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  • How to stop spam calls on my phone?

    Are you undergoing disturbance from unnecessary spam calls on mobile? Wondering how to stop the unwanted calls? Here, on this page our ISC experts have provided answers to your question so that you can resolve the issue.

    Everyday I am getting unnecessary calls and I don't know why am I getting so many spam calls on my cell phone. The calls are coming either from automated ones or from some fraudsters or from some credit card guys. It is becoming a headache to attend to these calls. It is also difficult to differentiate between these calls and the genuine calls. Sometimes, these calls are coming when I am in traffic.
    How to stop unwanted calls on cell phone?
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  • Your phone will have an Auto-Reject facility which you can find out by going to the more menu once you select a particular number. Here you can select the Auto-Reject for this number and it will be added to that list in which all the numbers appearing will be auto rejected when the call comes from them. If you have not got that in you phone than go to the three dots which are generally visible at some place in your screen and click it to get a menu where there will be an option of call barring and using that you can also select some numbers and they will be blocked by your phone itself next time the call comes from them. Explore your phone and you will get some of such useful features there.

    Alternatively you can install one of the popular applications used for this purpose. They are easy to install and easy to use and you can manage the unwanted numbers with them. Some of the common and popular applications in this regard are -

    1. Truecaller.
    2. Call Blocker.
    3. Call Control.
    4. Avast mobile security.
    5. Hiya.
    6. Whoscall.
    7. Mr. Number.
    8. Blacklist Plus.

    Knowledge is power.

  • It is a real problem many people are facing. We have to be careful when we answer such unknown numbers. There are many methods to stop answering such calls.

    1. You can call 1-888-382-1222 or 1-866-290-4236 and you can register your numbers on the national Do Not Call list. You need not pay any money for this. You must call those numbers from the phone number to which you don't want to get this calls.

    2. When you received the call, the number will be registered on your phone. Go to the incoming calls list and you will find three dots vertically just opposite to the number, click on that. A new page will get open. On that, at the top corner of the screen, there will be three dots vertically. Just click on that you will get a menu and that will contain block the number. Once you click on that, calls from that number will get automatically rejected.

    3. There are many apps which will identify the number and tell you that the call is a spam call. You will get on the screen an indication saying that it is a spam call. You can install one such app, which is very reliable. I use True Caller and it is the best among the available apps and you can install that and use. The other such apps are

    1. Avast mobile security.
    2. Whoscall.
    3. Mr Number.
    4.. Blacklist Plus.
    5. Hiya.

    But I strongly recommend True Caller.

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  • Really sometimes these unwanted calls are very annoying. To block unwanted calls you can try below mentioned methods:

    1. If you are facing this problem and want to block these calls from your phone you can block calls from your phone setting. For this Go to the call settings and click on the option "Caller ID and spam protection" in Android phone. Now your phone will identify all incoming calls and block spam Calles automatically.

    2. The other method for blocking unwanted calls you can also activate DND service through your mobile network operator like Airtel or Idea etc. For this you will have to customer care to your mobile network operator and make a request for the same.

    But sometimes these blocking methods may also block some important calls like from your relatives, friend or colleagues who have changed their numbers.

    3. If you are getting calls regularly from few companies or individuals, you can also block those unwanted calls individually. To do so, open the phone app on your Android phone, long press on a number that keeps calling you, and tap on "Block".

    4. There are several apps also available in the Google play store. Some of them are free also. A these apps are really very useful as they provide their name and you can identify the call be their names. You can download any of the following app.
    a) Google Phone
    b) Hiya
    c) Blacklist Plus
    d) Call Control
    e) Truecaller
    f) Truedialer
    g) Call Blocker
    h) Mr. Number
    i) Calls Blacklist
    j) Should I Answer?
    k) Whoscall
    l) Avast mobile security

    Download any of the app and click on the settings and select "blocking". Then you will find many options like Private numbers, Unknown numbers, all calls etc. You have to select on "Unknown numbers". After clicking whenever you will receive a call from a number not saved in your contacts, your phone will not ring, but you will be able to see the call.

  • You can use DND features. Call 1909 from your phone to activate Do Not Disturb option. You need to activate it, saying, Yes. It will be activated within a week or two.

    TrueCaller: This is one of the best app and option to view the incoming call number whether to attend it or block it directly.

    And, if you already received / attended a call then that number can be blocked from call history if you are using an Android or iOS phones, by selecting number through setting. That number won't ring you again.

    DND is the best option. Also, if you share your mobile number in different forms, app, websites and so on then there is possibility of getting more calls again. You need to be very careful on this. Try to change different Short name or Initial to each to know how and who are they sharing your number. You can alert from this method.

    The more you share your mobile number with unknown app or website or forms, the more chances of getting incoming calls for their business.

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