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  • Regarding NOC for interview for IBPS PO as I am serving in another bank

    Have a query about norms pertaining to NOC for a IBPS PO position? Looking out for the correct process and norms to appear for another interview while on the job? Scroll through this page and get answers for all your queries.

    I got selected in a bank. Before joining I had applied for IBPS PO . In the mean time my joining came and I joined the present bank. Now I will be appearing for IBPS PO interview. Will I require NOC from the present bank? Some of my colleagues told me that I will not get NOC. Please guide me what to do.
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  • You had applied for the IBPS PO well before joining the present job in a bank. So you will not get any NOC from them. They will only give NOC when you had applied through them which is called through proper channel. But you need not to worry for that. You have also not mentioned in your IBPS application form anything like that as that time you were unemployed. So they will also not ask any NOC from you as you are unemployed for them. In case at the time of interview if you are asked specific questions in this regard as where you were working in the meanwhile etc then share all this information with them just to impress upon them that you have gained some banking experience in the present assignment. That will help you to some extent.

    You had joined the present job under some terms and conditions and now you have to give them a notice for resignation as per that and then leave them gracefully. They will give you an experience certificate for your work and other credentials which you can keep for your reference. If you want to resign and leave at short notice you might have to deposit one month salary or forego the last month salary as many organisations have that condition in the appointment letter. You have to decide your timings of quitting the present bank accordingly.

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  • Nothing to worry. Before joining in the present job, you have applied for IBPS PO. So there is no question of NOC. If you are in a job at the time of applying also, unless otherwise, they ask for sending the application through the present employer or NOC, there is no necessity of obtaining NOC from the present employer.

    If you accept do well in the interview, you will get selected. So concentrate on the interview preparation. Already you got selected and working in a bank. So you know better how to face the interview and how to impress upon them. Focus on that prepared well. Don't think about NOC and waste your time.

    Once you get selected for the PO post and received the appointment letter and all the formalities are completed. then you can submit your resignation to the present bank. As per the terms and conditions mentioned in your appointment letter, you have to fulfil all the formalities and then you will get relieved. Don't forget to get the relieving letter and no dues certificate from the present employer.

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  • Usually, No Objection Certificate (NOC) is required to apply for a job or attend a job interview when you are already in employment. It is mandatory for Central Government, State Government and PSUs employees who want to apply for another job.

    When you are in a job and want to apply for another job, you will have to apply through proper channel through present employer. Your bank will send your application with a forwarding note to the department, where you are applying. However, you cannot make a request for NOC during probation period. Applying through proper channel will keep your present employer in confidence and also you will be able to get your previous service and related benefits that will be carried forward to the new job.

    As you have mentioned in your query that you had applied for the IBPS PO before joining the current bank job. This means you were not employed in bank at that time. And obviously, you had not mentioned it in your application form of IBPS PO also. Since, you applied for the other job (IBPS PO) before your present employment, there is no need to get a NOC now.

    Now you should start preparation for interview and appear in interview without any worry in mind. After selection you will have to resign from your present job as per the terms and conditions and also serve notice period. And you will be able to join another job only after getting reliving letter from the current bank.

  • As you have indicated that you had already applied for IBPS PO job prior to the present assignment. The condition of NOC arises only when one would like to change over the existing job with the fresh application in a different company or sector. Prior to your selection in the next job, you need to procure NOC and this document is to be sent to the next employer. However, this clause is not applicable in your case since you applied for IBPS PO much before your Banking - job.
    So without having unnecessary stress, you should prepare for the same examination thoroughly including all the relevant topics prescribed for this test. Refer to some prominent English Newspaper and GK books so that you should have a better scorings in such papers. Be familiar with the short cut techniques to be applied in the numerical problems to save your time. In nut shell, you have to be positive so as show your best performance in the IBPS PO test.
    Once you are selected for the post, you will have to resign from the present assignment and follow the terms and conditions as mentioned in the appoint - letter of the present assignment. You need to get a no due certificate as well to be produced before the next employer.

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