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  • How to connect phone to TV with HDMI?

    Interested in watching on youtube videos from mobile to a not so smart TV? Looking out for any HDMI cable which can help to watch the videos? Find responses from ISC experts on this page which can help to you know how to proceed with watching youtube videos on TV.

    I watch youtube videos on my smartphone. But sometimes, I get exhausted because of the small screen of my phone. I want to connect my smartphone to my TV but it is not a smart TV. So, I cannot connect it with wireless. My TV has only HDMI ports. And my phone does not have any HDMI port. It has only one USB device port.
    How to connect phone to TV with HDMI? Is there any HDMI cable for phone to TV available? What process needs to be followed while connecting such a cable?
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  • Now a days there are many options for hooking up the mobile phone with the TV depending upon the connecting ports available on these gadgets. In your case your TV has a HDMI port which is generally used to transfer the audio or video data. You have to buy an adopter cable that is HDMI to USB type and connect it in between your mobile and your TV. Now you can stream data between the mobile and TV.

    After connecting the cable your TV will prompt for some minor settings and you have to simply select it and then play your files on the mobile as usual and they will stream to your TV accordingly.

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  • If your TV is having an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface)port, You can connect that TV to your phone and the phone screen can be seen on a TV screen.

    The HDMI port will accommodate HD video and audio simultaneously. You can watch the film in full HD and at the same time, you can hear the voice through your phone. You can purchase an adopter cable that is HDMI to USB type and connect it in between your mobile and your TV.

    HDMI plugs come in three sizes. Regular HDMI is the full-size ports. The sockets generally phones will have are either Mini HDMI middle or Micro HDMI. You have to purchase the cable as per the socket available on the TV

    Once you connect and switch on the TV and set as per the instructions coming on the screen and your TV is ready for you to watch.

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  • You can connect your TV to your mobile by two options:

    1. By using a Wire:
    To connect an mobile phone to TV you can use an Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). It is mobile AV interface that allows the connection of smartphones and other electronic devices to high-definition televisions and projectors etc.

    In place of MHL you can also use slimPort. Slimport can output to HDMI as well as VGA, DVI and DisplayPort. Both these MHL and slimport can be connected to Smartphone via Micr-USB or micro-HDMI cable.

    You will have to connect one end of cable to your phone and the other end to HDMI of your TV. After connection of TV to mobile you can see display of your mobile on your TV.

    2. Through Wi-fi:
    You can also connect it wirelessly through wi-fi via Miracast or Chromecast. First of all connect your TV and the Chromecast device to the power socket. Connect HDMI of TV to the chromecast. Now set up the chromecast through wi-fi connection of your mobile phone. After completion of set up you can watch all video and channels apps like Netflix, You Tube, Spotify etc. and other streaming devices directly on your TV.

  • If you are interested to connect your smartphone to TV via HDMI cable then you have to know about your smartphone USB type first. There are three types of it. One is micro USB, the second one is Type C and the other one is iPhone type port.

    Likewise, you can buy or order online for HDMI cable with micro USB or Type C or iPhone type. The HDMI may cost max Rs 500 or less only. They are available online. Once you received it, you can connect your mobile phone to TV by using the purchased cable.

    There will be few setting to start with it. You can read the guideline received there, follow it and enjoy the technical and technology facility to watch the TV using cell phone.

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