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    Five rupees pocket food - pros and cons

    Want to know about the impact of pocket foods on health? Looking out for details of the impact online? Here, on this page our experts shall provide you advice on the same.

    There are many and variety of pocket foods available in grocery shop for Rs 5 and Rs 10 etc. Most of them are consumed by school kids, more or less like Kurkure or cheese ball type. Few of the brands are recognized one and few of them are not but the items available in local shops are mostly unrecognized one. But still kids from school are buying and enjoying it. Are they natural product? Any pros and cons from them? Any harm? Expert can provide an eye opener on this.
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  • A wide variety of out-of-pocket foods that can be purchased from shops can cause health problems for children and adults alike. I think it is foolish to think that Kurkurei and cheese balls are healthy because they are branded. So, there is much danger of buying foods that you have never heard.

    The banana chips and potato chips that are made right in front of us are hard to say about the quality. Do regular homemade banana chips shine like buying chips? Do they have as much yellow color as the store-bought chips? The answer is no. When the crumps are put into the boiling oil for frying, cut a slice of the transparent plastic cover into the boiling oil and fry the banana crumbs to get them crispy and shining banana chips. Banana crumbs with light yellow shade, add to the yellow food color will give bright yellow banana chips. Take a piece of banana chip and fire it. Then we can see that two or three drops of oil will fall.

    Next is about oil for frying. It has been found that coconut oil is supplied to such centers as "white oil" to a certain extent (black colored oil from the engines, refined and made as crystal clear) and added 10% good coconut oil. This oil is mainly used for frying in roadside snack shops also.

    Similarly, the meat of dogs nearly 100 kg, when it arrived here from Assam by train, they were seized- to use as Goat meat. Which fried as lamb, served as curry and used biryani. At least it is prudent to understand that when goat meat is worth Rs 1000 per kilo, Don't you have the wisdom to understand that half the price of it isn't Goat's meat?

    These are taking by the educated techies, in most of the day they are served along with Evening Tea.

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  • The foods packed and sold in the shops are never good. One should not consume them regularly. There are many reasons for this.

    1. The material packed will not be fresh material. The date of packing will be different from the date of manufacturing and will be managed by the factories. This they will do so that the packed foods will not get wasted. So we never know the date of manufacture of food inside the packet. Taking old material is always not good for our health.

    2. All the raw materials they use will be of the cheap variety. They purchase in bulk and they will use and nobody will clean them and bad material will never be separated and used as the way they have received it. These materials which are not good may cause us ill health if we consume such varieties.

    3. The oil they use also will be of bad quality and as they use the oil many times. Today oil whatever is leftover after preparation will be used tomorrow. This will make the oil unsafe and lead to unhealthy conditions

    4. Eating these foods will give digestion problems. They will also give higher weights to the body and infections will also easily come.

    So it is never advisable to eat such packed foods by purchasing them fr shops.

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  • We should not be tempted with the cheap availability of such packets. At least we are not aware of the process how such packets are being produced with the multinationals at a price of Rs 5/-. However, the companies are not at loss despite the selling of the same at the throw - away price. We need to be careful with such products and they should discourage their kids not to take such food - packets because of the following adverse effects affecting their healths.
    1) The quality of the oil is uncertain. This may be cheap palm oil and repeated use of the same oil for frying the stuffs such potato chips, Kurkure etc making the products extremely unhygienic due to its high viscosity and give rise to high cholesterol and triglyceride.
    2) Fried products are not suitable to kids and may cause indigestion due to use of unhealthy oils.
    3) Excess content of salt would prove to be injurious to the health of consumers. Excess salts in the products would elevate the Blood - pressure of the consumers.
    4) There is no examination of raw - materials. They may use substandard potatoes while making chips and Kurkure.
    5) The products are dangerous in the sense that these products make the consumers addicted due to its tangy taste though the manufacturer produce unhealthy packets.
    6) Kids are not aware of its severe side - effects due to absence of any literature floated by government or any health agency.
    7) Informations available on the packets are misleading and suppression of procedures adopted in making the ultimate products.

  • There is a flood of small packets of all sort of readymade food items in the market. They are reasonably priced from Rs 5 to 10 and have become so much popular with the children and adult alike. These items are very tasty due to the spices, salt and other flavouring agents and children like to have them in school class breaks or other times. The business industry has found that there is a big business in these small packs as people due to various reasons go for them often. This has brought a large inventory of these items in the market and you will see that even a small outlet will have hanging them in front of the shop where the customer can himself tear a packet out of the long garland.

    Unfortunately, these packets are containing many items which are harmful for our health and will definitely have an adverse effect if taken on a continuous basis. Some of the concerns are -

    1. Preservatives used in them. Preservatives are chemicals which are harmful for heart and mental health. They are also said to cause cancer.

    2. Artificial colours and flavours. They lead to diabetes and hypertension.

    3. Plastic coating inside the pack may contain Bisphenol which is a toxic chemical.

    4. High Salt and Sugar levels. To enhance taste this is normally done. Both are harmful in more quantities.

    5. High oil content. As they are fried items they contain high fat which is harmful and increases weight.

    6. Low nutritional value. They do not have enough protein and carbohydrate type of good nutritional value.

    7. They are addictive. This can create a problem as we are not able to control eating them.

    8. Plastic or aluminium packaging foils. Both are hazardous material and add toxicity to the food contained in them.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Packet snacks are not always good for the health. Not at all good for kids' health. Such products are distributed in attractive packs to target kids and adults. They even give free goodies with the purchase to entice them. Those are their marketing techniques to increase their profit. We fall in the traps and get gifted with health issues.

    Researchers found that these packet snacks contain harmful chemicals, even plastic in some cases. It will be the cause of many health issues in the future like obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many more. It even causes cancer. We can't be so sure about the atmosphere of the making or the credibility of the ingredients. So in any case, we should not encourage such products in our kids' life. I would like to point out the unfortunate events from the product Maggie. It had the dangerous ingredient Monosodium Glutamate - MSG (commonly known as Ajinomoto) which may result in brain damage.

    Let us build a better healthcare situation for our children by providing homemade snacks. Try out some new recipe ideas than the old and boring ones. Give them fresh juice or fruit smoothies. Keep them interested in homemade snacks. Let us make them healthier.

    --Time is money--
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  • Compared to homemade foods these items are not at all healthy.
    However as they are yummy -tangy to taste, children fall for them and become a sort of addicted to them.
    Parents too, thinking that they cost so less, cater to the pleadings of their children and buy these items for them.
    At other times, when the parents do not find time to prepare time-consuming homemade foods, they find it easy and convenient to buy a five rupee or ten rupee packet and give it to their children. Sometimes they also eat these as their breakfast or evening snacks.

    Though once-in-a hile they are okay for a change and emergency fillers, regular and continuous use will prove problematic later, as they do not contain all nutrients needed , contain chemicals as preservatives and tastemakers and do not have the essential fibre content in them; and apart from all these they contain high amount of fat, sugar, and salt which are proved as modern dangers

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