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  • MNC delaying joining date for GET role

    Do you have a question regarding joining for a GET role in an MNC? Searching for detailed advice on how to interact with HR and how long to wait for such an opportunity? No worries, check out this Ask Expert page and resolve your worries.

    I have spent the last few months waiting for a formal joining letter from an MNC for which I was selected to work in a GET role Is it true that companies only call candidates only after receiving confirmation from the project? The HR manager is in touch with me and is asking me to wait for confirmation from project.
    Can I trust his words and wait for some more time? Least to say, I feel like this is my dream job and that it is the best I could ever get and that is why I haven't taken up any other job.
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  • 1. Did you receive any confirmation in writing about your selection? What are the conditions mentioned in that letter? Generally, the appointment letter will be sent within a maximum of one month. They will never keep pending for such a long time.

    2. You send a letter in writing to the HR department stating that you are waiting for the appointment letter. In that letter, you should mention that you have some other offers on hand and you have to take a decision regarding joining the job. You send that letter under a certificate of posting or registered post.

    3. Did you get this job in campus interviews? These days the colleges are making the companies come to their colleges so that they can say there are chances for campus recruitment. The companies will come and conduct interviews and say that you are selected. But they will never send you the appointment letter. I heard 2 or 3 cases like this.

    4. Never wait for a job. Keep trying and engage yourself in some job. Otherwise, your time will get wasted. So keep applying for other jobs and if you get any job, you join. If you get this MNC offer you can resign to the other job and join here.

    5. Try to get some additional skills and certificates so that they will be useful for you in getting good jobs. You can utilise your time well. That will be good.

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  • I am putting a few guidelines with respect to your query relating to MNC job and the points would clarify your prevailing doubts.
    1) Once, you have been selected for any MNC, the personnel department of the company would release a letter of your joining subject to your medical fitness by the medical board of the MNC company and your joining would be finalised upon the receipt of your medical fitness issued by the medical - board. The process would not take more than a month once you have been selected by the interview - board. In case of any delay beyond that, you may contact the personnel department of the company.
    2) If any correspondance has been made to the HR department of the said company, you should have indicated your earliest confirmation of joining of the company since you are attempting the interviews of other companies as well and in the event of selection in any one of such companies, you could join the the job after receipt of final confirmation of the company.
    3) Still you can intimate the MNC regarding your desire.
    4) All MNC companies are in the habit of following the fair practices in respect of offering to appointment letter to the successful candidates irrespective of the sources from where you have been picked up. However, it may so happen that you may not get any appointment letter during the process of campus interview organised by your college. So it would be better to seek a further clarification from the said MNC company. To
    5) You should not wait beyond three months for getting an appoint letter of a company. Better try for a new assignment.
    6) Send your resume to or any related such companies so as to get the chances for any job of your liking.
    7) You may try for additional certifications which can widen your job - prospects such as Oracle certifications through NIIT or APTECH. You can even join join for Java or C++ advanced courses. In case, you want to enhance your oral skill in English to impress the Interview - board, better join a reputed institute in this direction.

  • The job you received as per you is your dream job. It is sad that you had to wait more than usual time to join the company. As you mentioned, the company is an MNC, so they surely have some standards and reputation in the job market and in the commercial market. So, in my opinion, you can wait for them. You already communicated with their HR and they also asked you to wait. They mentioned the reason for the delay is the delay in the starting of the project. So it is your decision if you want to wait or not. If this continues, it will surely affect your career. The Indian job market is so huge and you can easily find out similar jobs within days. So think of it and make a decision. But need to remember, once you took a decision, please stick on it and go ahead with that. Best wishes.


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  • MNC company has recruited you against an anticipated job which will be coming up if the new project is finalised. So you have no other choice to wait for them. Anyway you write to them or send an email every 15-20 days to remind them about their commitment to you regarding the forthcoming vacancy. I have seen some cases like that where even after the campus recruitment the candidates had to wait for many months and even almost an year. This can happen anytime, anywhere with anyone.

    One thing which I will like to suggest at this juncture is that one should not sit idle after completing ones education and should know that no job is big or small. We must have dignity of work and there is no harm in joining a small job elsewhere. Doing a job actually gives a great confidence and experience and that is the real wealth we accumulate in our life. So do not shy away from any job. It will enrich you with such a knowledge which you might not have dreamt in your life. Many students do this mistake of sitting idle while waiting for their dream job.

    To motivate and strengthen you further, I will narrate my personal experience in this regard. I did my Post Graduation long back in 1972 and I started to get many small jobs but did not join and only when a senior person advised me not to wait like that as it would only rust me, I joined some job after 2 years of idling and wasting my talent. Today, I still repent for that mistake. It took another 2-3 years for me to get my dream job but during that time I learned more than what I learned in my remaining life so far. So the occupied mind is the only solution for progress and mental development. An empty mind is devil's workshop.

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