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  • Regarding changing career path from BPO to IT

    Wondering how to change from BPO to IT team? Looking out for advice to get into web designing career? Here, on this Ask Expert page you can check out the suggestions and advice provided for your query.

    I have completed my BCA graduation. After that I have joined a BPO company because of my financial condition.
    I am doing this job since July 2019 and will resign from this job at the end of December 2019.
    After that I will choose Web design as my career. So in this field I want to set up my future.
    Can you provide advice about my career as web designer?
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  • As per the available estimations and statistics, around 20% of computing jobs are in web designing or in web developing. When we see these figures we will be of the opinion that there are good chances for web designers/ web developers. So I think you will have good chance of becoming a web designer. The coding ability s also going to give you good chances.

    Web Developers come from Frontend, Backend, Database, Mobile App and Testing. streams. So if you develop skills in any of the above streams you will have a good chance of getting a job. The seamless technology is picking up and demand these technologists also increasing in frontend and Backend. Also, there are jobs in interrelated fields. Full-stack developers also may get good jobs.

    With BCA and the present experience, your CV may not look attractive for the recruiters. So you to join some institute and acquire some related skills in the field of your interest. There are many institutes which will give a course on a part-time basis and even online courses are also available. So concentrate on acquiring the skills.

    Meanwhile, you can create your own website. You can be active on social media so that you can increase your contacts and get referred by them for some people for giving a job. Place your CV on etc and be visible to people. That will help you. At the same start working is a freelancer and be in touch with freelancer sites.

    I want to caution you that without getting a job resigning from the present job is not a wise issue. A bird in the hand worth two in the bush. As such develop your skills and acquire new skills and then try for a new post. Till such time I feel you should continue in the present job.

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  • Are you certain about getting a job in web designing? I mean, once you have completed a degree and started working in any firm, it becomes a bit difficult to change the firm and in your case, it is a change of field in which you are currently working in. So, If it is not certain, please do not leave this current job.
    BCA is a technical field and now you will be having a gap of around a year so, I would suggest you join a short term refreshment course in Web designing along with your current job and then resign only after getting a confirmation letter from any other firm. There are many centers like NIIT which are providing computer-based courses on a part-time basis and even some of them are also having placement services with a job guarantee.
    if you do not get a job in web designing, I suggest you join at first and start working. Later you can try to switch projects internally after getting trained in the same. It happens in IT firms.


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  • It won't be a good idea to relinquish your present job of call - centre, unless you get a confirmation of the job in the web- designing. However, with your present assignment it would be rather difficult to undertake any relevant short term course connected with the Web - designing.However, you may try the following tips so that you remain with touch with the tools of web- designing -
    1) Since you are working in a call - centre probably being rotated in shifts and hence you may utilise your ideal time by joining in either NIIT or APTECH providing you a short course in the web- designing. The course comprises ranging from six to eighteen months depending upon your requirement. Take the advanced diploma course for better exposure.
    2) You may revise your BCA course time to time since with the present working, there does not exist any linkage of your accumulated knowledge. A revision of the same would enhance your confidence.
    3) You have to make an attractive resume so as to attract the prospective employers in the said field.
    4) You may surf the Internet for acquring knowledge in the web- designing.
    5) Try to join a medium company utilising the content of web designing and this will nurture your skill in the similar area. If you get one, leave the present job of call centre and concentrate on the area of web- designing.
    6) You may approach Naukari. Com or any similar agency for any appropriate job in the web- designing. These agencies keep tracks of the different companies and once they are aware of the latest vacancies, they would approach you in this regard. The consultants even help in getting a right job in your case.

  • An employee in BPO may or may not using his IT skills based on his job profile. You are doing job in BPO since July 2019 and want to move to IT Company. Yes, you can change your career path from BPO to IT. There may be several things:

    1. You have a BCA degree in hand. And for getting a job in Web Designer a bachelor's degree in computer science, communications or business is required. Remember your BPO experience will not be counted in the IT sector.
    2. Working in a BPO doesn't require technical skills, any graduate or undergraduate can join. But due to your BCA degree and having knowledge of C, C++, Java, SQL server and IT skills. So, you can easily move to IT sector.

    3. A web designer creates and maintains a website as per the needs of their clients. They write, edit content, design webpage layout. To gain knowledge you can also do some certificate or diploma course in web designing, art and graphics also. You can do online course on web designing also. You should improve your IT skills.

    4. There are various companies who allow a BPO Associate and then shift to IT. But you will have to work as a BPO associate there for some time before moving to IT sector.

    5. What is your job profile in current company (BPO)? If you are doing job of a web designer or as a technical support in BPO, it will be very easy to shift to an IT company.

    6. You can get the chance for getting recruited in the job fairs organized by various IT industries like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, and Cognizent Technology Solutions and so on time to time.

    7. You can get registered yourself on online job portals like,,, or, you can also upload your CV and details in the Official Website of IT Company in which you are interested.

    8. You can also work as a free lancer. You can create your own website. You should join social media groups, forums for publicity of your skill and work.

  • With your BCA background it is definitely possible that you can leave the present BPO job and try for a job in web designing. Only thing is that there is a fierce competition everywhere in today's situation and one has to toil hard even for getting a good job in web designing field and make a career there. At this juncture what I will suggest is go for some diploma or certificate course in web designing and web developing which may give you edge over the other candidates and you may find it easier to hunt for an appropriate job of your choice in web designing area.

