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  • How to prevent Dengue fever?

    Worried about catching dengue fever? Quickly know with expert advice what precautions you should take to prevent the onset of dengue fever.

    There are various symptoms of Dengue fever, such as fever and body aches, nausea, etc. Although there is no specific treatment for dengue fever, one can ensure proper fluid intake and just take rest. I would like to know some preventive tips for dengue fever. What precautions should one take to prevent its onset in the first place?
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  • Dengue is a viral fever and a mosquito born disease and spread by the bites of viral infected mosquitoes. Symptoms of dengue infection typically start 3-14 days after infection.

    Besides the common symptoms such as high fever, body aches, nausea, etc a patient may suffer from following symptoms
    1. Severe headache,
    2. skin rashes,
    3. Pain behind the eyes.
    4. Fatigue.
    5. Abdominal pain
    6. Severe muscle and joint pains
    There are three main symptoms which can suspect a dengue fever there are fever of 102°F or higher, rashes and severe headache. These are the characteristic of dengue fever. It is also known as the "dengue triad".
    There are certain laboratory tests available which confirms the presence of dengue infection. A dengue fever may be diagnosed by the symptoms and laboratory blood testing includes Complete Blood Count, platelets counts, Dengue Antibodies (IgG, IgM) tests etc.
    In dengue fever, blood platelets go down and sometimes platelets transfusion is also required. During severe infection, organ dysfunction and severe bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract may occur. Hence, it is good to keep the patient in isolating condition under observation to monitor his condition.

    Some of the home remedies for Dengue infection are:
    1. Take Proper rest at home
    2. Drink plenty of water
    3. Drink fruit juices. e.g. Papaya leaf juice is a quite popular medicine for dengue fever. It increases the platelet count and improves immunity. You can get this juice easily in market. You can also drink this juice by adding some water to it, twice or thrice a day for better results.
    4. Eat fruit especially Kiwi fruit. Now Kiwi fruit is easily available in market.. If it is not available then any fresh fruits such as , apple, guava, pomegranate, banana, citrus fruit etc. can be ingested. They help recover minerals and vitamins lost in vomiting or as a result of high fever.
    5. Giloy is also effective. It also increases the platelet count. It is a plant having medicinal properties and is easily available in medical stores , patanjali stores and online also. You can take its extraction or tablets.
    6. Drink Coconut water

    To prevent dengue infection you can use papya juice, giloy juice and coconut water regularly. These drinks improve immunity and are helpful in prevention of viral infection.
    Further, Denue is a mosquito born disease. The dengue mosquito (Aedes aegypti) is a daytime feeder and can fly up to 400 meters looking for water-filled containers to lay their eggs. They occur usually early in the morning and in the evening before dusk. This fever does not spread directly from person to person. It is necessary to keep away mosquitoes. For these following precautions should be taken:
    1. Don't allow water to be collected.
    2. Cover your window and doors with net screens
    3. Using Mosquito repellant.
    4. Mosquito spray in house
    5. Camphor with carom seeds can be used as a mosquito repellent.
    6. Tulsi plant and neem plant also acts as a mosquito repellent.
    7. Lavender oil/ lavender room freshener is also a good mosquito repellent

  • This fever is a disease caused by mosquitos. About 100 million people are getting this illness all over the world as per the records available. The people living in tropical areas of the world are having more chances of getting this problem. Our Indian subcontinent people are also having higher chances of getting this disease. Southeast Asia and China are also having many people affected by this fever.

    The Symptoms of this fever include.
    1. High fever.
    2. Headaches of very high degree
    3. Body, joints and muscle pains.
    4. Eye pain.
    5. Vomtinngs.
    6. Rashes on the skin.
    7. Bleeding from nose
    8. Bleeding from gums.

    But one should not come to you a conclusion by seeing the above symptoms and go for medications. Always we should consult a qualified doctor, get the diagnostic tests done and then confirm. After that, we have to take the medication as suggested by the doctor.

    Once you have the fever you should visit the doctor, get the diagnosis done and then take the course of action as suggested by the doctor. Platelets count is very important. If the fever is dengue the platelet count will decrease abnormally and sometimes you may have to get them by transfusion.

    Preventing ways of this fever:

    1. One should be very careful about the mosquitoes. If an infected mosquito bites you, you will have very high chances of getting this fever. So one should be careful and it is better to use mosquito nets to all the windows and doors. We should not keep the doors open always without having the mosquito netted doors. More mosquitoes will try to enter the house during the transition period of the day to the night. Those time I always advise to keep all the doors and windows closed.

    2. When you go outside keep your body completely covered with clothes. Use full hands shirts and pants.

    3. Don't allow water to accumulate anywhere which will attract more mosquitoes.

    4. In a family, if an individual gets this fever the chances are more for the other members also to get this fever. So it is better to have a separate bedroom for such infected person so that other people will not get infected.

