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  • How to get best coverage on grey hair with henna

    Planning to use henna for best coverage of grey hair? Searching for the best method to color the hair? Find advice from experts on this page which will help you to decide further plan of action to color the hair.

    I am suffering from the premature greying of hairs, maybe because of pollution and stress. I am interested in knowing the best method to cover my grey hair with green henna. What should I add to it to get the best results? As of now, I am adding dry amla (gooseberry), onion seeds, fenugreek seeds, sweet neem leaves and hibiscus leaves in the water and boil it. Then I use this water to make a paste of henna and keep it overnight or for a few hours. Then I apply it to the roots of my hair and wash my head after 2-3 hours. Afterward, I apply good quantity of oil to my hair and wash them with shampoo the next day. I also tried Indigo powder but did not get satisfactory results.

    Kindly provide your valuable suggestions so that my hair doesn't look reddish-brown after applying henna. I don't want to switch to black henna or hair color as I am just 36 years old.
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  • You are already adding so many herbal ingredients to your paste for a good result but you also need to fight the internal cause of greying of hairs.
    1. As you mentioned that your problem is maybe due to pollution exposure and stress, try to cover your hair while going out and always keep extra time for yourself to relax. External treatments can give temporary solutions and for permanent results, we need to treat the root cause.

    2. The greying of hair can also happen due to Vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is required by the hair cell to make the pigment and due to its deficiency they grey hair may appear. So you should increase the intake of milk products like curd, cheese, etc. If you a nonvegetarian, you can have eggs, chicken, etc for the same.

    3. Lack of proper nutrition in body can also cause premature graying of hair. So, recheck your meals and add the proper amount of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates in the same.

    4. It can be genetic. Did your mother or father face the same problem? If yes, then mostly you have to accept it the way it is.

    5. Our hair cells produce hydroperoxide through their metabolic process and when the production fo hydrogen peroxide increases due to any reason, the hair starts greying. For this, you need to consult doctor or dermatologist.

    6. If you are a smoker and can quit smoking, do that as smoking can also be the cause of your grey hair.

    Lastly, you can add 2-3 teaspoons of Shikakai powder and egg in the Heena paste as an additional supplement. Shikakai is very good for health and even many women use its power to wash their hair and not shampoo.


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  • Good. This is the problem many young persons facing these days.

    You have mentioned that you are using Indigo powder. But the performance of this product is not good. "Black Henna" that is being manufactured by Banjara Company is giving very good results. This is my personal experience. These packets are available in almost all shops in Hyderabad and you may also get it in your place. Each packet will cost you about Rs.25/-. Purchase one or two packets of the same based on the length and the thickness of the hair. Then Open these two packets and mix it with curd which is cold. If you want you can add all the ingredients you have mentioned. I don't mix anything else. The mix should not be very thick and at the same time, it should not be too lose also. When you apply it to the hair, it should cover the area and it should not drip like small droplets. It should stick to the hair. The consistency can be the same as that of what you are using now.

    You need not store the material after mixing and you shouldn't store more than one hour even if you want to store. Then you apply it to the hair completely but not only at the roots. Please see that there are no uncovered areas on your head. No grey hair should be visible. Then wait for an hour or 90 minutes. Then you can have your bath with shampoo and your hair will be completly black only. Once a month, you should apply this to your hair. When you apply this material to your hair please don't use hand directly. Have a surgical glove and then apply. Otherwise, your hand will become red.

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  • Henna by itslf does not colour your hair black. It bleaches and gives a brownishyellow colour. So after henna application and keeping it so for a n hour or so, you wash your hair. Then after drying apply the indigo powder paste and keep for similar time. This process may be repeated a few times in a week.

    Simultaneously you can daily use home prepared hair oil -oil warmed with henna, amala,bhringaraj etc mixed in it.

    Along with this youshould ave a healthy food andlifestyle.

  • Different people have greying of hair from different reasons and accordingly the different effectiveness of henna will be there from person to person. Henna is a natural way to keep the hair shining and healthy as it is applied to the roots of the hair and affects the whole scalp. In fact it keeps a good acid-alkaline balance in the scalp which is one main advantage of using the henna for hair dying. Henna works for the scalp in the same way as moisturiser does to the skin. It is recommended to use henna application after every three weeks time.