    Generally there are diploma courses for 1-2 years durations and some of the popular courses are -
    1. Diploma/ Advanced diploma in Web Designing.
    2. Diploma/ Advanced Course in Multimedia & Web Designing.
    3. Advanced Diploma in Office Automation & Web Designing.
    4. Diploma/ Advanced Diploma in Internet & Web Designing.

    If you have time constraint you can go for even certificate courses of short duration. Some of which are -
    1. Certificate Course in Web Designing.
    2. Certificate Course in Multimedia Web Designing.
    3. Certificate Course in Internet & Web Designing.
    4. Certificate Course in Office Automation & Web Designing.
    5. Certificate course in Application Software & Web Designing.

    After these specific learnings it will be easier to search for jobs in this line. Further if you have a liking and interest in this area you can even try to join some group of innovators who may not pay you a good salary but there are future scopes once their business and services are established.

    As you are a BCA person you can look for other possible career options in computer area only. Other than web designing there are some lucrative career possibilities like - Computer Graphics, Internet Technologies, Animation, Music and Video Processing, Database Management, Systems Analysis, Word Processing etc.

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  • Hi Gauda.

    You can pursue a career as a Web Designer after completing your BCA. The aspects of coding in BCA and CSE are very similar. You need to be very skilled in Photoshop, HTML, Illustrator, CSS etc to make a good career in web designing. The chances of getting a good job would increase if you complete your MCA too because multinational companies mostly prefer B. Tech or MCA candidates.

    There are enormous opportunities in Web Designing not only in India but abroad too. Web Designers and Graphic Designers are of great demand in the IT sectors. The web designers make the web page more attractive and user-friendly and it is very important for the software companies. The web designers also get sufficient remuneration for their services to the company they work in. This is a growing industry and a lot of potentials is yet to be explored so it is surely a good career.

    Since you already have a BCA degree, you can work in a public or private web designing company. There are thousands of companies that hire a web developer for their front end and back end projects of web development. You can also work as a freelancer too. You can set up your own enterprise and work independently too as a web designer.

    There are many job areas for those who aspire to be web designers. Some of them are IT Companies, Audio-Visual Media Agencies, Advertising Agencies, Public Houses, Marketing Firms, Design Studios, Institutions etc.

    Some of the top recruiters of web designers are HCL, Infosys, Wipro, IIM, Netcracker, Lava, Mindteck, Virtusa, Quislex, ORACLE, IDC Technologies Solutions India, Pvt Ltd etc.

    In the beginning, the salary of a web designer may be in thousands but with experience, they can get a salary in six to seven figures. Also, the salary of a web designer varies from company to company.

    To add more stars to your resume, you can complete Certificate courses too if you don't want to do MCA. Some of the certificate courses for web designers are as follows-

    1. Certificate Course in Web Designing
    2. Certificate Course in Internet & Web Designing
    3. Certificate Course in Multimedia Web designing
    4. Certificate Course in Application Software and Web Designing
    5. Certificate Course in Office Automation and Web Designing.

    These certificates would help you get a good job. All the best.

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  • There are many BCA / BE degree holders can be seen in BPO and they join temporarily to relieve from unemployment time being. At the same time, they tries to search for the suitable job regularly and attend the interview accordingly that helps them to get the right job in the right time. You have to do like this without showing BPO experience.

    In general, BPO work experience won't count as suitable Degree (Engineering or BCA or B.Tech) work experience, thus, it is better to look out for a job that suits your Graduate. Webdesigning is a good choice but try to get a suitable job on this first to get some work experience. Also, there are many competitors (individual and company) for webdesigning. Few do webdesign even for under Rs 5k.

    So, all in all, huge competition will be there in the future on this too. The best part is up-to date on software or code or related certificate to survive. And, suggesting you to get the suitable job first, get some more experience and jump to your own business later.

  • You have mentioned that you will be resigning your job by end of December 2019 and want to do web designing. You can always do this part-time by getting into any small firm specialising in it and trying your hand in it and creating websites for small businesses that are not complicated and easy to understand. To give you a simple example, try creating a website for your friendly neighborhood small department store. They might use computers but may not have a website. Arrange one for them free of cost. You can take the help of someone who has some experience. Am told that this is quite easy to do.

    Now let us look at career options. Based on my years of HR experience in different organizations and persistent demand from various HR headhunters, the following three areas seem to be having terrific scope for immediate job placements. Remember, you need a job first and then a career. Those who talk philosophies will simply laugh at you. Those who were friends not so long ago, will soon desert you the moment they learn that you are an unemployed person.

    Get into the act right away. Go to some small institute where the fees may not be high. The first course that you should aim to do is cloud computing. There is absolutely no choice here. Those who have done this have landed in very good jobs even with the IT majors. All you need is experience. Go to the nearest institute and do it. Try NIIT too. Of course, am told they charge quite high.

    The second course that you should try to do is SAP Supply Chain Management . Please do note that a lorry is a lorry is a lorry. Goods need to be transported. Most companies rely only on road transport. Inspite of a slowdown, what is most important is that the goods need to reach different destinations. There is no compromise here. Hence you just need to think aloud and do this course. On completion, you can present yourself physically for interview at any pan-India transport company. You will find a job. Never worry about starting salaries. You can make it big after two years of experience.

    The third course that you can consider doing very urgently is the course on Robotics if one is available nearby. Artificial intelligence is going to simply take over the world. If you are skilled, you can make it. Alternatively, you can also think of doing a course in data analytics. This has a tremendous scope.

    Much would depend on the resources you have. But do not go into web design now. You need a decent job and salary. The courses suggested will positively help you in this regard.

    All the very best in your training and career.

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