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  • Does hair dye cause cancer in human beings?

    Wondering if hair dye causes cancer? Looking out for information regarding any relation between hair dye and cancer? Find advice from experts here for all your queries.

    I read in the newspaper that hair dyes and hair straighteners increase the risk of breast cancer in women. The study might have carried on women for breast cancer, but it may cause other cancers also. Though the study did not include information about men, there is a chance that men may also get affected by it. In India, most of the men and women dye their hair and force others to do so. At the same time, I am also seeing increased number of cancer patients in India. Is there any relation between hair dye and cancer patients? Does hair dye cause cancer?
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  • Care must be taken when choosing to use hair dyes. Do not use hair dyes that contain chemicals. Because research shows that hair dye reaching the scalp has an increased risk of Blood Cancer and Breast Cancer. It should be recognized that regular use of these substances does not only damage the hair but also the rest of the body.
    Then there are many chemical herbal dyes called Herbal Dye available in the market. It should not be assumed that they do not mix the chemicals in as much or as little. It is important to understand that consistent use of these dyes can lead to other diseases. Due to the age, white color in Hair is a natural phenomenon. white color in the hair at a young age can be caused by a deficiency of certain hormones in the body, or excess production in others. Find and treat them. Older people need to develop the attitude of welcoming the whiteness of hair. The Bible says that the whiteness in hair is a crown. As a result, he is gaining much respect in the community as a senior citizen.

    For people who are concerned about hair loss, here are some ways to make hair whitening safer than using dark black dyes.
    1. Henna
    2. Coffee
    3. lemon
    4. Beet juice
    5. Carrot Juice
    6. Tea

    When using these, to maintain long-lasting color, take extra care for not to use the device for straightening hair, which is emitting hotness, avoid excessively hot water baths and skip daily hair washing if possible.

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  • Dyes are no way good for human beings. Not only hair dyes, but all other dyes which will be used for colouring clothes are also all dangerous. That is why in many countries manufacturing synthetic dyes is prohibited. Only natural colours will be used. Dyes will cause you many problems.

    1. Blood Cancer and breast cancer may be attached if you use these dyes regularly to your hair.
    2. The hair falling will be very high and the thickness of your hair will come down and finally, your head may become bald.
    3. They will have negative effects on your liver functioning and also on your kidney functioning.
    4. You will get skin irritation and allergy frequently.

    So it is not at all advisable to use the dyes.

    There are some companies which are making henna concentrate powder. They say they are not mixing any chemicals. But one thing is sure that they are not mixing any dye in that but some chemical in smaller quantities may be getting mixed. That is better than many other products. They call it is Black henna.

    The best one is to use Henna leaves, coffee powder waste remaining after using for making coffee, tamarind, curd. These four can be mixed. Keep that mix for 2 hours. Then you can apply it to your hair. Wait for 2 hours and then have a bath with shampoo. Your hair will not look grey or white. But it will be like reddish grey.

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  • Hair dyes contain more than 5000 chemicals including some with mutagenic and endocrine disrupting property such as aromatic amines. Presence of amine can aggravate the genes leading to breast cancer and blood cancer. Though such findings would vary depending upon the race and gender. The black women has the higher risks than the white one in case of breast cancer. These lethal effects were noted on the black women having higher concentration of estrogen and more endocrine disrupting chemicals present in the hair dye.
    Most of the dyes contain ammonia. ppd and host of chemicals finding its way to the blood stream beneath the follicles of the hair. Hence its regular use within an interval of a month may give rise to the following disorders -
    1) Blood - cancer or Breast - cancer may the cause of concern for some of the customers if it is used frequently.
    2) Hair - dye may give rise to skin - allergy.
    3) Rate of fall of hair may multiply because the composition of the Hair - dye may not suit.
    4) Hair - dye may penetrate beneath follicle of hairs and may find its way to blood stream affecting both our liver and kidney depending upon frequency of its usage.
    We may get herbal dyes free from chemicals and henna being its chief constituent would not cause any harm. However, we cannot examine its purity - level. The best way would be to use henna leaves, coffee powder,tamarind and lemon. Let the composition be mixed with the slight addition of the curd. Let the mixture be mixed thoroughly and the same is to used after three hours. This concoction would produce satisfying result.

