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  • Risks involved in making call to an online available number.

    worried how to make a call to an online number? Want to know the risks involved and would there be a loss of data? On this page scroll through the advice provided why experts and resolve your worries.

    One of my friend was searching for an astrologer help online (for a problem which he even didn't tell me).He got a WhatsApp number and started chatting with the astrologer and the astrologer asked him to make a call. Now he is afraid in doing so as he had not earlier tried such a thing. As he also not knows about this channel, I am asking on his behalf the possible risks involved in making such a call like loss of valuable data etc.
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  • When a person makes an call in WhatsApp then it goes through the internet channel same way as in other such calling apps like Skype. So it does not use the local mobile telephone connection and what is incurred is some internet data from the data plan available in the phone or wi-fi router in the house. Anyway coming to the security part in making a call in WhatsApp, generally WhatsApp claims that its data is secured end to end and there is security in it but internet is prone to the hackers and no one knows their advanced ways and exploiting the bugs and weak points in the applications. In such a situation the apprehension of data breach can not be excluded. Your friend should not disclose personal and important information with the said astrologer. Simply calling and talking casually will only be exposing the WhatsApp number only. Now a days people are giving their phone numbers in sites like Facebook or other social media giants and there is no problem to that extent. So, he can talk with him but should not disclose any financial or personal information which can be misused by someone.

    Knowledge is power.

  • There are two issues in this.

    1. The security of information.

    2. The type of astrologer. His calibre and how he deals with the subject.

    Let us discuss the two points separately.

    1. The security of information: These days WhatsApp says their calls and data are secured with end to end encryption. As such we should not worry much. But when we talk to the astrologer why should we use WhatsApp number. Why can't we talk to them from a landline where there will not be an issue. It is better to talk to them from a landline. First, make a call on WhatsApp and tell them that the conversation is not clear and hence ask them an alternative number and try that number on the landline. If there is no chance that you can use WhatsApp call but during the course of the discussion, he should not give them any information which is confidential in nature. Even though the WhatsApp calls are secure there are problems like hacking etc. Keeping this in mind only I am suggesting him to use a landline by getting an alternative number. However, he should not disclose any credit card details, bank account numbers or any other related financial information.

    2. Astrologers: These days we are seeing many duplicate astrologers without any proper subject or expertise and trying to exploit the people saying some problems and telling that they will tell you some remedies and demand huge money. They will make us believe that really there is a problem and it should be addressed immediately. This is how they make money. They take very high amounts and they play with us psychologically making us emotional. That is why I never suggest anybody to an astrologer who will use advertisement media to advertise about him. We have to go to an astrologer whom we know and who will physically study our birth chart and tell us the position. I discourage your friend and I advise him not to go to such a man. If he knows personally some astrologer, he can go and personally see him. Otherwise, enquire through a known source and go to that person personally and explain him in detail the problem, show him the birth chart and get a piece of advice.

    Never talk about problems to an astrologer on the phone and never go to an unknown astrologer. This is the best policy.

    always confident

  • There are genuine people and business in the online just as there are some frauds and fakes.
    So it is our prudence and care and caution that can avoid problems and pitfalls.

    In this particular case:
    I hope that your friend had not disclosed any confidential matters which can embarrass him if someone else knows it or becomes public. From now he can go with prudence and caution. Let him call the astrologer by telephone(no online call) and get full details of whereabouts. Let the talk be restricted only to assess the consulting place or office and timings and method of payment, booking, direct meeting, timings, etc. If the person answers with clarity and detail and there is nothing to doubt, then you can proceed further. But as an additional caution, your friend can go to the place discreetly and assess himself about the genuineness and reputation of the astrologer. Based on that he can deal or not deal with him.

    In general:
    Now, to tell about the general risks in chatting/talking online; Once we are connected to the internet, then we are pron and vulnerable to any type of risk. There are vulnerabilities for snooping and hacking by anyone including legal agencies. So when talking online be careful to use words which will not bring problems if quoted later, and not at all illegal or prohibited. It is always prudent not to discuss and disclose sensitive and too personal matters. Do not open video record /video call as far as possible to strangers. Available and updated online security software may be installed in the device to the possible extent. These prudent and alert ways generally suffice our normal general care. for online chats and talks.

  • It is very risky to make any phone call to a stranger. There are quaks who are active everywhere. They might just learn some basics of astrology and dish out all sorts of predictions. For instance, there are hundreds of quaks dishing out "daily predictions". This is as stupid as it can get.

    Not only this kind of an engagement. There are reports of fraud reported through what's up numbers inserted on websites of restaurants. Very shrewdly, the cheats have taken money and have vanished. Never ever trust any what s up number. Check for credibility through the landline sources. Better still, for services like astrology do not ever depend on what s up numbers and online advise. Go directly to the famous and established astrologers.

    Another word of caution pertains to any phone call received from any unknown source asking for bank details. There are hundreds of fraud characters doing this full time. In general, never trust any what s up number. This is the basic ground rule.

  • It is good to believe in astrology but at the same time as we all are educated so we should keep ourselves alerts so that no one can get advantages from our beliefs. My first advice is to go and meet directly with the person whom you want to consult, but we can not deny online consultation in all ways.

    Online suggestions are very common now a day like many doctors lawyers, psychologists, astrologers are giving consultations online but as everything has two sides so there also two sides to this, which could be possible fake or original it's up to you how you would handle it.
    If you want to take a piece of advice from an online astrologer then keep these points-

    1. You should be friendly with the internet world so it would be better for you otherwise anyone can take advantages of you.
    2.You should watch the reviews and comments or other details related to the channel or website before starting a conversation.
    3. You should have an idea about what kind of detail should you share with the astrologer or not.

    I also believe in astrology but my belief is that only your date of birth is not enough to get accurate information there are many more factors involved so if it is possible for you then go to the astrologers, directly meet them then asked your query. Your face your palm lines also can be a part of this process.

    One more thing astrology will not change your future or past its all about your karma of the present so whatever we do today make our future, and in today's world, we have to be alert for our every step as many are ready to pull you back.

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