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  • Is Dual Master Degree allowed ?

    Want to know if one can opt for two PG degrees in two different universities? Searching for detailed information regarding regarding the norms for dual PG degree online? Find advice from experts for your query here.

    Currently I am pursuing MCoM in DDCE mode from a regular university. Can I do other master degree from different university at same time?
    My university has allowed it ( it is written in prospectus).
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  • As per my knowledge, one can pursue dual postgraduate degrees in distance learning mode at the same time but not in regular mode. So, yes you can pursue your double master's degree if either or both are through correspondence or in distance learning mode.
    Secondly, if it is written in your prospectus, you have written documentation in your support, so you may go ahead with your plans. M.Com is a theoretical course and if you have a good grip over commerce, you can definitely pursue another subject side by side, but if it is not the case, I suggest you focus on this degree and try to secure good scores in the same.

    If you want to learn something in addition to your degree, you may join some part-time courses for Tally or SAP, etc which are in demand and in use in the commerce field nowadays and may help you in getting a good job afterward.


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  • You can't do two Post Graduation courses simultaneously in regular mode. Your University may allow but UGC will not allow. Practically you can't attend classes in two institutes simultaneously. Please go through the prospects of your university carefully. They may be talking one in regular mode and the other in distance mode.

    You can do two Post Graduation courses, one by regular mode and other can be distance mode. It is being allowed these days by UGC also. So you can think of doing two PGs one in regular college and the other in a correspondence course.

    But all depends on how much time you can devote to your studies? Can you do justice to both at the same time? In my opinion, getting one PG with good percentage with distinction is always better than two-second class PG certificates. Having a good qualification is always better to get you a good job.

    My suggestion is to concentrate on one PG. Come out with flying colours. Then your chances of getting a job will be high. Once you have to time then you can do two PGs by distance mode and you will have three PGs.

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  • Two courses through the distance mode can be pursued and for which there is no restriction. Moreover, the prospectus provided to you endorse the same.
    On that angle it seems quite justified but there is a catch. Though you have undertaken the courses through the distance - mode, but judging the cirriculam of M.Com, the pattern is more or less the same as that of regular university and such a course structure requires your dedicated effort so as to get get grand marks in the final examination of M.Com. There would not be any relaxation or concession being given by the university on that account.
    Taking the two courses simulteneously would tax you heavily both in respect of time and the unusual stress because of undertaking such planning. This could affect your performance in both the examinations. Hence it would be better to focus on a single course at a time so that the end result could give you immense satisfaction in respect of your marks scorings.
    Later, you may try for NET after having secured at least 55 percent marks in your M.Com examination. Success in the NET test would offer you the chance of joining a constituent college provided you pass both written and the oral test being conducted by the panel of experts.

  • As per the notification issued by University Grants Commission, two degrees are not allowed simultaneously in regular mode. But you can do one degree in regular mode and other in distance learning mode.

    According to your query you are doing M.Com in DDCE mode from a regular university. Definitely, you can join another master course either through regular mode or distance learning.

    But I suggest you, that you should focus on first and complete it. Because M.Com itself is a good course and need hard work. Doing two master degree courses simultaneously will not be a wise decision.

    After completing your degree you can think for another degree as per your requirement.

    You can do some part time course for your knowledge and skill development. That will be also increase your chances of getting a good job.

  • Earlier, UGC did not allow for simultaneous two PG degrees in any mode but later on request and representations from various students and other groups, it allowed one regular course and one distance course simultaneously and presently a student can go for that combination.

    Generally, those students will go for dual degrees in the same time frame who are confident of studying both the subjects within the stipulated time. Some people might face problem in doing so and might not be able to clear the dual exam as they do not have potential for enhanced studies. So we should take such decisions of going for dual degree in same time frame after considering all these factors.

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  • A dual degree are two different degrees completed or attended in parallel, either at the same institution or at different institutions or universities. It is beneficial to people as it is completed in a short time than it would take to earn them separately. The degrees can be in the same subject or different subject depending upon one's interest. It not only saves time, years and money but also provides career flexibility. A dual degree will provide you with two different certificates and thus helping to get more openings and placement opportunities.

    The concept of dual degree is common in foreign countries and this was first introduced by Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in India and followed by many institutes and universities in India. It is always better to complete one at a time as it helps to get good knowledge about the subject. Some people are clever and can manage to complete both at the same time and many find it difficult to complete the course due to portion, assignments and exams.

    Some of the Colleges/Universities that offers Dual degree courses in India are:

    • Indian Institutes of Technology

    • Amity University

    • University of Rajasthan

    • Punjab University

    • BITS Pilani

    • JNTU, Hydrabad

    • Delhi Tecnological University

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