  • Dyes contain some chemicals which are harmful to the human beings and some medical research suggests that there could be a link between cancer and using the hair dyes on a regular basis. So it is definitely advisable to use natural and herbal dyes in place of chemical dyes. Though some research has suggested the connection between the hair dyes and the occurrence of breast cancer in the women but it is not at a conclusive stage to say so very affirmatively but even the probability of increasing the cancer risk is a thing which is sufficient for us to stop using these doubtful chemicals.

    Hair dyes can be categorised in mainly 3 types -
    1. Temporary dyes which simply cover the surface of the hair but do not enter the scalp and retain the dye colour only till 1 to 2 washings.
    2. Semi-permanent dyes: These dyes enter the skin through the hair base and retain their colour for 5 to 10 washings.
    3. Permanent (oxidative) hair dyes: These dyes contain aromatic amines and phenols which are turned into strong dyes in presence of hydrogen peroxide. They create chemical changes below the hair roots and keep the hair coloured for a long time till new hair grow.

    Out of above the first one is not a harmful dye but the next two categories are definitely inducing the harmful colouring chemicals in the body. There are many researches done to find out the link between these chemicals and cancer especially the blood cancer, bladder cancer and the breast cancer. Though there are some links seen in some of the studies but some of them have not shown any such links. So this area is one where the medical research is still going on and more confirmatory results will follow. Still, it will be a prudent thing to avoid these chemicals especially using them on a regular basis.

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  • While treating in hospitals doctors used to check whether penicillin accepts your body. And they will ask whether any medicines allergy to you.
    Similarly some general item may cause allergy/danger to one whereas good to many.
    I was suggested to use Rhumalaya cream(product by a well known company) for my knee pain.But on the very first day of using I got severe itchiness and my knees got swelled. I took photo of the affected knee by my mobile and sent a letter to that company. On reply they told me some medicines might be like this in some persons and asked me to contact my doctor for alternate.
    Similarly my sister in law was got eye burning and dryness due to usage of hair dye.
    So before using anything we should test ourselves in a small manner.

  • Due to problem of premature graying of hairs many men and women are using hair dye for coloring hairs.
    There are three types of hair dyes are found. They are permanent, semi-permanent and temporary.
    1) Permanent hair dyes: They contains chemical compounds namely aromatic amines (intermediates) and dye couplers. They react with each other in the presence of hydrogen peroxide and forms dark pigments.
    2) Semi-permanent hair dyes: They are non-oxidative dyes and color hairs directly.
    3) Temporary hair dyes: They are also non-oxidative dyes and color hairs directly.

    Aromatic amines present in dyes are known for its carcinogenic properties. Regular use of permanent hair dyes can cause various kinds of cancers in human beings. Even exposure to these hair colouring dyes in any ways also increase risks of cancers.

    Some studies also shows that hair dyes not only causes breast cancers in women but also bladder cancers in hairdressers and barbers. These dyes exposure may also leads to blood, bone marrow cancers and leukemia in human beings.

    Besides cancers, they may also cause several health issues like:
    1. Asthma: Persulfates found in hair dyes may aggravated asthma.
    2. Allergic reaction: Paraphenylenediamine (PPD) is a chemical found in hair dyes which cause allergy in human beings.
    3. Infertility: Lead acetate found in hair dyes may affect fertility in human beings.
    4. Conjunctivitis: Chemical present in hair dyes may cause inflammation and discomfort in eyes.

    Due to this reason while selecting any hair colouring dyes, list of ingredients should be checked properly. It is better to choose a hair dyes made of natural ingredients. Black henna or black mehandi is a good alternative of the chemical hair colouring dyes.

    There are given some simple tips which you can use for naturally colouring of your hairs.
    1. Use black mehandi: You can use black mehandi to colour naturally your hairs. Soak natural green henna overnight. Boil black tea leaves in a pot and filter it and mix it is soaked henna paste. Add lemon and amla powder to it. Apply in hair and keep for about 1 hour then wash properly. It gives natural dark colour to hairs.

    2. Use of Shikakai, Reetha and Amla also gives a natural dark colour to hairs.

    3. You can mix beet root in henna for burgundy shade.

    4. Paste made of henna powder and instant coffee mixed in water also gives a dark colour to hairs.

    5. Use of lemon sugar mixture above dried henna applied in hairs make better contact of henna with the skin and deep penetration of henna colour.

    6. Mix henna and shikakai powder with water and soak it overnight. In the morning add one egg into the paste and also add one tablespoon of curd to it. Mix it well then apply this paste to your hair with the help of a brush and keep as it is for upto 30 minutes. This gives natural colour to hairs.

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