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  • Stuck with birth date different in birth certificate and school leaving certificate

    Facing a mismatch in certificates or documents? Worried how to issue a passport in case of this mismatch? Find advice from experts on this page and decide how to proceed.

    I'm an Indian Citizen and want to issue a fresh passport from India. But I'm facing issue in different birth dates in birth certificate and school leaving certificate. My all other documents like Driving Licence, Aadhar Card (Indian Government Card), School's 10th standard passing certificate etc having correct birth date.
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  • These days the birth certificate is very important and for passport, even though you have a school certificate they ask for a Birth certificate. If you have a birth certificate with wrong date of birth you have to adopt the following procedure for getting it changed.

    To change the birth date on your birth certificate, you have to apply to the courthouse or vital records office of the state in which you born. The procedure will change a little bit from one state to other. Follow the instructions given in the application while filling the application. Once you fill the application, it is to be notarized. From some states, it may not be necessary. But the majority of states ask for it. Some states may not have the prescribed application. In such a case, you have to make an application form on your own and get it notarized. You have to pay notary fees in both cases.

    There may be an application fee. You have to pay that fees. You have to attach supporting documents. Medical records, hospital records, school records, census records in which your date of birth is mentioned, attested copies of those certificates are to be attached. The original Birth certificate is to be attached.

    Once you filed your application it may take 6 months to complete the procedure. They may issue a fresh birth certificate or they mat correctly on the existing certificate with signature seal affixed. They will send it to you to the address you have mentioned in your application form.

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  • You need not worry about the different birth dates in birth certificate and school leaving certificate. Passport office India has changed some rules in 2017.
    According to earlier rules i.e. Passport Rules, 1980, to get a passport, it was mandatory for all the applicants born on or after 26.01.1989, to submit the birth certificate as the Date of Birth (DOB).
    After 2017, According to new Passport Rules, there is a list of proof of Date of Birth to be submitted for issuance of Passport.
    An applicant can submit any of the following documents as DOB proof, while submitting application for issuance of passport:

    (i) Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar of Births & Deaths or the Municipal Corporation or any other
    (ii) Transfer/School leaving/Matriculation Certificate issued by the school or recognized educational board
    (iii) PAN Card
    (iv) Aadhar Card or E-Aadhar having date of Birth mentioned on it.
    (v) Voter ID issued by the Election Commission of India
    (vi) Driving License issued by the State Transport Department
    (vii) Duly attested copy of service record extract in case of Government servants or the Pay Pension Order in case of retired Government Servants by the officer or in-charge of the Administration of the concerned Department
    (viii) Policy document issued by the Public Life Insurance Corporations/Companies.
    As you have mentioned that your all other documents like Driving Licence, Aadhar Card, School's 10th standard passing certificate etc are having correct (matching) birth date, you can use any of these document as proof of Date of Birth while applying for Passport.

    For future or any other purpose, you can also apply for correction in date of birth certificate, on the prescribed application form along with the application fee. It may take some time in receiving of corrected certificate.

    However, you can apply for passport with the documents you have with you.

    Hope this will help.

  • You have many documents in which your DOB is correctly mentioned. So you can use one of them as proof of DOB while applying for passport or any such important document. The problem might come when you go for applying for a job and at the time of document verification there is a mismatch of DOB found in your credentials.

    So there is not much problem in that as you can go for a legal affidavit where these things can be mentioned and you can take an oath in that by declaring the available facts and mentioning the errors crept in some of the documents. You can take help of a lawyer in the matter who will draft the exact language of the affidavit and you have to sign it in front of the court magistrate where he will also countersign it as a verification to your solemn oath.

    Keep this document with you and at any time when there is a mismatch of DOB found in your documents you can produce this affidavit to them and explain the situation.

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  • In order to have your passport you do have many documentaries in dictating your date of birth such as Driving - license, Aadhar- card, Class mark - sheet, PAN - card, Voter ID card etc.
    So in case of applying for Passport, you need not worry.
    However, the case would be different in case you apply for a job and in the process of document - verification, you will have to produce all your passing certificates apart from including the proof of your birth shown in the Birth - certificate.
    It could be rectified from the side of the court. In this connection, you will have to meet a lawyer attending the court of First Class Magistrate of your city with the relevant photocopies of your Aadhar - card, Voter ID card, Class ten Mark - sheet etc for the purpose of obtaining an affidavit from the court of Magistrate. The lawyer would make a draft with the countersign of both yourself and the Magistrate at the end of the content. Once the affidavit is obtained, give the same due publicity in two established papers - one being a local one. You have to preserve the copy of the advertisement and the same could be shown to document verification authorities whenever such a situation arises.

  • Generally speaking school certificate is the valid document. Accordingly all other documents such as pan card,aadhar card,driving licence should get corrected. If school certificate itself incorrect one should initiate steps to get that corrected immediately without delay that too can be done only by approaching the concerned authorities.

  • Ensure you get corrected the one document which is not having the correct birth date and rest all which has the same date need not be rectified. You can visit the local Birth/Death Registrar Center near your locality and get it rectified. When they issue the passport, the authorities approving it will ensure that the Birthdate given should match on all documents, else it will be rejected. You can also approach middlemen who get it done for you and ensures all documents are okay and there is no mismatch. They usually are having good knowledge about necessary documents and also people with whom they get connected and get the proper documentation done. They usually charge INR 2000 to INR 3500/- but its worth paying if you have no time to run around.

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