    Getting desired colour of hair with henna requires certain tricks. For example for getting darker colours it is advised to add tea or coffee concoction to the henna before applying to the hair. If you do not want to have a darker shade but want to retain the lighter shade then adding a little lemon juice to the henna powder will help.

    A proper way of applying henna also helps in bringing a good colour to the hair. First thing is to keep the hair and scalp clean before the application of henna so that it acts effectively. Next thing is that the paste is to be made in warm water and then it is to be applied thoroughly on the hair and is to be covered with a shower cap. Let us keep this for at least 1-1/2 hr and up to a maximum 3 hrs. This time is the crucial time of henna application and after this only it is to be rinsed with cold water. Please note that henna takes at least 48 hrs for showing its actual colour on the hair so we have to be patient to see its results.

    We can mix all sort of nourishing powders to henna for bringing desired result but the thing is that the henna powder should be purchased from a reputed source. Branded henna powder is to be preferred. Do not refrigerate the henna powder and keep it in room temperature only. There are some common items which can be used with henna for bringing better result especially for shining and accelerating new hair growth. Some of them are Amla, banana, multani mitti, egg and curd.

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  • Because of deficiency of certain nutrients, Henna and other herbs being used by you may not work well and as such you need to supplement your body with some nutrients. Grey - hair is the result of non formation of enough melamine giving a rise to greying of the hair.
    You may take up the following measures to reverse your situation.
    1) Taking a lot of fruits - Consume a lot of fruits especially the citrus ones' such as Lemon- juice, Grapes, Oranges, nuts such as Almonds, Walnuts etc to strenghen your immune system. Take sufficient amount of Yoghurt because of presence of several nutrients such as Ca, Mg, Protien, Vitamin - C etc and such combination of nutrients would help in darkening your hair.
    2) Change your life - style. Take enough sleep and include Vitamin -B containing enough folic - acid and biotin to nourish your hair and such nutrients intake would make your hair black within a couple of months.
    3) Avoid stress. Stress is the main cause of grey - hair.
    4) Use consistently Amla - oil on your hair after treatment with Henna. Even you may consume Amla - powder twice daily in the empty stomach followed by some amount of hot water. Take half tea - spoon of Amla - powder each time. Results will be amazing and noticeable within two months after its consistent use.
    5) Almond - oil and Lemon - juice - Mix the Almond - oil and Lemon - juice in the ratio 2:3. Massage well on the scalp and hair. Leave it for 45 minutes and rinse it afterwards with water.
    Almond - oil containing Vitamin E is extremely benificial for hair. It will nourish the root and prevent premature greying. Lemon juice would provide gloss to the hair and promote healthy black hair because of enriched Vitamin - C of the Lemon.
    6) Apply the mixture of onion - juice and lemon - juice in the proportion of 3:1 on the scalp and hair with gentle massaging for at least 15 minutes. Wash the same after half an hour. This concoction has to be repeated daily till you get the result. Results will be visible within two months. Onion would promote healthy hair growth due to presence of catalyse responsible for darkening hair.

  • Sheo Shankar Jha Sir, I really liked your idea of consuming amla powder. I will surely do it. Any additional tips on this?


  • Here is what you can do, for darker, longer-lasting hair colour, which is safe and has no side-effects. The following preparation will give a natural colour to the hair, instead of the red hair look that henna is associated with.

    Change the proportion according to length and thickness of hair. The measures can go up and down a bit, and will not affect the final results. You will need the following ingredients:

    1. Henna - 2 cups
    2. Amla powder - 1 cup
    3. 2-3 eggs - optional
    4. Juice of two lemons
    5. Hair oil - 2 tbsps
    6. Fenugreek seeds (methi dana) - 1 tbsp, soaked and ground
    7. Curd - 1 cup
    8. 2-3 cloves powder (laung)
    9. Iron vessel (not an ingredient, but essential for the process)

    Mix the henna and amla powders in very little water, to form a thick, but fluid paste. Transfer into an iron vessel, and allow it to stand for 12 hours. Stir occasionally. This step is essential, as a chemical reaction takes place when the ingredients are soaked in an iron vessel, causing them to darken.

    The paste will change its colour, and look blacker. After allowing it to stand for 12 hours, add a little water to the mix, ensuring that it is runny, and heat it, till it starts bubbling.

