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  • Information on ways to learn Hypnosis

    Are you interested in learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Searching for detailed information to learn this therapy in Andhra Pradesh? Find responses from experts here to achieve your dreams.

    I am working as a teacher in Andhra Pradesh. But I would like to learn Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy without quitting my job.Is there a way to do this?
    Please help me in achieving my dream. It would be of great help if you would recommend locations in Andhra Pradesh.
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  • There is one Academy of Hypnosis in Visakhapatnam. Mathew Jameson is the main person running this Academy. The address of the institute is The Academy Of Hypnosis.
    Door No 44-7-1-435/1
    Laxminaryanapuram Salagramapuram,
    Visakhapatnam-530024, Andhra Pradesh, India.

    They offer tuition / Hobby Classes of personality development services in which hypnosis is a part of subjects. You can contact them and try.

    There are many academies in Hyderabad but as you want in Andhra Pradesh I have not included them in the reply.

    always confident

  • Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is one of the common method of taking control over others mind. It is used to erase bad memories, for relaxation, intense concentration etc. that is sometimes called a trance. Now it is considered as a therapy and widely used in psychological or medical treatment to treat anxiety, phobias, sexual dysfunction, substance abuse, undesirable spontaneous behaviors, and bad habits.

    Hypnosis therapy learning institute in Andhra Pradesh

    1. Institute Of Hypnosis.
    Address : 208,2Nd Floor,Karan Centre,Sarojini Devi Road,Nr Parklane, Hyderabad-500003
    2. The Academy of Hypnosis
    Address: Door No 44-7-1-435/1 Laxminaryanapuram Salagramapuram, Salagramapuram,
    Visakhapatnam-530024, Andhra Pradesh, India
    3. Institute Of Mind Control And Development
    Address: Apartment Flat No.503, Syam Sadan Apartments, 6-1-68/1, Saifabad, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004
    Contact no.: 040 6662 0294
    4. New Hope Hypnosis Centre. Kati Main Road, Hyderabad.
    Address : Sunanda Hospital,Kati Main Road, Hyderabad-502103
    5. Indian Hipnotizum Centre
    Address : 208,3Rd Floor,Karan Centre Park Lane,Char Rasta, Hyderabad-500003

    But you have mentioned in your query that you want to learn hypnosis and hypnotherapy with going there due to your job. You can join E -course run by Indian Hypnosis Academy (Address : A-1 / 116 (1st Floor), Sector-7, Rohini , Delhi 110085, Contact no. : +91-9717990561, Email: . Details of E-courses are as follows:

    1. E-Clinical Hypnotherapy 'Certificate' Course : Course fee Rs.10000.
    2. E-Clinical Psychic Therapy Course: Course fee Rs.4000.
    3. E-Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Course: Course fee Rs.4000.
    4. E-Self-Hypnosis Course: Course fee Rs.2400.

    Some other distance learning course on hypnotherapy are:
    1. Post Graduate Diploma in Hypnotheraphy.
    Duration: 1 year
    Fee: Rs.55700.
    Institure: JRD Global Edu.
    Contact: 9322650294

    2. Post Graduate Diploma in Hypnotheraphy.
    Duration: 1 year
    Institute: JRD Global Edu.
    Contact: 9322650294

    3. Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotic Psychotherapy Online.
    Duration: 1 year
    Fee : Rs.20000.
    Institute: JRD Global Edu.
    Contact: 9322650294

    4. Diploma in Hypnotherapy.
    Duration :1 year
    Fee :Rs.15948.
    Institute :Holy angels college of alternative medicines.
    Address: Shop No.3 , Guru Krupa, New Link Rd, Ashtavinayak Nagar, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400092.
    Phone: 093226 93453

  • Thank you for answering me.

  • Hypnosis is a process or procedure in which a person loses his voluntary actions and appears to be in deep sombre and can get the things in his subconscious to emerge out and share with the person who is hypnotising him. It is still a developing field where new methods of hypnotism are being rolled out. Some of the centres in Andhra Pradesh where one can learn the art of hypnosis are -

    1. The Academy of Hypnosis
    Door No 44-7-1-435/1, Laxminaryanapuram, Salagramapuram
    Visakhapatnam-530024, Andhra Pradesh

    2. Institute of Personality Development
    by Pradeep Agarwal
    Flat No-503, 5th Floor, SAI Home Apartment, Lakdi Ka Pool, Khairatabad - 500004

    3. NLP Basic Master Practioner Training
    Hyderabad - 500001
    Ph: 9849130141

    Knowledge is power.

  • Hypnosis is the process in which the the subject looses his self control and may be badly infatuated with the hypnotiser and follows the command as dictated by the later.
    A lot of people are afraid of the acts of hypnosis since it may create an unusual situation and may crate panic within the mind of learners practicing this art.
    This therapy has numerous benifits and this practice would eliminate the negative thinking of the patient, improvement of well being, strengthening the sexual power, eliminating phobias etc.
    In Hyderabad, you may find a number of coaching centres offering you the art of hypnotism. These are as follows -
    1) Institute of Hypnosis,
    Sarojini Devi Road, Near Parklane, Hyderabad, Pin-.5 00003.
    2) Institute of mind control,and Development , Flat no - 503, Shyam Sadan Apartment,
    Lakdikapal, Hyderabad, Pin - 500004.
    3) The Academy of Hypnosis, Visakhapatnam , Pin - 530024.
    You may get a lot of books, CD's, DVD's providing you inputs of enhancing your concentration and the art of hypnotising a man but the best way would be to seek a trainer having wide experience in this field so that one learns this art gradually with self - confidence.

  • Hypnosis is also a type of treatment through which people overcome their many problems. In this process, the mind of a human is brought to such a state that your subconscious mind is activated. If you are interested in this field, then you can also make a good career in it.

    To be a good hypnotherapist, you need to have some qualities, such as good communication skills, the ability to listen to others well, the art of understanding the thoughts and circumstances of others. If you are already pursuing these qualities then that is good but if you have lacked these qualities then you should start work on them because any institute will help you to provide a certificate or degree but these inbuilt qualities you have to build up yourself.

    Some institutes make this course available to you online as well, by studying online your job will also be safe and you will also be able to fulfill your dream.

    Life Research Academy, Hyderabad

    Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and Relative Science, Mumbai

    Indian Hypnosis Academy, Ahmedabad

    The Hypnotherapy School of India, New Delhi

    There is a lot of options in this profession, if you want, you can open your own clinic and start practice, or initially, you can work under an expert in the same field. You can also apply for jobs in various hospitals and medical centers. Nowadays schools, institutes, and colleges also require hypnotherapists.

  • Hypnosis is described as a mental- state in which people feel sleepy, focused attention and heightened suggestibility. In other words, it is a therapy in which people lose control over themselves. It can be used to treat anxiety, phobias, drug addiction, sexual dysfunction, undesirable behaviours and bad habits. It is also helpful in improving sleep,quitting smoking, changing bad habit and relationship issues. There are three types of hypnosis like Ericksonian hypnosis, Traditional hypnosis, Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy hypnosis.
    Some of the hypnosis centre in Andhra pradesh are as follows:- 1.Institute of Personality Development
    by Pradeep Agarwal
    Flat No-503, 5th Floor, SAI Home Apartment, Lakdi Ka Pool, Khairatabad - 500004
    2. The Academy Of Hypnosis.
    Door No 44-7-1-435/1
    Laxminaryanapuram Salagramapuram,

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