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  • For opening authorized vehicle pollution center

    Interested in setting up a vehicle pollution center? Looking out for details of where ti get the license issued, whom to approach, the fees and other relevant details? Find advice from our experts on this page.

    I want to open an authorized vehicle pollution center in Haripad at Kerala.
    Please try to give me full details regarding this, such as from where to get the license, who's the person to be approached for it, license fee, shop details etc.
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  • A. The following is the equipment required.
    1. computer
    2.smoke analyzer
    3. printer
    4. web camera
    5. Software as required and accepted by the Transport Department
    6. UPS

    B. You have to apply online to the Motor Vehicle Inspector of that area.
    C. The required fee is to be paid.
    D. the following are the documents required

    1. Drawing of the shop with map and address.
    2, Six photographs of the shop
    3. If the shop is your own proof of that or it is rented one, the lease agreement with the owner.
    4. Qualification certificates of the technician
    5. Passport size photograph of the owner and the technician
    6. Letterheads
    7. No objection certificate from the revenue authorities,

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  • A Pollution Under Control Certificate is issued by a authorized PUC centre.
    Eligibility for Open a PUC centre: Certificate in Automobile Engineering or Motor Mechanics or equivalent
    Fee for registration : Rs. 5000.

    For registration of PUC Centre, you should follow these steps:
    You will have to visit Kerala Motor Vehicle Department or you can also contact to Regional Transport Office (RTO) for registration of PUC centre.
    1. Collect form and fill all the details.
    2. Attach all required documents like :
    I. Qualification certificate.
    II. Application fee
    III. Lease agreement
    2, photographs of the shop (6 nos.)
    IV. Photograph of Owner
    V. Photograph of Technician
    3. Submit this form to Motor Vehicle Department.

    There are some requirements to start this centre like
    1. Space requirement. For space you can contact to any petrol pump in your vicinity. Make an agreement with Petrol pump owner. You can also contact to an authorized vehicle manufacturer workshop.

    2. Some instruments and equipments are also required like
    a. Computer
    b. Web Camera
    c. Printer
    d. Internet facility
    e. UPS
    f. Software as per guideline of Transport Department.
    g. Antivirus software
    h. Gas Analyzer etc.

    This registration will be valid for 1 year only and can be renewed further by contacting Trasport Department.

    You can also check website of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. Of India.

    You can check article on PUC centre registration on ISC link is as follows:

  • For opening a PUC centre one has to apply for it in the local Transport Office by filling an application form and depositing the requisite fee. The fee is varying from state to state and it is at least Rs 10000. After every year it is to be renewed for another year by depositing a renewal fee of at least Rs 1000.

    Any person who is having a ITI certificate or diploma in motor mechanic stream can approach to transport office for the license for PUC centre. Existing common service points where qualified people are employed can also apply for opening it in their centre. The person who will be operating the PUC equipments should be a qualified person having a certificate or diploma in Auto/ Diesel/ Vehicle engineering as a mechanic.

    The applicant has to get the minimum equipment required for conducting the smoke/ pollution test in the exhaust of the vehicle. It will comprise of smoke analyser, printer, web camera, Any related software as per guidelines of Transport Department, Uninterrupted power supply (UPS) etc. There should be at least a space of 200 sq. ft. near the equipment for parking of the vehicles for this test. Generally the operator or mechanic keep these installations near a petrol pump or auto garage so that people can get their vehicle tested along with petrol filling or vehicle repair etc. Some operators keep it in the side of the wide roads where people can get it quickly while on the go.

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  • In order to establish an authorised pollution- centre, the aspirant is required to apply in the local transport office with the reqisite amount of fee to be paid as Registration, the currently the same being Rs 10,000/- . However, such fees are variable from one state to other.
    The validity period of such registration is up to a year and it is renewable on year to year basis with the existing fee of Rs 1,000/-
    The aspirant must have a valid ITI certificate from the state - board or should have passed at least a Diploma in Automobile - engineering from the recognised state - board.
    The applicant must have the following equipments so as to detect the level of emission. He needs to have the following accessories-
    1) Gas - analyser
    2) UPS
    3) Computer
    4) Web - camera
    5) A printer
    6) Internet - facility to operate the computer smoothly
    7) Antiglare and Antivirus Mechanism installed in the computer
    Since you will operate your centre near the petrol pump and for the same, you need to have at least 400 sq meter of space, you will be required to make an agreement with the Petrol - pump Owner for a specified period - renewable at the expiry of the period with the same rent or with the upward revision of the rent and the same is to agreed mutually.
    Timing of the opening and closing the test - centre is to be maintained consistently so as to avoid the inconvenience of the vechile - owners. Opening of the centre at 8 am and Closing the same at 8 pm would be an ideal time but such timing would vary depending upon the convenience of the applicants.

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