    Allow the mixture to cool. It should be comfortable to the touch. Next, add the rest of the ingredients, and mix well. You can omit the eggs, and add a little more curd, or just plain water. The mix must be reasonably cool when you add the eggs, or else they will get cooked, which we don't want.

    Apply the pack to your hair, as you usually do.

    The henna and amla powders react with the iron in the vessel, and this chemical reaction changes their colour. Your grey hair will not turn red when you use the henna and amla in this way.

    Eggs, lemon, curd and oil, nourish the hair and act as conditioners. Henna can leave your hair dry, so make sure you use eggs, lemon, curd and oil as conditioning agents.

    The fenugreek seeds, give a shine to the hair, in addition to changing the cooling property of henna. Cloves also alter the cooling property of henna, making it safe to use overnight and in winter months.

    Avoid using henna overnight, especially during colder months. Keep the pack on for 6-7 hours and rinse with water, do not shampoo. Apply some oil, when the hair is still damp and leave it overnight. Wash the hair the next morning.

    PS: I studied a six-month beauty course at Shahnaz Hussain Academy.

  • Thank you Nidhi for your liking for Amla - powder. As per request, I am providing three
    additional tips which could be of immense benifits in changing the colours of grey hair.
    1) Consumption of Carrots - Though it may appear strange that the Carrots have their relations with the blackening of hairs but in fact, it is.
    What is needed to grind two medium sized Carrots and stain the juice. Drink this juice early in the morning in the empty stomach regularly for at least two months. The Carrots containing a lot of Vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B & C apart from other nutrients such as Calcium, Magnesium etc would provide your hair enough nutrients making your hair black. Moreover, it would arrest the fall of hair if you have noticed the same in the past.
    2) Consume Sea - food like Salmon and Tuna in your diets. These sea - foods have enormous amount of Omega 3 fatty acids and Protiens. Regular consumption of such foods would help you in turning your hairs black.
    3) Coconut - oil and Curry - leaves - Heat some Coconut - oil in a clean vessel over low flame taking care not to burn it altogether. Add 5 to 8 curry - leaves in the heated oil and let it be kept for sometime till its aroma passes on the oil. Now discard the leaves and use the oil liberally on your scalp with gentle massaging in the night prior to retirement to your bed. Next morning apply shampoo. This can be done twice a week to get perceptible results within a couple of months.

  • Greying of hair is common now a days and it was considered a sign of growing older but we see grey hair in children and mid-aged people. The other factors that contribute to greying of hair are stress or pressure, smoking, excessive use of shampoo, conditioner and gel etc. Many find it difficult to use dyes as it can have itching, skin infection and other side effects and thus prefer using Heena for colouring their hair. Henna contains compounds that stain the skin and even hair in a dark red or brown colour. It gives provides a wonderful natural hair look and without any side effects. With addition of some ingredients, we can make it look black.

    Preparation of Heena:
    i) Boil 2 cups of water and add tea or coffee, whatever is available till it reduces to 1 cup. Strain it and allow it to cool.
    ii) As per your hair take the quantity of Heena and make a paste with the water earlier boiled and cooled.
    iii) Use an iron vessel or container to obtain better colour and try to prepare the paste 3-4 hours before you desire to apply on your hair.
    iv) It is better to prepare the paste overnight as it gives ample time for the paste to mix well.

    Application of Heena:
    a) Mix the paste well again and heat it before you apply it on your hair.
    b) Shampoo your hair to clean any oil residual from hair as it will prevent Heena to stain the hair properly.
    c) After you dry your hair, wear gloves on your hand and cover your skin with plastic or paper before application as Heena can stain your skin.
    d) Apply evenly on your hair and see to it that it covers every area of the grey hair.
    e) Let it dry for an hour and then wrap your head with a warm cloth as warmness improve the colour of Heena.
    f) Let it dry for 2-3 hours for better results. You can even wash your hair after an hour.