    The home remedies for curing this problem are

    1.Papaya leaf juice. This is the best medicine to see that your platelet count will be at the required levels. The leaf juice is always better than the fruit in this case. So if you have any symptoms, you can take this juice and there are no side effects.

    2. When there are symptoms try to take as much rest as possible. If you strain more the fever will increase. Take water as much as possible.

    3. Eat fresh guava fruits. Some may suggest juice. Even eating fresh guava fruit is advisable. It is better to eat organic fruit. Wash the fruit, make pieces and eat. Never eat by biting the fruit as it is. There may be some problem inside the fruit.

    4. Eating citrus foods, garlic, almonds and other dry fruits will help.

    5. Lemon juice will also help.

    6. There is a homeo medicine by name Bryonia which will prevent this fever. So if in the house anybody is having a fever, the other members can take this medicine so that they will not get affected.

    7. There are very good medicines in Homeo and Ayurved also. In Ayurveda, we will get a medicine prepared with Indian Amla. This is available in almost all ayurvedic medical shops. One can take this also to prevent this fever.

    8. But don't go by your self-medication but always consult a doctor.

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  • In case of breakout of Dengue, there are certain tips which if followed religiously can relieve us from the Dengue - fever. The points are listed below -
    1) Mosquito- repellent should be used even in the indoors.
    2) While going for a walk outside, one must wear long sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into the socks.
    3) While living in the indoors, use air - conditioned if available.
    4) Make sure Windows and door- screen are secure and free from holes.
    5) In case of any suspicion or symptom of Dengue approach the doctor.
    6) Enhance your immunity system by taking either Giloy - powder half tea - spoon twice daily along with hot water twice a day. Alternatively, chew four to five Tulasi leaves in empty - stomach.
    7) Avoid oily and fried foods during the breakout of dengue. Such foods weaken our immunity.
    8) Oranges, Pomegranates, Coconut - water are the best resources for enhancing the immunity of the body - system.
    Other precautions indicated below should also be followed -
    1) Use Camphor - shots exposing them in the air and its smell would drive the mosquitos.
    2) Spray water mixed with juices of Neem and Tulasi inside the room keeping the windows closed for at least half an hour so that the foul smell emanating from such mixture would take care of mosquito - menace.

  • What I advise the author is to go for preventive homoeopathy medicine as a preventive measure which is available with all Homeo stores across the country. Homeo pills are sweetened small balls and even the children would love to have it without tantrums. Alternatively, the papaya juice syrup is also available with all chemists which is the best remedy to keep the platelets count as the dengue fever would reduce the blood platelets drastically. And if you have the papaya tree at the home then give the papaya leaf juice in raw form, so that it acts as a preventive agent in arresting dengue fever at the first stage itself.

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  • Dengue fever is caused by a mosquito borne virus and in some cases it could be a deadly disease. Due to travel and tourism it has spread to many places. It is known as 'breakdown fever also'.

    The symptoms of Dengue change with its stage. Some of the common symptoms are -

    1. High Fever.
    2. Severe Headache.
    3. Severe Eye Pain.
    4. Joint Pain.
    5. Muscle and/or Bone Pain.
    6. Rash.
    7. Easy Bruising, Mild Nose or Gum Bleeding.
    8. Low White Cell Count.

    Some of the severe symptoms are -

    1. Severe Abdominal Pain.
    2. Persistent Vomiting.
    3. Red Spots or Patches On Skin.
    4. Vomiting Blood.
    5. Black, Tarry Stools.
    6. Drowsiness or Irritability.
    7. Pale, Cold or Clammy Skin.
    8. Difficulty in Breathing.

    Protecting from Dengue is preventive only. One has to avoid the mosquito bite. Some of the preventive measures are -

    1. To wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants.
    2. To treat clothes with repellents like permethrin.
    3. Using EPA-registered mosquito repellent.
    4. Using mosquito netting if one is in an areas with many mosquitoes.
    5. Make sure windows and doors are netted to avoid allowing mosquitoes into inclosed spaces.
    6. To avoid areas with standing water. Especially at dawn and dusk.

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  • Dengue and Chikungunya (other than Malaria etc.) are occurs due to Mosquito bites. Prevention is better than cure. It is better to use Oudh (fire) stick (essence / flavor stick or Sambrani - benzoin resin) available in many stores. It's fire and smoke really helps to avoid Mosquito and other insect at home or living area.

    The next one is, try to cover the water storage in a can or tank in a proper way at home or living area, or else Mosquito will lay eggs in such area and create unnecessary health issues to kids or elders etc. Keep clean home (floor) and drainage area with phenol wash as precaution.

    In case Dengue or associated sick occurs, it is better to first consult with the Doctor or Medical report and then act accordingly. Papaya leaves, Kiwi fruit and fruit juices etc. helps to increase the blood platelet count and reduce the Dengue associated fever.

