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  • Suggest a suitable Android TV box for my old colour TV.

    Are you interested in converting an old TV into a smart one? Searching for a good android box which can help in this conversion? On this Ask Expert page you can check out the suggestions and decide what to buy.

    I am using a CRT Colour TV.
    I want to convert it to a somewhat smart TV.

    I do not want to throw out the currently using old colour TV. I want to make it a 'somewhat smart TV' by using Android TV box. But there are various products with various parameters. I am totally confused. Those with knowledge and experience please suggest me the most suitable Android TV box for me.

    1. I am using an old CRT colour TV. It is not LCD. It works well for me.
    2. My TV does not have the HDMI port .It has the 3-Cable AV in &out. The Yellow-Red-White combination. The Android TV box should be same or compatible for this.
    3. What should be the optimum RAM/Storage?
    4. What should be the Android version.

    Please consider all details and suggest me the most suitable Android TV box to convert my present CRT colour TV into a somewhat smart TV.
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  • 1. As you say you don't have HDMI port, please purchase an HDMI-to-RCA adapter and plug into the red, white, and yellow ports in the back or side of your TV.
    2. Purchase an HDMI cable. This is available online and will be cheap to purchase online than going to a store and purchase.
    3. Wifi availability is to be seen.
    4. Get an Android TV box
    5. Connect the output from Android TV box to the HDMI-to-RCA adapter and then to AV converter.
    6. Get RCA audio/video cable. Plugin the RCA cable in their appropriate colours on the other side of the converter and the output of these cables to be plugged into your CRT TV. Then switch on the sockets.
    7. Then you have to set up your chrome cast. Use your android phone and d

    There are many Android TV boxes in the market. Many of them will cost you around Rs, 5000/. You can choose any model you like. Any brand will be Ok. But choose an Android TV box that comes with at least 4GB RAM or higher. Latest Android versions are available and you can take anyone.

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  • Now a days so many connectors and gadgets are available that the professionals who know the practical aspects of the things can connect a particular device to another gadget or device. Connecting an Android box to old colour TV is one such proposition.

    For connecting Android TV box to old colour TV the following items will be required -
    1. HDMI cable which generally comes with the Android TV box.
    2. HDMI to AV converter (known also as HDMI to RCA adapter).
    3. RCA cable (which you might already be having).
    4. Wi-Fi connection in the house.

    Now RCA cable will have to be connected in between the old colour TV and HDMI-AV adapter output. After this the HDMI-AV adapter input is to be connected to Android TV box. Once this set up is complete the system will work and after initial set up one can even play games on the old colour TV.

    There are many Android TV boxes available in the market and some of the good ones are - Nvidia Shield TV, Xiaomi Mi Box S, Skystream Three Plus and Ematic Jetstream 4K Ultra HD TV Box. They come in different configurations and have RAMs varying from 2GB to 4GB. In fact this configurations is all right and sufficient for the streaming required between a TV box and old colour TV.

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  • By a Smart TVs you can watch Amazon, Hotstar, Netflix and other streaming services directly on your TV without using any extra cable or device. You can convert your TV to smart Tv in following ways:
    1. Via Cromecast:
    To convert your CRT TV to smart TV, following things are required :
    1. Google Chromecast
    2. RCA audio/video cables
    3. HDMI to AV converter

    RCA audio/video cables and HDMI to AV converters are available online. You can buy from there.

    1. First of all connect your TV and the Chromecast device to the power socket.
    2. Connect HDMI port of HDMI to AV converter to the chromecast.
    3. Now plug-in the RCA audio/video cable to the other side of this converter 4. Connect other end of RCA audio/video cable in to your CRT TV.
    4. After turning on the power let the run initial set up of chromcast .
    5. After successful completion of set up, conversion of CRT TV to smart TV is successful.

    You can use your mobile phone to set up the chromecast through wi-fi connection. After completion of set up you can watch all video and channels apps like Netflix, Now TV, You Tibe, Spotify, Vevo etc. and other streaming devices directly on your CRT TV.
    2. Via Amazon Fire TV Stick
    It is a small device that plugs into the HDMI port on TV and then connect it to the internet via mobile Wi-Fi connection. It includes many apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube, Vevo, hayu and other apps. Other apps you can download includes games, media players and other services.
    3. Using Roku Box
    Get a Roku box or streaming stick and HDMi port connect HDMI to RCA AV cable and connect to your TV and then connect to Wi-Fi. Roku box various includes apps Netflix, NOW TV, Amazon Prime, Spotify and other apps.

    Besides, there are some devices which can give the TV same functionality as a smart TV. Some set top boxes are there which gives access to players and streaming apps and streaming content can be seen on demand. Some Catch-up services like iPlayer, ITV Hub and some other apps are in built in these set top boxes.
    There are several Set Top Box like BT TV ( Netflix, BT TV Store, NOW TV Apps included) EE TV (YouTube, NOW TV, hayu,, TVPlayer Plus apps included), YouView (Netflix, NOW TV and Catch-up TV Apps included).
    Latest android version can be used and RAM can varies 8 GB to 16GB. However, 8GB RAM is good enough for streaming devices.

  • Thank you all members who have given me suggestions. The sugestions were quite helpful to me.
    I had since bought an Android TV box and 'converted my 14" , 20 year old CRT TV to a 'smart TV,

    I had posted an article in ISC "How to convert an old CRT TV to a smart TV", which I feel will be helpful to all those like me who had/have such doubts.

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