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  • Incorrect name filled in SSC JE form

    Appearing for SSC JE exam? Worried how to correct a mistake made in filling the form or how to handle the same in document verification? Find advice form experts on this page.

    I have written incorrect father's name in SSC JE form. What kind of difficulty I will face at time of document verification? Will my form will be rejected?
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  • When we apply for any job it is our responsibility to give all the details asked for correctly. Any intentional or unintentional mistake can be a cause of not considering your application during the process. So we should be careful and verify the application once or twice and then only we should submit. These mistakes will give an impression to the recruiter that the applicant is not serious in his approach and he is very casual. The recruiter can reject your application.

    When did you apply? Is there any provision for a correction after submitting the application online? How much time is allowed for this?

    In some applications, we will have a provision to correct the application submitted online. The details of the process will be given in a particular website. You see the website and if there is a provision to correct it online you do following the instructions given on the site. Then there will not be any problem.

    If there is no such provision or the date for doing such change is over means, you can't do the correction on line. You have to send a request in writing to the concerned authorities stating that you have mentioned your father's name wrongly and his correct name should be mentioned in that letter. You have to attach a certificate in which your father's name is correctly mentioned. Then they may consider your application and that will be solely at the discretion of the officer concerned. You send that above letter in the registered post with acknowledgement due. A copy of the letter, the receipt of the registered post and the acknowledgement received back should be kept with you as proof that you have send them the information.

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  • Sometimes it happens that we make mistakes in filling the form. If there is some editing option available before the final submission then at the time of revising your application you can do it but it seems that in your case that opportunity is lost now. Anyway it is not a matter to get worried though some negligence has been there in the matter, may be inadvertently.

    Now what you have to do is see whether there is some email or feedback link in the site where you have submitted your application. If it is there then take the advantage of this and send a self explanatory message in the matter in explaining the mistake done unintentionally and showing regret for it now give the correct information about the name of your father. If there is no facility in the site for such a correspondence then you have to write a physical letter to them giving your online application reference and then request them to make the necessary correction in your father's name as supplied by you now in that application. One more thing that you have to do is keep a copy of this application with you along with the receipt of speed post or courier by which you have sent it to them. This will be very useful in case at the time of document verification if they say that they have not received any such application from you regarding the correction in the name of your father.

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  • While filling up any application form it would best on your part to cross check all the details being entered in the form and any aberration detected at the later stage may lead to cancellation of your candidature. Hence, you have to ensure the correctness of the application form prior to its submission / despatch.
    However, at this stage there are two options - surf on line whether there is any possibility of making correction on line. If there is any scope do it at the earliest so as to avoid the future harassment. The other way is to write an application to the secretary of JEE indicating the mistake you have commited while filling the name of your father. This should be accompanied with a photocopy of your previous certificate indicating your father' s name. May be they would concede to your request.
    Henceforth you should be cautious while filling the application- form so as to avoid any complication on that account.

  • You should be very careful while applying for any job or filling up any other application form. You should check at least twice before the final submission because any mistake may result in cancellation of application. But sometimes unknowingly some mistakes happen. Like in your case, you written incorrect father's name in SSC JE form. Now there are some options available for you:

    1. If you have recently submit your application form. There may be making corrections in form are open till now. You can login to your SSC JE account using user ID and password and make correction online. But only some details can be modified before the application fee payment. Once you have submitted application fee no details can be modified.

    2. If application submission last date is remaining. You can apply a fresh application. But you need to pay application fee again.

    3. But I think application submission is already over. Now, you can send a request for correction to SSC JE in writing. You can also visit office of SSC physically at the following address:

    SSC Regional Director (NR)
    Staff Selection Commission
    Block No.- 12, 5th Floor, CGO Complex,
    Lodhi Road, New Delhi.

    4. You can also make a call on SSC Helpline Number: 011-64715222, 011-65570666

    5. You will get a chance for correction in details during document verification also.

    6. If nothing will work, you can submit an affidavit to concerned official stating that my father name is xxxxxxxx and I have filled xxxxx by mistake only.

    Further, you should remember that you have to provide supporting documents featuring the correct details ( for correction in Fathers name in your application form). For this you will have to pay a prerequisite fee also.

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