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  • Review of St. Stephens Indian School, Omaxe City, Bahadurgarh

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    I need honest review of St. Stephens Indian School, Omaxe City, Bahadurgarh. I have already checked their website and facebook page. But still, I need more information. Personal experiences will be highly helpful.
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  • St. Stephen Indian School, Omaxe City, Bahadurgarh has been established to offer sound education to its pupils so as to have sound perspectives in the areas where they are being tutored.
    The school takes utmost care in the development of personalities of their students through the sustained training and continious interactions with the pupils right from the primary stage. The journey starts from Kindergarten and each one is provided a right plateform so that the pupil develops excellent academic knowledge as well as attaining effective communication- level. Sports become the part of their lives apart from sound clarity of the subjects being taught in the school - level. The pupils develop excellent academic knowledge in addition to their proficiencies in both written and oral skills.
    The highlights of the school are as follows -
    1) Stimulating curriculum and a supporting environment.
    2) Students get sustained motivation with the competent teachers.
    3) Affordable fee - structure.
    4) Techniques of problem solving methods.
    5) Safety concious pupils and lending their supports to their colleagues in the hours of crisis.

  • I am also living in Delhi NCR and I have heard about this school. It is well known school and good school situated in Omaxe city, Sector 15, Bahadurgarh. Personally I have not visited this school. I have checked and found only three review on google review. Snapshot is attached here.

    But I suggest you should visit the school and meet school counselor and ask all the queries and doubt you have in mind. You can ask about school result, no. of students, academic activities, extra curricular activities etc.

    To inquire about a school, you can go to any daycare in the vicinity and meet to day care incharge. She can tell you every thing about he school. It is my opinion.

    Besides, you should also visit some other schools also and the select after comparing them.

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  • The review and ratings of St. Stefen's Indian School, Omaxe City, Bahadurgarh school in Google review is impressive and praise worthy. This school is known for its good academic approach coupled with safety and security of the students. In addition to the academic growth they nurture the students in social activities. Their motto is to teach the children bit by bit and give them education for their betterment in the life. They have good quality teachers who help students to excel in their area of interest.

    They are supporting the students not only in academic path but also help them acquire good social and communication skills. They also provide a supportive environment to the good students. Those who have interest in sports are given the sports awareness and basic training separately. Based on the above factors it can be summarised that it is a healthy school.

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