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  • Truth behind Guruji Badey Mandir, Chatapur, Delhi

    Confused about the validity of guriji badly mandir, Delhi? Want to know if he is truthful since the followers are increasing by the day? Here, scroll through the Ask Expert page and plan whether to believe him or not.

    I saw many guruji in my life like ASHA RAM BABU, BABA RAM RAHIM etc many more. last I heard about is the Guruji Badey mandir, Chartarpur, Delhi.
    Is he true Guruji or made by someone for his/her benefits? The followers are increase day by day without knowing truth.

    is Gnuruji is equal as Guru Nanak Dev, Sai Ram, Lord Shiva?
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  • I have visited that temple with my wife 5 years before. The place is very neat and clean. The special things I noticed there was, no one asks you for donations or even we offer also they don't encourage. We need not carry bananas or coconuts. The atmosphere is very calm and quiet. There are no stalls and they are not selling any items like calendars etc, which we see commonly in many places.

    The Guruji is no more. No successor was named after him. You can go and sit and meditate for 2 hours without any disturbance. You should not use your mobile phone there. They serve food and we have to sit in groups of 4 and eat. We should not carry the food outside. They teach you about humanity. Even poor people will also come and sit.

    Forget about the reliability of the Guru there. It is a very good place to sit and meditate. Nobody will force you to do this and that. Nobody will teach you the lessons. But they will ask you not to waste natural resources and conserve them.

    You can visit once and see.

    always confident

  • People go to these places as per their belief and perceptions. Some places might be the genuine ones having a serene atmosphere and conducive place for meditation and spiritual attainment but we do not know what is happening behind the curtains. There have been so many cases related to Ashrams and such sacred places that it is difficult to believe on what we see apparently on a superficial level happening in such places.

    Temples and Ashrams are supposed to be place for worshipping and getting close to the divine power but in some of the places they have been made a medium for earning money and cheating the people. So there is no harm in visiting such places but blindly believing in them or following them is not an advisable thing. In earlier times temples were thought to be a place for salvation and spiritual awakening and people are getting that advantage even today still in some of such places. One has to go there, experience the things and then only believe in its merit. We should not take the words of other people as granted in these matters as the personal judgement will always be a better thing to do in such cases.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Once you attend the temple, you would like the surroundings giving you interior peace and a supportive environment to mediate, enjoy the lively environment. No one would ask you or encourage for the donations. However, it is up to you to decide for the amount of donation to be spared and to put the same in the donation - box.
    However, keep this thing in your mind that you are not supposed to enter the temple premises with the staples made from your home or broght from other side. You may enjoy the preachings offered by some of Pandits living in that premises and the management would provide you foods and enjoy the same without paying for it but you have to maintain a group of four. This place is ideal for attaining peace with the environment and rich sculpture.
    You may not find any guru unlike other prominent places and no one is available to guide you to do this and that. But you will be asked to follow the conservation of resources.

  • It is a place where you can find peace of mind. It is a very calm place and very neat and clean place to sit and meditate. It is worthy to spend time here as nobody is there to give instructions or will ask for donations as it usually happens at these places. You can sit there for as long as you want and can do meditate. You can also enjoy langar running there. It is a spiritual place and the architecture of this mandir is also very nice and everything is beautifully managed there. On entering the ashram you will see a huge crowd but all is well managed and you will be able to see and visit whole ashram peacefully. Usually there is so much rush on Monday so you can go here any other day except Monday. People are also very nice and friendly. However, Guruji is no more now but people who visit this mandir feels that Guruji is still all around the place and they also feel very connected to him. If you want to go there you can go there by your own car. Parking is available there. You can also go via metro or via using shuttle. Go and see yourself. You will definitively like the spirituality, divinity and calmness of this place.

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