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  • I lost my matriculation certificate. Which document should I use to produce RRB document verificatio

    Are you awaiting document verification from RRB? wondering what to do in case you have a lost a certificate and have only a photo copy? No worries, on this page our ISC experts shall provide you with guidance to face the issue.

    I lost my matriculation certificate. Which document should I use to produce RRB document verification?
    I had only photo copy of my original certificate.
    I lost my matriculation certificate. Which document should I use to produce RRB document verification?
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  • For RRB verification Matriculation certificate is very important. No other document will be accepted. You have to get the duplicate matriculation certificate from the university you have studied your matriculation.

    The procedure to be followed is

    You have to give a complaint to the police station stating that you have lost your matriculation certificate. You have to make a detailed complaint stating where we have lost the certificate, how we lost, and when we have lost. Then they will conduct an enquiry and give you a certificate stating that they are not able to trace back the certificate.

    Now using this certificate you have to apply for a duplicate certificate to the university in the prescribed form and you have to pay the fees also. As you have a xerox copy attach a copy of the same to your certificate so that it will become easy for them to trace back the details and give you a certificate. Generally, it will take 30 to 45 days to give you the certificate. If you want it urgently, better to go personally to the Registrar's office of the University and personally follow up with the concerned. That will help you in getting the certificate quickly.

    Matriculation certificate is very important as they consider this only as a proof of your date of birth. If there is no time and you have not applied for a duplicate. Apply immediately and take this as proof for your application and take some time for getting the original.

    Alternatively, you can take an affidavit for your date of birth by following the procedure. For this, you have to consult a Lawyer in your area and talk to him and do as per his advice. Then you can take this affidavit, your other qualifications original certificates and xerox of matriculation certificate. They may consider or they may give time for you to obtain the duplicate. Start acting immediately.

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  • It is really very bad that you have lost your matriculation certificate.
    1. Now first of all, you should lodge a police complaint/FIR to the nearest Police Station immediately. Thereafter, issue a public notice stating the loss of document in two leading newspapers, one in a national and other in a local newspaper. Depending on the newspapers cost of publishing may varies from Rs 3,000-10,000/-.

    2. You can use following language: It is notified for the information that my original passing certificate of the matriculation examination of the year XXXX and Roll no. XXXXXXX issued by CBSE /Stae Board has been actually lost. Name of the candidate- XXXXX XXXXX, Full Address/Tel.- Your address,(Ph.-XXXXXXXXXX).

    3. Keep a copy of the complaint as well as the press clippings with you as proof of lost marksheet.

    4. Your school and college will have a record of your matriculation marks. So, approach your school from where you have passed.

    5. Collect information of your roll no. and marks etc.

    6. If you have passed matriculation recently from CBSE Board, then you can download soft copy from Digilocker. If some time has been passed than you can download the application form from the CBSE Board website from the following link:

    7. Take print out and fill the form carefully and visit to your school and get it signed and stamped by school principal. Also collect a forwarding letter from school on school letter head stating that the person has actually lost the original certificate.

    8. You can send this application by registered post to CBSE or can personally visit regional CBSE office and submit this application along with prescribed fee. The charges for issuance of marksheet is Rs 100 and if certificate is required after two days (excluding holidays) an urgent fees of Rs.100.00 extra may be required to submit. If the certificate is required by post an extra amount of Rs.25/- by local candidates and Rs.35/- for outstation candidates may also be remitted. After some days you can collect duplicate copy of your marksheet.

    9. If you have passed matriculation from State board, then you should check their website for procedure and if there is no such procedure on their website you should call or visit their office. Collect application form, fill it and submit along with and prescribed fee. Then you can collect duplicate copy.

    Now coming to your document Verification at RRB.
    1. During RRB document verification carry duplicate copy of duplicate matriculation marksheet with you. If you have not received that within the stipulated time, keep copy of public notice and FIR with you. Explain this situation of missing certificate to RRB official during document verification.

    2. If you can arrange photocopies of your matriculation marksheet then you can submit there. Also inform them that you have already applied for duplicate marksheet and you'll submit the duplicate copy of your marksheet at the earliest.

