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  • NOC limitation for apply for new jobs in Defense Civilian

    Have a query about NOC requirement for a government job? Want to know how to resolve the situation that a person has moved from another government job? Check out this page for suggestions from experts for your queries.

    Currently I'm working as a fireman in the ministry of defense, group C defense civilian job. I'm graduate and trying other jobs which is suitable for my level. In my department they said that, you can avail for only 4 NOC per year.
    Now I have used all 4 NOC which is just about giving intimation letter that I have applied for this job.
    Now there is new recruitment and I want to apply for that job, what should I do ?

    I asked my higher authority sometimes there is possibility to deny my NOC because of less man power in Fire brigade or some other reason. So they said if you get new job you can resign and go but you never get any benefit from this current job. I have already granted PRAN no, if I got new job they will get to know that I have worked somewhere.
    So how to handle this situation? Does PRAN no. play a major role in getting a new job by hiding the information that I am currently I'm working as defense civilian.
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  • In your department NOC can not be given more than 4 times a year so if yo want it fifth time then you have to leave the department without NOC. So, you will have to resign as per the conditions of your employment. Please check what is the notice period required to be given for this resignation. So, either you have to give a notice sufficiently in advance or deposit the notice period salary before getting relieved. If there is no NOC then there are some benefits of earlier service which you might not get in this case.

    Another thing is that PRAN number (Permanent Retirement Account Number) is a unique 12 digit number that identifies those persons who have registered under the National Pension Scheme (NPS) and your PRAN number will remain same with you. It will be useful as in your new job this will help to send the NPS money directly to it. There is no problem in quoting your PRAN number to your new would be office.

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  • If the employer said he can't give NOC for more than 4 times, we can't force them to give as they have to go by the rules and regulations applicable to them. Even we request also he may not be able to give it.

    What is the new advertisement says? You can apply without NOC or you can apply directly. Some departments will never accept the application directly from you without sending it through proper channel or a NOC from the present employer. If the new post wants sending the application to be forwarded through the present employer you can ask your boss to forward and no need to give NOC.

    Ask you, boss, whether he can give it in writing that he can't give NOC as he has already given 4 NOCs that year. If he gives that attach a copy of that letter to the new application and say that you are applying with the knowledge of the present department.

    If he refuses to give that also you have to send your application directly and if you got the job you can design to the present job and can join in the new job.

    That is why you should see the job profile of the jobs you are applying and if you have the confidence that the job suited your profile only you should apply.

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  • Yes, your organisation is correct with the denyl of NOC in your case since you have already been benifited with this schemes four times and and to have it again will exceed the limit of asking NOC. However, there are certain provisions which can be followed in your case. Seek any job of your choice and in case of selection in your preferred job, you may resign from the present one following the terms and conditions of the existing service rule. Please refer to same of making advance intimation of leaving the job or pay the same in case of default in making proper intimation. In case of resignation, you will be deprived of the normal benifits such as continuation of PF or Gratuity - benifits which otherwise you could have availed.
    In case of enjoying substantial benifits with the next job, you may forgo the benifits of the old job.
    With the possession of PRAN no comprising a twelve digit no offers you benifit of your continuation of NPS system and this number would take care of your NPS scheme.

  • Sheo Shankar jha , that is my doubt... I know that, I'll not get NOC now I'm applyjng for new job , when i was applying they are asking me in online form are you working emplyee ? If i give yes i have to submit NOC mandatory. If i give No . I don't need give NOC. Can i give No ? In that form so that i no need to to look NOC from my employer and also i can simply resign and go.

    In my appointment letter they have mentioned, if you desire to resign, give me a one month prior intimation and resign and go. There is no problem in resign this job. There was no bond.etc.

    Now I'm working.can i give I'm not working anywhere? That's my doubt. So that simply i resign and go.

  • In your case, it would be better to request your head of department of the present employer to provide you one more NOC so that you can get the benifits of the previous job in terms of gratuity, working experience etc. May be your HOD will discuss this issue with the personnel department and the case settles in your favour. In that situation you can oblige your next employer with the copy of NOC. You may send your application along with the copy of NOC to the next employer immediately after being released from their end.
    In case, it does not work out in your favour, you may intimate the same to the personnel department of the next employer regarding the non issuance of NOC and taking the confidence of the bosses of the next employer, you can submit resignation with the terms and conditions of the present company.

  • As you have already availed benefit of 4 NOC, your department will not give you further NOC by rules and regulations. Now you can send your application directly without proper channel. If, your application will be considered and you will be able to get the job then you can resign from your current job and join the new job. You will have to give prior intimation to your current department before joining of new job. You will have to serve notice period of one month also or if you want immediate joining then you will have to surrender one month salary to your current employer as per the clause mentioned in your service agreement. But due to joining of new job without getting NOC from your current employer, you will not get any of the benefit of your current job like continuation of PF etc. Remember, you should never hide any fact to your current or future employer. And being a government employee you should never hide any fact in your application at any stage; it may cause cancellation of candidature.

    Now come to the Permanent Retirement Account Number or PRAN. It is 12 digit permanent retirement number issued to them who are registered under National Pension Scheme (NPS). It will remain same even if you will join new job. Your benefits of NPS will be carried forward to your new employer. Your PRAN no. will be transferred to the concerned treasury and your NPS benefits will be continued.

  • @ Dr Deepali Gangwar... let's Assume, I have given my detail I'm working employee when i was filling application form for another job. I have given intimation to my present employer also. But they have denied my NOC. But at the time of test for applied(New one) job i have to provide NOC. But in my appointment letter(present job) they have mention, if you have desire to resign you can resign giving one month prior intimation... How to convince them in this matter. In the new notifications they have clearly mentioned that without NOC you are not allowed to appear in the test.

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