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  • Allergy related skin problem for more than a month

    Suffering from skin allergy for quite a long time? Looking out for a permanent remedy to resolve the issue? On this page our experts shall provide you a permanent resolution to your suffering.

    I am facing some skin related problem since 1 month. Actually it's hives or other allergy related disease and I am confused. Some of red itchy bumps comes in my hand, legs and even the on the whole body. Sometime it is round, and sometime it gets bigger by joining four or five bumps. Sometimes it is wide. I go to the doctor and he gives me medicine(Levocitrizine) and a body lotion. The hives is gone. But when the medicine course is complete, it comes up again. Basically in night, it's is more troublesome.
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  • I suggest you to go through full medical checkup with the consultation from the General Physician or your family Doctor etc.

    BP, Blood, Sugar and Urine test etc. would give you the proper info and the Doctor will be able to diagnose it and give the medicine accordingly.

    Time being, you can use plenty of water, fresh fruit juices consumption, and, less salt, sugar and oil items etc.

  • The root cause of manifestation of skin problem is due to the impurity of blood and the best way to tackle the same is to consume some Ayurvedic -medicines, which would act internally in the purification of blood and there is no side effects in administration of these medicines except the duration which may sometimes run for a couple of months depending upon the severity of the skin disease. The following remedies can be tried -
    1) Neem Leaves - Neem Leaves are antifungal, antivirus and antibacterial in nature and it would attack the germs responsible for such disorder. You have to take six to eight leaves of Neem in the morning, wash it thoroughly with the plane water in order to remove the external dirt and consume the same in the empty stomach. This practice should be continued for three months at least to to mark any perceivable results. Take the breakfast after half an hour prior to its ingestion.
    2) Mahatikt Ghrit - This concoction contain numerous herbs acting on the blood to purify the impurities present in the blood. However, to have the better result of the same, consult some Aurvedic - doctor for its dosage and duration. You need to curtail the excess consumption of spice and oil during the administration of this medicine.
    3) Aloe Vera Juice followed by Amla Juce - The Ayuvedic pharmaceuticals preserve such blended juice and this combination would strengthen the immunity of the entire body system and would take away all the three Doshas such as Vata, Pitta and Cough there will be complete elimination of the skin disorder.
    4) Curcumin - You may take warm milk with the addition of 1/4 th tea - spoon of Curcumin in the milk. This concoction if used for at least forty days would alleviate your skin - problem. Curcumin is effective in the elimination of impurities of blood.
    5) Follow a diet containing abundant Salads such as raw onion, cucumber and tomatoes strengthening your immunity system and raw onion has the capacity to purify your blood.
    6) Your water - intake has to be maintained to the level of minimum three litres so that the toxins present in the liver is completely eliminated.

  • Hives or itchy bumps on skin, also know as urticaria, are the swollen and pale red bumps on the skin. They may appear suddenly and may be scattered or sometimes may cover whole body. They may trigger either as a result of the reaction to certain allergens/ irritants, or sometimes for unknown reasons.

    They may be triggered by certain food, medicines or any other thing. They may be itchy or may cause burning or pain etc.

    Usually anti histamines are given in this condition.

    You have already taken Levocitrazine as prescribed by your doctor and your disease was cured but due to re appearance of the disease, I suggest you to go for complete body checkup. As it may be due to some underlying disease ( may be liver related or any other disease). It may be eczema , a chronic skin disease Or psoriasis also.

    Consult your doctor and go for full body checkup including blood test, urine test or any other test as prescribed by doctor.

    Take rest properly. Eat healthy food. Avoid oily and spicy food. Drink plenty of water.

  • There are many reasons for this Hives or itchy bumps on the skin. Some times I too get such issues. I started looking for causes. In my case, it is happening when some insects bite. Generally, I go around the factory and there are many trees in the area. Some small flying insects will be flying and they will bite. Then getting at that particular place I observed. Then whenever I go round I used to see that my hands are fully covered with sleeves. You can see in your case whether something is happening like this.

    Otherwise, consult a dermatologist. If necessary he will get the blood test done and suggest medicines. Generally, these problems will be due to impurities in the blood or bad environment and cheap oils usage. There are good medicines in Ayurvedic treatment.

    SUGANDADI Lehyam and Saribadhyarista liquid and Khadgaloham powder. These are three medicines generally, prescribed. If the same medicines are used for a month or so the blood problem will get rectified. These are available in many medical shops selling Ayurvedic medicines.