    Tips for better results:
    1. Avoid shampooing hair on the same day of application of henna as it will wash away the colour. Shampoo your hair after a day for better result.
    2. Henna reflects more dense when applied more than 1 time but see to it that you keep a gap of 3-4 days between each application.
    3. You can also add egg white, oil(coconut / Olive/ etc) and yoghurt or lime juice to henna for conditioning dry hair.
    4. Normally it will take at least three days in developing colour of Heena so if you have a function, plan it accordingly.
    5. Always try to apply Heena during the day and wash the hair before sunset. Late evening or night application can catch cold and especially during cold weather or winter season.

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  • If you are suffering from the premature greying of hairs, you should get your blood checked for Iron and vitamin deficiency. Because one of my friend was also having this problem and she was anemic. So I suggest you that you should go for blood test.

    If you are anemic or having vitamin deficiency, then you should take proper nutrition. You can take multivitamin tablets. Vitamin E is also essential for skin and hairs. You can take Evion (Vitamin E) capsules.

    Further if it is due to pollution and stress, you should prevent your hairs from pollution you can cover your hairs while going outside. Try to avoid stress. Drink more water. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Do exercise regularly. Take good sleep.

    There are given some simple tips which you can use for naturally colouring of your hairs.

    1. Use black mehandi: You can use black mehandi to colour naturally your hairs.
    a) For this black mehandi mask preparation first of all you will have to make a black tea decoction by boiling black tea leaves in a pot and reduced the water quantity upto half. Keep it aside.
    b) Then take water for soaking of mehandi (green henna). Try to buy pure natural green henna powder from market and avoid henna powder mixed with synthetic chemical as they can damage hairs. Now soak green henna powder in water for around 8-10 hours or overnight
    c) Now add black tea decoction and some lemon to green henna paste.
    d) Mix it well
    e) You can also add some amla powder in it. Amla powder also gives nourishment and natural natural black colour to hairs. Amla is a good souce of Vitamin C.
    f) Apply this mask to your hair.
    g) Cover your hair by shower cap.
    h) Keep your hairs with this mask for about 1 hour.
    i) Then after 1 hour wash your hairs properly.

    2. Use of Shikakai, Reetha and Amla: You can also wash your hair by making a paste of these ingredients. You can buy these dried nuts from markets. You should soak shikakai, reetha and amla in equal quantity (ratio 1:1:1) overnight then boil for upto 20 minutes and then blend this mixture and then strain this solution and then wash your hairs with this solution.

    3. You can mix beet root in henna for burgundy shade.

    4. Use coffee with Henna: Take henna powder (five tablespoons) and instant coffee (one tablespoon) and add it is one cup of water. Coffee gives a dark colour to hairs.

    5. Use lemon sugar mixture: After applying henna paste in hairs and once it is dried you can apply a layer lemon juice and sugar mixture above dried henna. This mixture make better contact of henna with the skin and deep penetration of henna colour.

    6. Using egg with henna: Take henna and shikakai powder in a mixing bowl and add water to it and soak it overnight. In the morning take one egg and add into the paste and also add one tablespoon of curd to it. Mix it well then apply this paste to your hair with the help of a brush. Then wash your hairs after 30 minutes.

    Use of iron utensil is recommended for preparation of these solution or masks so that some iron content of the utensil will get dissolve into it and will also give dark colour to your hairs.

  • As mentioned above, you are 36 years old and suffering from premature grey hair. There maybe several reason behind it. In some people It happens due to stress and vitamin deficiency whereas, some people suffer it due to pollution and genetic disorder. Firstly, I would suggest you to get properly checked up. If vitamin and iron deficiency is there then doctor will provide Iron and vitamin tablet especially vitamin E is very healthy skin and hair. Before applying henna and other hair colour product you should take your health. Here are some tips for healthy hair are as:-
    1. You should have three meals timely. You should take all kind if citrus fruit which is healthy for internal hair growth.
    2. Do yoga and meditation daily so that you could be stress free.
    3. You take 6-8 hours sleep in night time and halt an sleep in day time.
    4. Drink more water.
    After taking care of your health internally, you can think about applying henna and other colouring product. I have been also using henna powder since last 10 years. It is very simple method. Take two cup water and add tea leaf then boil it until gets one cup. Then pour it in iron vessel. When it get cool, add two spoon henna powder and mix properly. You can add methi powder, amla powder, egg, lemon and leave overnight. Next day, you will find mixture colour is changed. Now you can apply on your hair and level for two hours. Then you can wash your hair. This way, your hair would be smooth and healthy.

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