750 for members residing in abroad by DD or NEFT along with the filled application form. Once you receive the Corporate Member (FIE/MIE/AMIE)from the institution, you are entitled to use the style and title of Chartered Engineer (India). This is given in the institution Bye-Laws & Regulations Declaration No.16 of the Royal Charter, 1935 and Clause 69(i).

    You can fill the application form from the given link and post it at the given address for getting the CE certificate "

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