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  • Want to Celebrate Birthday with a Crush

    Looking forward to celebrate birthday with your loved one? Wondering about the best and reasonable venues for a few hours? Check out this page for advice and suggestions from experts.

    I would be celebrating my Birthday in a weeks time. I wanted to spend some time with the person I love the most and who is always on my mind. He has agreed to meet me on my birthday and insisted me to plan the day. We stay in North Bangalore and I wanted to plan the day well and budget is minimal so if you all can suggest on the restaurant details or some good resort or a long drive where we can spend some 4hr to 5 hr time together.
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  • We all like to celebrate our birthday with the person whom we love and this time you are planning to celebrate it with your crush. As your budget is minimal and would like to spend quality time with your crush, there are few places where you can spend your birthday and even enjoy some privacy. These places are:
    1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden - It is a renowned garden that covers an area of 240 acres of nearly 1,854 species of plants in the heart of the city. It consists of the famous glasshouse, an aquarium and a lake.

    2. Cubbon Park - It is an island that spans around 300 acres with concrete jungles surrounding it. It has statues and Sculptures and a beautiful bamboo garden.

    3. Mantri Mall - It is located in Jay Bheema Nagar, Malleshwaram. It is is one of the largest Malls with over five floors and many stores, restaurants, etc in the complex.

    4. Innovative Film City - It is located at Bidadi, just 40 Km away on the way to Mysore. It is open from 10 am - 7 Pm and can spend 4-5 hours easily. You have to pay an entry fee of Rs.600 per person before 3:00 PM and Rs. 400 per person after 3:00 PM. It is divided into three parts with amusement park rides and museums, Wild West Wind and Cartoon City, Innovative Studio, etc. It spreads around 58 acres of land you to spend at least half of your day, walk around and enjoy all around.

    5. Halasuru or Ulsoor Lake - It is one of the largest lakes in Bangalore covering 124 acres and was built by Sir Lewin Bentham Bowring the former Bangalore's commissioner. It is enhanced by the lush greenery, calm environment with natural beauty everywhere. There are plenty of activities and even you can go boating with your crush.

    6. PVR in Orion Mall - Want to spend some quiet and private time along with some good movie then PVR is the best at Orion Mall. The service is wonderful and the best.

    7. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) - This is located at 61/1, 8th Main, 19th Cross, Malleshwaram. It is a good place for a cup of coffee with your crush. They provide great customer service, good quality and an ideal place for chatting and celebrating your birthday.

    I hope you have a great birthday.

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  • What I feel that instead of wasting money on restaurants and big malls to spend the birthday time with the most loved person, you should devote more time on interacting so that much information could be gathered and known between each other. You can prepare some food of his choice from the home and pack the same to be eaten somewhere when you keep on moving through the bike and that would give enhance pleasure. Every lover wants to have interaction with the partner and not interested in more outing and therefore my advice would prove to be beneficial in the long run.

    K Mohan
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  • The selection of the place will always depend on the liking and the taste of the individuals. Here for both of you, spending time together is more important than enjoying the place. So you should decide on the way of spending time by discussing among both of you. He has given the choice to you. You know his likings and tastes. Based on that you have to decide which atmosphere suits you both. Another point to be noticed, this occasion should be utilised to understand each other well and adjust with each other so that further life will be sweet.

    If both of you like each other, anything you plan will be liked by him and whatever he says will be acceptable to you. These are my feelings and you can plan accordingly.

    In Bangalore, there may be many places where you can spend much time. But if I were you I will go to the following.

    1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden
    2.Cubbon Park
    3. Innovative Film City
    4. Ulsoor Lake

    The above-mentioned places are good to spend time and discuss the issues while enjoying the beauty of the area.

    always confident

  • If you want to spend a quality time with your friend in Bengaluru, it would be always better to discuss the same with your crush. He may not mind the places already chosen by you where you would like to take your friend for his recreation and refreshment. He may have a different idea in relation to visit the places around Bengaluru.
    Your friend is likely to drop in your residence shortly and hence a better programme can be chalked out with the frank deliberation with your friend. You may ask your friend to what extent he would like to visit the places for which you have special fascination. Such a mutual discussion would help in sorting out the right places of his choice.
    He may like to witness his favourite films and so you may collect information regarding the largest films being shown in different multiplexes and if he is a great foodie, fix some appointment with some premier hotels where both of you could enjoy a great time and his stay over Bengaluru would be a memorable one.
    Let your friend take initiative in this regard and you should approve of the same provided you don't have some major constraint in relation to your duty or otherwise.
    In case, your crush is meeting you after a prolonged time, he would have numerous events to share with you or even he would like to hear some interesting events which have taken place of late in your life. Both of you could enjoy quality time with the interesting talks which may follow once he drops in your residence.
    However, there are a lot of places in Bengaluru which would prove to be memorable one for him. You may include the following places-
    1) Cubbon Park
    2) Mantri Mall
    3) Innovative Film City
    4) Ulsoor Lake
    5) Bangalore Palace
    6) Bannerghatta National Park
    7) Wonder La Water Park
    It would be always better to attach priority of his likings so that your crush may derive immense joy during the period of his stay in Bengaluru.

  • Being in Bengaluru the best place with the suitabe ambience to "spend some time with the person" you love, for 4 to 5 hrs is either Cubbon Park or Lalbagh Gardens. The ambience is definitely suitable and you can take strolls or occasionally rest and resume.

    But if you both are pious and believers, then you ca start the day with visisting some temples and famous worship places like Iscon etc etc. Then spend some tie in Gardens and then have lunch together at some established restaurants.

    You can also take a trip in the Hop-on-Hop off Bengaluru tour trip also choosing and skipping the places as per your requirements.
    If you are free with him, then have a frank pre-discussion with him and fix the programme with his choice and concurrent also.

    Wish you both a nice time together.

  • This is definitely a great occasion for you and you will like to celebrate it in a fun and frolic place in Bangalore. Most important thing is the presence of the most important person of your life and you might have to ask the choice of place also and it will be really wonderful if you can have this function in that particular place suggested by your crush. There are very good parks and outing places in Bangalore but I will prefer you arrange this function in a good place where facilities for amusement, games and eatables are available in plenty. Now a days the event organisers are available in such places who will plan everything for you and you can simply have fun with your friends as everything is outsourced there. Some of such amusing places in Bangalore are -

    1. MISU, St Marks Road, Bangalore.
    2. 1Q1, Infantry Road, Bangalore.
    3. Double Decker, Brigade Road, Bangalore.
    4. Farzi Cafe, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.
    5. Communiti, Residency Road, Bangalore.
    6. The 13th Floor, MG Road, Bangalore.
    7. HAMMERED, Cunningham Road, Bangalore.
    8. Skyye, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.
    9. Plan B, Brigade Road, Bangalore.
    10. Hard Rock Cafe, St Marks Road, Bangalore.
    11. Shiro, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.
    12. Lady Baga, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.
    13. Fava, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.
    14. The Open Box, St Marks Road, Bangalore.
    15. Sanchez, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.

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