    Better to see the doctor as it is getting repeated in your case. Better consult a general physician and tell him the problem and take the medicines.

    always confident

  • There are some standard anti allergy medicines, ointments and special soaps prescribed by the doctor whenever the allergic itching affects the skin. Generally the condition will be cured. In many cases the problem resurfaces and itching starts. It means the infection is coming back from either the used cloths or biological allergy in the body. So if you consult the doctor he will change the medicines and give a short course of oral medicines along with ointment etc.

    There are certain things which are to be kept in consideration during this treatment. First is that the cloths of the person are to be washed with hot water separately every alternate day. Another important thing is the condition of the overhead water tank. If the tank is not properly cleaned it could be a source of such infections and allergies. Sometimes stagnant water induces a type of allergy in our body.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Many people suffer from skin allergies at some point. There are many types of skin allergic and only an expert can help you determine which condition you have and recommend a treatment plan to help you feel better. Some of the allergic skin conditions are as follows:

    1. Dermatitis:- The inflammation of the skin that causes red itchy scaly rashes are called dermatitis. There are two types of dermatitis, eczema or atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis.
      Eczema or Atopic dermatitis:- These are linked with food allergy, asthma and rhinitis. It usually begins from childhood.
      Contact dermatitis:- These are caused when some stuff comes in contact with your skin, it may cause a rash.

    2. Hives and Angioedema:-
      Hives are red, itchy, raised areas of the skin that can come anywhere on your body in any size and shape. Usually, they go away in a few days while some are chronic and keeps on repeating. If it comes, takes several months or years to go.
      Angioedema are not usually red or itchy but appears on the eyelids, lips, tongue, hands and feet. It is like a swelling that affects the deeper layers of the skin.
      Food, drug or insect sting reactions and physical factors such as cold, heat, exercise, pressure and exposure to sunlight are some of the common that causes hives and angioedema.

    Tests for skin allergy condition:- There are many tests that are involved to find the skin allergy condition. The doctor may ask you many questions regarding food, clothing, soap, climate, liquid intake, medication, etc. to find more appropriate diagnose. Some of the tests that a doctor may ask you to take are:

    1. Skin prick test - When you have an allergy to something and if it is applied to your skin, it will start showing the symptom within 15-30 minutes. This way, your doctor can find the allergy by doing the skin prick test.

    2. Under the skin or Intradermal skin test - In this, the allergen is injected into the body to check the reaction after a certain period of time.

    3. Blood test - This is a common type where the blood sample is sent to a lab to check the IgE. This is not that reliable test.

    4. Challenge test - The patient is made to eat a small amount of allergen or inhale a small amount of allergen in the doctor's room to check for allergic reactions to food or medicine.

    5. Patch test - The doctor puts a small amount of allergen on your skin, covers it with a bandage for a few days. After 2-3 days, he opens the bandage to check for signs of reaction.

    Few remedies or tips to follow for people with skin allergies :-

    • Use mild soaps without dyes or perfumes for bathing and unscented laundry detergent for washing.

    • Try to avoid soap if possible while bathing or use only once or twice a week.

    • Always bath in lukewarm water. Do not be underwater for more time as it dries the skin.

    • Always apply high-quality moisturizing cream on the skin after bath or once or twice a day to keep your skin supple.

    • Avoid substance that causes allergy-like jewellery, food, clothes, etc.

    • Drink plenty of liquid and preferably water to keep your skin supple, moisturised and flush out the toxins accumulated in the body through sweat or urine.

    • Always cover your body when going out during hot, sunny or cold weather.

    • Always try to avoid scratching as it damages the skin and can worsen the itching.

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  • You have already met a doctor in this regard. You are given medicine which had an effect. But the problem relapsed.
    Now you may need a thorough investigation by a specialist to investigate the real cause. You may need to have a change in your lifestyle or wor environment if needed if the diagnosis points to some such relevant cause.

    I suggest you visit a qualified and experienced Ayurvedic doctor also.
    Ayurvedic system credits such types of issues to 'impurity in blood". The treatment generally consists of external medicine application-mostly as oils or 'lepanam'- and internal medicines There ma require some 'Pathya'- lifestyle and food disciplines to be confirmed until the illness is cured. It may take some time but you will be cured of it in due course.

    So my suggestion is to get immediate relief by visiting allopathy doctors and taking medicines as advised by him. Later, on the relief you may visit Ayurvedic doctor, telling him about your earlier medicines also.

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