  • Dengue fever is caused by mosquitoes. It can be avoided if one takes proper care. The easiest way to stay safe from this disease is to ensure that mosquitos do not breed in your surroundings. Here are a few tips on how one can keep mosquitos away from the house:

    1. Keep your house clean and tidy.
    2. Do not leave stagnant water lying anywhere in or around the house. It's very harmful as these misquotes lie on this stagnant water only, it doesn't matter if it is dirty or clean. In most of the houses, we keep our coolers uncleaned which gives the opportunity to mosquitos to breed. Therefore we should clean our coolers at least once in a week and should put a few drops of kerosene oil in the water to stop their breeding.
    3. Spray the house with anti-mosquito sprays, like Kala Hit every day in the corners of your home to kill the hidden mosquitoes. Mosquitos usually hide in the corners so we should always spar it in the corners of the rooms or beneath table or bed.
    4. Keep your wet waste separate and throw in a wet bin (which is kept covered).
    5. In the rainy season, the chances of your getting infected by the Dengue/ mosquito are extremely high due to the level of stagnant freshwater increase; at this point, all criteria of safety should be used like all pit holes where there are chances of water getting collected should be filled with mud.
    6. Try to wear clothes that don't leave any skin areas exposed.
    7. Wear a mosquito repellent cream and carry it with you at all times especially when you are out in the park.
    8. Keep the doors and windows of the house closed, mostly early in the morning and during the evening.
    9. Keep your wet clothes and shoes away from the dry garments. Also, try to dry the wet ones as soon as possible by exposing them with the sun.
    10 . It's not only about our homes, but we also need to keep our locality and city both clean. Where ever you find gutters which are not being cleaned and open find some solution for it. Take it up to your local 'residence welfare association'.


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  • Dengue is a viral infection caused by the mosquito "Aedes aegypti". This mosquito-borne disease causes flu-like illness which can get serious and lethal if not treated instantly. Over the past 50 years, it has increased 30 folds and now almost everyone is vulnerable to this disease.

    The main vector of dengue Aedes Aegypti breeds in artificial containers found in homes. Its life cycle is about seven days. Humans become the main carrier and multipliers of the virus once they are affected or bitten by the female Aedes Aegypti mosquito, and then they serve as a source of virus for uninfected mosquitoes. So it becomes necessary to prevent the breeding of the dengue causing mosquito and protect humans from getting affected.

    The virus with which the dengue causing mosquito affects us are mainly of four different serotypes- DEN1, DEN1, DEN3, DEN4. They belong to the genus Flavivirus of family Flaviviridae.

    The virus circulates in the body of the affected person for 2 to 7 days and the symptoms appear within the four or five days, maximum twelve days.

    The symptoms of dengue fever are a severe headache, sudden high fever, severe joint and muscle pain, pain behind the eyes, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, skin rash, and sometimes mild bleeding too.

    To control or prevent the transmission of dengue causing mosquito we need to do the following-

    1. We need to keep our home and our surroundings clean. If everything is clean, then there is no scope of mosquitoes to breed.

    2. Dengue mosquitoes breed in freshwater. So we must not let the water stagnate. We must store water in empty containers. We must change the water in flower pots, vases and bowls on alternate days. Wells, clogged drains, manholes, septic tanks etc need to be checked and cleaned regularly.

    3. We also need to dispose of solid waste properly and prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs by keeping everything clean.

    4. We must apply/spray insecticides on a regular basis to get rid of the mosquitoes in our home and surroundings. We must apply insecticides in water storage outdoor containers too.

    5. Mosquito coils, incense sticks, vaporizer etc should be used to protect ourselves from mosquitoes inside our homes. Mosquito repellent ointments should be applied to the exposed part of the skin if we plan to go out. Permethrin is one such repellent.

    6. Wear full clothes or cover your body completely when you go to a mosquito-infested area.

    7. Make sure that the doors and window screens don't have holes in them.

    8. Change the water in outdoor birdbaths and water dishes of pets on a regular basis.

    9. If possible, use air conditioning instead of letting fresh air come inside the room. Because with air, mosquitoes too enter the room. It is advised to use mosquito nets if one can't afford air conditioning facility.

    10. Organize meeting and consultations with friends and neighbours to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes that cause serious diseases.

    Also, we cannot prevent dengue fever. We can, though, prevent the mosquito from causing the dengue fever. There is no specific medicine as of yet to treat dengue fever. Pain relievers with acetaminophen are advised to take if you think you have a dengue fever but you must not jump to conclusions on your own. You must visit a doctor instead of becoming a doctor only by knowing the symptoms.

    Avoid medicines with aspirin because patients often bleed thought mildly when diagnosed ith dengue and it will worsen the bleeding. Drink plenty of fluids, rest and visit your doctor on a regular basis.

    Recently, the FDA approved a vaccine called Dengvaxia to help prevent the disease from occurring in the kids and teens of 9 to 16 years of age who have already been affected by dengue. And there is no vaccine as of yet to protect the general population from contracting this disease.

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  • It has been told by our side doctors that the mosquitos spreading dengue bites below the knee only. So it is suggested by them to apply coconut/neem oil in the legs below knee when you found mosquitos(any type) in your house side.

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