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  • What are the causes of headache every day and the best way to treat them

    Suffering from daily headaches and wish to know if pain killers are the only reliable way to treat them? Get quick advice from the responses to this query on how to deal with recurring daily headaches.

    What are the causes of a headache? How to treat such constant headaches? Are pain killers the solution to treating them? Once my mother had a headache. She suffered it for more than one year. We had consulted many doctors. But no one could treat it well. At last, we consulted an MD who prescribed 3 medicines-
    1. Ulticomb
    2. Flusaf- M
    3. Naxdom-500

    After taking these medicines, my mother got cured. For two days now, she is suffering from the same headache, though. What to do in this regard?
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  • Causes of headaches are many and there is every chance of migraines too. Normally headache occurs due to overstraining, having stress for not completing the unfinished work, worries about the pending works and other matters which are beyond our control and yet we bother about that. The best way to get rid of a headache is to drink plenty of water, because due to dehydration also some get a headache. And the indigestion of hard food also leads to headaches. And there are homeopathic pills for the headache which may cure the same permanently.

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  • There are many reasons for a headache. Getting stained too much is one reason for this headache. Migraine pain is also a type of headache. Generally, migraine pain will not be there daily. Once in awhile only you may have this problem. There are medicines in Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy. You can use any medicine as per the advice of the doctor. But in your mother's case, it is not a migraine. Tensions, anxiety, indigestion and weakness will also cause this problem. But I feel these are not the reasons for the headache of your mother.

    Did you get your mother's eyesight got checked? That is very important. If there is a sight and if your mother is not using proper glasses, daily she will get the headache. Headaches due to eyesight problem are very common. So you take her to an ophthalmologist. Get her eyesight checked and ask her to use the glasses as advised by the doctor. Then the headache will comedown. Using pain killers regularly is not good for health. They will get weak.

    If there is no problem with eyesight or if she is already using glasses, take her to a neurologist. If there is any problem with some nerves also you will have the problem of headache and this will be there daily. You have to decide after showing to ophthalmologist whether it is required to go to a neurologist.

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  • There are many factors which can cause headache but consistent headache really needs to be diagnosed in detail. As per my experience, high blood pressure is a common factor causing a headache on a regular basis. So, please go for her complete body profile checkup including a blood test. Recently, my other also complained of headaches after a few days of observation, when the situation did not improve, we consulted doctor and he asked for a full body profile check-up. Her test reports showed calcium higher than the limit. Doctor asked to stop calcium supplement, which she was taking for her knee pain. And her problem of frequent headaches got cured.
    So, I would suggest you consult a specialist without any delay and go for all the tests.


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  • There are many causes of headache that can be generated by lifestyle and other reason, includes stress, lack of sleep, intake of alcohol, spicy food, poor posture, skipped meals etc. Some other medical conditions may causes headaches includes
    1. Brain tumor,
    2. Blood clots,
    3. Glaucoma, Dehydration,
    4. Cold/Influenza
    5. Panic attacks
    6. Strokes
    7. Dehydration
    8. Bleeding in or around the brain
    9. Carbon monoxide poisoning
    10. Concussion
    Sometimes headaches can be a symptom of a serious medical condition, hence it is important to look for medical advice.
    These are several types of headaches like tension (most common headache), migraine, and cluster headaches, chronic headaches, sinus headaches, and post traumatic headaches.
    But I think the medications prescribed by MD to your mother are usually given in migraine. Some of the common symptoms of migraine are :
    i) Sensitivity to light, noise, and smells,
    ii) Throbbing pain,
    iii) Nausea and vomiting, upset stomach, and belly pain,
    iv) Fatigue,
    v) Loss of appetite,
    vi) Dizziness
    vii) Feeling very warm or cold.
    viii) Pale skin.
    ix) Blurry vision,
    x) Fever

    Pain usually last from 4 hours to three or more days and usually happen repeat 3-4 times a month.
    If your mother is having some or all of these symptoms then definitely she is suffering from migraine.

    For different types of headaches different types of medicines are available like:
    Tension headaches: Many Over the Counter (OTC) medicines are available and can be taken if required. Some pain relievers are aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen or naproxen. But care should be taken while taking OTC medicines and should not be taken on a regular basis. Some of the prescription medicines are antidepressants can be helpful and can be taken only after consultation of a physician.

