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  • Sliding glass door in bathroom is better than fixed or panel glass door?

    Are you facing a query regarding bathroom glass door fixtures? Want to know whether it should be partitioned and at how much height should it be from the tiles? Here, on this page our experts shall resolve your query.

    We are planning to have glass sliding door in bathroom but problem is the fitting person said that glass sliding door needs 2 inch gap from bottom tiles so that the water from other side of bathroom roll towards sunk of shower. So we are confused to have sliding door or fixed or panel glass door?
    There are three choices. 1. Sliding of door from both ways. 2. Half partition fixed with glass and other half with sliding 3. Half partition fixed with glass and other half as panel door which opens inside or outside. Imagine big full size bathroom which has one side WC and shower and other side we wanted to partition by glass so we can use it to keep cloths. Also is it required to keep 2 inch gap from tiles what fitting person is saying for glass door?
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  • I suggest you to go with the pattern 2. Half partition fixed with glass and other half with sliding door if it is around or more than eight to ten feet entrance space overall. This will help to enter without any space issues.

    As long as slope is planned well and water move toward sunk within the shower area then it is more than enough and two inch space is not required for slide door. Or else, one inch (instead of two inches) space is more than enough to move water from the other side to sunk within.

    The fixed door (half) might disturb the water in case if it is not left with at one inch at the bottom to move the water to sunk from the other side. The door may get damage in the future due to water and stain etc.

  • My understanding is that there is no necessity of having the bottom gap for sliding door. Bottom we can have the wooden lining in which the glass will move. This is like having doors to wardrobes in our bedrooms. I have seen such doors in some places. As far as I am concerned, I prefer this door. There is no necessity of having any gap on the tiles.

    You can have half-panel and half glass in the fixed portion. The other side you can have a single sliding door which can be slid both ways as required. In many offices, we are finding such doors.

    Anyone of the two options can be considered. The third option is not that good.

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  • In my opinion, it is very good to have a sliding glass door in the bathroom. It is recommended that the half glass be fixed adjacent to the water closet and the other half shall be for the sliding glass door.

    When installing a fixed glass and sliding glass door, there is no need for any gap with the floor tile. Fitting the aluminum or brass rail for fixing the sliding glass door along with laying the tiles in the same height in the bathroom will give the benefit of making the job easier. The sliding glass door runs on that rail. The fixed and sliding glasses used here shall be in the range of Ground Glasses. Never use a wooden frame to slide the glass. The wooden frame is quickly destroyed due to constant falling water in the bathroom. So powder-coated aluminum rail or brass rail is preferred. The entire space in the bathroom can be used if the door is a sliding glass door. I have a dissenting opinion on the use of the half-panel and half the glass in the door. If the paneling used by wood, I disagree with it.

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  • The purpose of the glass door is to isolate the WC and shower area from the cloth and other extra towel storage area. To achieve this you need to keep only half or less than half of the partition as a sliding or moving in-out glass door. Rest can be put as a fixed partition. This will help in isolating the water of shower area from the cloth storage area. As regards to the 2 inch gap from bottom it will be required and for that you can have an aluminium channel below the door on which the rail will move if it sliding or door will move if it is in-out type. It is always better to get a 2 to 3 inch wide strip of metal on the floor and all door or sliding door should be above it. This helps in any water leak across the partition. We have to remember that in future if these doors are to be repaired then they will have to be taken out and the bottom strip will remain as it is there protecting the storage area from the water moving on the floor. The strip will be fixed with the floor with epoxy or araldite type of adhesive to protect the water to move through the fine space between the strip and the floor. I will suggest you to make a rough design on a paper and consider pros and cons as this is a technical matter and many people will give differing opinions and you have to listen them but have to give more weightage to the suggestions of the mason.

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  • Normally during the repair work in a residential complex, the owners decide which doors will be installed but, many conclude that it is better to install sliding structures. There may be many reasons for this, but the final decision is your own discretion. it depends on your choice. The most important advantage of this is that it takes up very little space, since there is less space nowadays to make a good order house, so if the doors are used in the washroom, then the washroom will also look relatively large and modern.

    Typically the following types of sliding doors differ based on their design type: single and double systems, radius, and folding. The single door is the easiest model. Such systems have a leaf, which moves along the guide, usually retracted to the right. The second profile consists of two flaps, which are opened in both directions according to the lift principle. In the open position, the flaps of these two models are located along the wall. In this case, it would be a closed-type system. The presence of radius-type profiles will give the room a sophisticated and non-standard look. Their main feature is, as a rule, a semiconductor shape. The radius profile is also suitable for small rooms or washrooms, as the absence of right angles makes the smaller space more spacious. The design consists of only two panels, and when opened, such a door is halved. Well, experts suggest that to save space, folding-type structures are a very suitable option.

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