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  • Maida flour's advantage and disadvantages

    Are you interested in knowing about the pros and cons of using maida flour? Want to know how its usage differs as compared to wheat flour? On this page you can scroll through the advice provided by experts for your queries.

    What is the advantage and disadvantages of Maida flour? Is there any pros in Maida flour as few says there is no health benefit from this except tasty and filling the stomach of its products. Also, wheat or its flour has many advantages as compared to Maida flour.

    It will be interested to know if someone explain how Maida flour is produced?
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  • What I feel that Maida being cheapest than the wheat flour, and when it made the dough, the easiness through which it can mend to the likes of the dough preparing person, this flour is widely used in the house and much at the bakery and hotels. Moreover, the Maida dough can stay for a long time if wrapped in a plastic cover and that is the reason being so eateries prefer maida which can be used when the orders placed at the hotels for the particular item. And the main disadvantage being the bulging of the stomach even after eating a little bit of Maida made food. Especially one cannot eat Maida puris than Wheat puris and that is the reason maida should be used sparingly.

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  • Advantages of Maida Flour - Maida Flour finds its usage in the preparation of Pizza, Burger, Donuts, Bread, Samosa, Noodles, Momos, Pastas etc. We don't have the proper substitute for this item. Foods prepared from Maida Flour are very tasty and tempting and hence it cannot be ignored.
    1) Whenever, we consume any food made from Maida, it would release sugar into the blood - stream immediately because of high GI of Maida and hence there will be surge of level at an unmanageable level especially for the patients of diabetes.
    2) It may cause inflammation of the body since the glucose loitering in the blood - stream would attach the Protien resulting in inflammation of the body. Hence the disease like Artiritis, Catract, High Blood Pressure may develop. Persistent High BP would cause Heart ailment at the later stage.
    3) It may surge bad cholesterol such as LDL resulting in weight gain. Continious spike of body weight followed by insomnia may invite the problem of diabetes.
    4) Maida flour is acidic in nature and hence this can deplete the calcium level of the body causing chronic illness of Heart .
    5) It may create digestive problem since Maida - flour is devoid of fibre, it may slow down our metabolism causing high acidity, indigestion and constipation and steps should be taken to curtail its excess consumption.

  • Maida is a byproduct of wheat. The powder that is cleaned by removing the bark in wheat is generally yellow-colored. After bleaching the yellow-colored maida flour, we get the white-colored maida.

    In terms of taste and ease of use, maida flour is better than other wheat byproducts. This is why maida flour is an integral part of the fast food and bakery industry.

    The problem with maida flour is that there is nothing but starch. That is why there are widespread campaigns against maida. An allegation related to Maida is related to the presence of a chemical called alloxan. Maida bleaches by using some chemicals. Alloxan may be formed during that process. Alloxan is said to be one of the causes of diabetes.

    Many people are spreading the word that maida can cause cancer. None of this is true. These are only rumors.

  • Maida is a high glycaemic food and it is quickly absorbed and increases the sugar level in the body. Another bad thing about Maida is that it is derived from wheat only but during the making of Maida, the endosperm of the wheat is removed from the germ and the bran and endosperm is the main part which is used to make Maida. As the bran and germ are removed, the nutrients are also lost in the process and only the junk part is coming as Maida which we so tastefully consume especially during the festival times. The bran and germ are the outer parts and bran contains a good amount of oil also. The normal wheat flour will be obtained by grinding the bran, germ and endosperm all together. This is a healthy option as sufficient fibre, vitamins and other nutrients are there. Coming to the advantages and disadvantages of Maida flour -

    Maida is bad for the health but it is widely used by the society during festival times to make tasty and crispy items. It is also being used by the baker for baking and making cake, pastries etc. Many eatables are made with Maida only. The most common item is white bread which is a Maida preparation only. There are many dishes where Maida is a must. Unfortunately Maida is one of the sources which are responsible for creating a load on the heart as well as pancreas of the individual. More Maida consumption can effect the capacity of body to make insulin and then it will have a far reaching consequence of developing diabetes in the body. Maida is also responsible for heart problems due to production of bad cholesterol.

    Long term usage of Maida items is not a good and healthy practice and it is better to switch to normal wheat flour which is having sufficient fibre, vitamins and nutrients.

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  • Maida or all-purpose floor has no advantages with reference to our health but is easily available that too at cheaper rates than the wheat flour. The disadvantages associated with its consumptions are countless and many of them are already mentioned in the above responses.
    Due to the harmful effects of Maida on our body, it is also addressed as "White poison".

    1. Maida is acidic in nature and that is the reason we feel urge to drink lots of water after eating pizza, burgers, etc.

    2. Regular intake of maida creates acidity in the body which in turn pulls out the calcium from our bones and negatively affects our bone density. Doctors even say that the problem of acidity could be the reason for arthritis.

    3. It is difficult to digest. It is because it is sticky in nature and get glued to our digestive system. So, it creates problems in digestion and may result in weight gain.

    So, it is always better to avoid eating maida and other products made up of maida. We can replace it with many other healthy replacements like soya flour, gram flour, even a mixture of all the healthy grains flour.