    Migraine headaches: Triptans e.g. sumatriptan, zolmitriptan, naratriptan are prescribed for treatment of migraine headaches. These drugs are used to relieving symptoms and for prevention of additional attacks.
    If you can recognize triggers of your migraines, by avoiding these triggers you can prevent migraines or reduce the pain. Treatment might include:
    1. Use of OTC medicines/prescription medicines
    2. Rest in dark room or dim light
    3. Hot or cold pack on forehead
    4. Massage and small amounts of caffeine

    Some alternative therapies are there which help in stress reduction. They include: Cognitive behavioral therapy, Massage therapy, Biofeedback and acupuncture etc.
    To prevent headache you can also do following things:
    a. Cold pack can be placed on forehead (in case of migraine)
    b. Use of heat pad
    c. Intake some caffeinated beverages
    d. Pressure on forehead
    e. Avoid alcohol
    f. Dim the lights
    g. Yoga /Meditation
    But still nothing is working and you feel very severe headache or with or without fever, rash, dizziness, numbness, confusion, seizures you should seek medical advice.

  • Before arriving at any conclusion regarding the headache which your mother is facing currently, you need to approach a physician so that under his supervision, entire body check - up can be taken with the thorough blood report.
    The doctor would assess his lipid profile including the electrolytes. Excess deposit of the Calcium may be one of the reasons for headache and in that case, the calcium supplementation has to be stopped.
    Get her BP examined and in both the cases, low or high BP could be the reason for headache.
    You can meet an Opthalmologist for the vision - test and any error with respect to vision need to be corrected with the suitable lenses.
    In case of any tumor present on the nerves of head my also cause headache and this can be detected through the CT scan of head.
    These are the possibilities and a better assessment of the same can be done with the consultation of the especialist.

  • Headaches can be caused by many actors starting from as simple as lack of sleep, cold wether etc to ver serious illnesses.

    From the medicines listed above, it seems that the doctors has diagnose it as Migraine and given medicines to manage that. Howevr the present prblem need not be the same. It may be or ma not be. Only a fresh consultation and investigation can disclose that.

    When did she discontinue the medicine? After how much time since the previous medinces were stopped the headache recurred? The docor may need the info to arrive at a conclusion of fresh diagnosis.

    If it is migraine then the cause has to be found.

    Personally I feel that your mother should visit an expereienced Gynaecologist because I presume that your mother may be middle aged and on the menopausal stages.(As a gynaecologist is also a general physician she may be a better person for your mother to consult now.) At that stage and age there happens many complaints, similar to many common illnesses. But those may be deceptive also. By known treatments they may not be fully controlled or symptoms may recur soon. The basic reason is the hormonal changes and physal and psychological changes happening. to the person.

    If it is so, the same may be got over in a few years under the proper guidance and treatment of an experienced lady doctor and with the sypathetic and understanding support of the family members. In most cases it is better not to overdose with a lot of medicines ,bu have symptomatic treatm,ents when needed.
    A congenial and supportive family with needed vitamin.mineral suplements may suffice.

    A whle body check up including eyes,dental check up etc may also be done to eliminate any other reason for headache.

  • There are many causes of headaches and as it is not easy to find the exact cause and pinpoint the source, the modern medical practices prescribe pain relievers for it which give temporary relief from pain but the medicines are required to be taken for a prolonged time. The main reasons for headache are attributed to brain tumour, blood clots, bleeding in or around the brain, brain freeze or ice-cream headaches, concussion, dehydration, glaucoma, teeth-grinding at night, influenza, eyesight etc.

    When we go to the doctor for diagnosis of the headache then he will try to assess as what type of pain it is. Headache is of various natures. It could be one side of the head, it could be throbbing type occurring several times a day, it could be exertional headache caused by manual work, it could be a cluster headache taking place in clusters in the head, it could feel like a tight band across the head etc. Based on this the doctor will prescribe the correct medicine which will hopefully alleviate the headache.

    In occasional headaches, OTC pain relievers are useful but in chronic conditions where headache persists they may not be so much helpful and one has to go for other types of therapies like Cognitive behavioural therapy, Biofeedback, Massage therapy, herbal and nutritional health products, hypnosis, meditation and Acupuncture. They are to be used for a long tome to get relief from the headache conditions. Life style, discipline and food habits also help to get rid of the headache but that is a patient and cumbersome path to follow by the patient.

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  • Generally speaking the causes for head ache is as follows:
    1.Stress, 2. Hungry 3. Sleeplessness, 4. Worry and 5.Eye problem
    To overcome these normally no medicines are prescribed but the remedial ways are:
    a. Meditation or calmness for the items 1 and 4.
    b. Good sleep for item 3
    c Check up with eye doctor for treatment or spectacle (change in vision for already spectacle wearer)
    d. Eating well in proper timings

    Medical applications if required for tolerance,
    a. you can apply pain balms externally over forehead and both sides of forhead.
    b. Applying over forehead and both sides of forhead - paste of neem nuts ground smoothly .
    c. Applying paste made of dry ginger powder over forehead and both sides of forhead

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