    I think they will understand your problem and definitely will give you some time for submission of duplicate marksheet.

    Hope it helps you.
    Good luck

  • It is good that you have photocopies of the lost document. You can show it to them till you receive the duplicate one from the board of eduction from where you completed your matriculation exam. But you have to show them your application for applying for duplicate matriculation certificate and then they may consider your candidature on a provisional basis.

    As per the procedure for applying for a duplicate matriculation certificate, it is necessary to lodge a police complaint and then apply to the board for the duplicate certificate enclosing a copy of the police report/ FIR. Generally matriculation certificate is a document where date of birth is also mentioned so if you have any other certificate like birth certificate or driving license or Aadhaar card then you can affirm your date of birth from there also till your duplicate certificate is received.

    Sometimes the records are available in the school from where you have done your matriculation and in such cases one can get a duplicate copy endorsement on a photo copy itself and if it is properly signed and sealed with the signature of the principal then it is treated as the duplicate original copy. You can try that also by personally visiting the Principal's office.

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  • In order to have your RRB verification, it would be essential to have your original Matriculation - certificate issued by the concerned Board since this certificate contains your Date of Birth as well.
    In the event of misplacment of the said certificate, you will have to make a FIR in the police station indicating the details of its misplacment such as date, timing and the place from where it has been lost. Take a copy of FIR from the Police Headquarter and now write an application to the Secretary of the Board requesting him to issue a Duplicate - certificate in lieu of the lost one. This application must be followed by the Xerox - copy of FIR of the appropriate Police - headquarter as a proof of your initiative taken from your end.Enclose with the Demand - draft of the prescribed amount required for obtaining the Duplicate - certificate of the Matriculation. This letter should be sent through the Registered - post followed by an acknowledgment so that you will have a valid proof of your initiative taken in this direction.
    Alternatively, meet the lawyer of your local court providing him Xerox- copies of Aadhar - card, Driving- license etc along with your residential- address and request him to make an affidavit regarding your Date of Birth to be signed by the First - class Magistrate. Once you get the affidavit from the First - class Magistrate, get it published in two Newpapers one in local and other one In the distinguished English Newpaper. Preserve the cutting so as to be produced before the authorities of Document - verification.

  • Matriculation certificate is very important and there is no substitute for it. You cannot produce any other document in place of your Matriculation certificate. And your photocopy of original Matriculation certificate would work only for a short time. Eventually, you would need an original document for verification purposes.

    You should, as soon as possible, apply for a duplicate Matriculation certificate. For that, you need to follow the below mentioned steps-

    1. When we lose a document, we need to file an FIR in the nearest police station. If you haven't done that, you must do it as soon as possible.

    2. Download the form from-

    3. A small amount of fee needs to be paid to issue a duplicate certificate. So you need to prepare a Demand Draft for the requires sum of money. The amount to be paid depends on how old your mark sheets are.

    The Demand Draft needs to be made in favour of Secretary CBSE. You also need to mention the Regional office. Now, mail the form and DD xerox to your CBSE regional office. It is mentioned on the last page of the application form to do so.

    That's it. You don't need to make an affidavit or a newspaper ad or an identification certificate from a gazetted officer like it was necessary to do before.

    NOTE- In case your mark sheet is from 2001 or even before that, then you need to send your documents and pay your Demand Draft to CBSE regional office Ajmer Todarmal Marg, Ajmer, 305001, Rajasthan. It is because very old documents are handled by this office only.

    Separate application forms need to be filled for separate certificates. The documents will be received after 15 days of applying for a duplicate document, excluding the holidays that would fall in between.

    Within 3 months from the date of depositing the fee, you need to collect the documents otherwise it will be cancelled and you would have to apply all over again following the same procedure.

    It is important to note that correct and true information is provided in the application. No misleading information should be given by the one who wants a duplicate certificate.

    And if there is an emergency and you need the documents ready within 2 days, then by paying an extra amount of fee you can get the documents early.

    Hope it helps.

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