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  • Of late medias, computers, search engines,whats app, Facebook etc polluting the minds of public as anything. Anything goes beyond the limit leads to danger. The same is told in Tamil as,'alavukku minjinal amirthamum nanju'which means even nector become poison if consumed more. In our tradition the festivals are so designed to prepare eating dishes and items as offering to God which are not prepared on regular days. But presently every thing prepared and available in shops/online so as we can eat/taste as we please. Sometimes this become regular in some persons. So maida is dangerous only when consuming daily.

  • Advantages of eating maida:
    There is no big advantage to eating maida. The only thing we preferring maida is for the taste. preparing poori, parotta, pizza, a burger with the help of maida is mostly liked by children. The combination of parotta and chaalna(kuruma) is very delicious and no one dislikes this.

    My suggestion is, maida is not good for health, because during the process of preparing maida important nutrients are rejected. so eating is maida only fill our stomach and not give any energies. And one important thing is eating maida will cause stomach pain due to incomplete digestion. Someone says, eating maida will cause also cancer but it is unbelievable. when maida is comparing with wheat flour, wheat flour gives many health benefits like it has protein, fiber. when we eat wheat flour, it is digested quickly because fiber plays a major role in the digestive system.

    Eating maida may cause the following health issues:

    1. Increase the bad cholesterol level
    2. Weight gain
    3. Blood pressure increases
    4. We cannot control our mind from swings
    5. Obesity
    Due to the above health hazards, we have to avoid the use of maida and prefer different healthy foods like wheat, soya and other healthy grains.
    The life span of a man is very short, so eat healthy foods and live a long life.

  • As fas as I am concerned, there are no advantages of eating Maida. It increases your sugar levels. No fibre and chemically treated powder for getting pure colour. So there are no advantages. A detailed discussion is as follows.

    When India was facing big poverty during the 1980s there was a big shortage of rice and wheat. Very few quantities were available. Nowhere meeting the demand. The rates were gone up. Those times this Miada was introduced in the market. It was having less cost. The foods made with this item were very tasty. As the item was new in the market and cost was less, people started using the same without understanding the shortcoming of the product.
    Maida or Refined flour gives a good texture to the product. But the health of the person may spoil if too much is used. We all should give importance to health aspects rater than taste or texture.

    Maida Flour is having a number of disadvantages. If we use the same regularly for longer duration it will spoil the health. It is refined wheat flour and fibre will be completely removed from the product during its processing. The product will be washed with a chemical called. benzoyl peroxide. They will do this for bleaching the colour and giving a very good pure white colour. This chemical is not allowed to be used in some countries.

    Glycemic index will become high as the item will get easily converted to sugar and your sugar levels will increase. This will increase the load on the pancreas in releasing a sufficient quantity of insulin. It will lead to a sugar problem for the individual.

    When glucose levels go up in the blood it will get attached to proteins. Glycation reactions will start and will lead to diseases like cataracts, arthritis and heart disease. So I never advise any person to use this Maida.

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  • Maida is also known as refined flour or all purpose flour as it can be used in making of wide variety of products. It is used extensively for making fast foods, baked goods such as breads, cakes, pastries, and certain kind of nankeens. In maida processing, wheat endosperm is removed from the germ and bran. Due to which it is not beneficial for digestive system. Maida is having high Glycemic index (GI) hence it release sugars in bloodstream very quickly and increase blood sugar level.

    1. It is having very less advantages from health point of view. However, it adds taste to the food.
    2. It is used in making many bakery items and other food items due to smooth texture.

    1. Maida flour increases blood sugar level.
    2. Several studies also showed that regular consumption of maida flour in food can cause severe health issues such as fatty liver, high blood pressure, weight gain and obesity etc.
    3. Regular consumption of Maida may also raise bad cholesterol (LDL).
    4. Due to the removal of most of its fibers in processing of maida flour, it is only having carbohydrates which may leads to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
    5. Its consumption may also increase inflammation in body.
    6. Sometime maida may contain small amounts of alloxan, a toxic chemical, which is a side product of the chemical changes during processing. It can increase the onset of diabetes mellitus as it destroys insulin producing ß cells.
    7. It is also not suitable for women having Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) symptoms.
    8. It is also acidic in nature and pull calcium from bones to keep the things even, which affects bone density.
    9. It is also known as glue of the gut and may cause many digestive issues as it is difficult to digest and also cause constipation due to the absence of fibers.
    Everybody should avoid use of maida in food and wheat flour can be used in its place or you can use mixed flour.

  • Maida flour is a byproduct of wheat and not being used consistently. Maida flour is the final ingredient in various forms of wheat. Maida is a finely powdered, purified, bleach and free of bran. So fiber content is 0% in maida flour. It is extracted from the starch of wheat. Therefore, maida flour can only be used for making glue or such products.

    It is mainly used in the Indian subcontinent. As the glycemic index is very high in Maida, it will make the blood sugar level very high. If you include it in your daily menu, your LDL cholesterol level will also rise, which will increase your blood pressure. It can lead to many other ailments. Maida is causing for Obesity.

    Maida was banned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) until 1990. Even after 1990, it remains technically illegal in its raw form and in the states as a food product. In the USA, this is known as "All-purpose flour is also known as a refined flour"

    It has also been heard that the chemicals used for nicing the maida flour include the chemical used to make the white rats become diabetes.

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