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    Need help in getting IT job .

    Planning to move from non technical to IT field? Looking out for advice regarding the most suitable courses which will help in procuring the job? On this page scroll through the suggestions from ISC experts.

    I done my engineering in E&TC in 2015 and from past 2 years I am working in non technical field at my hometown but now I want make career in IT field by doing any IT course. But I am worried about after completing the course will I get a job in IT or not?
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  • Any Engineering graduate can apply for IT jobs. As such you are eligible to apply for IT jobs. But IT industries prefer fresh engineers for starting jobs. But you passed four years back. So many big companies may not entertain your application. But you need not lose hope.

    Your experience is in a non-technical job. Is it something to do with computers or are you using a computer in your job? Can you get an experience certificate from the present company mentioning the nature of duties in the present job and can they mention specifically anything about the works carried out with a computer. For example, you worked as an Accounts Asst. You used tally as a tool for your accounting system in your duties. They can mention that in your expereince certificate. That may be helpful for you to get lateral entry into IT companies. Try for that.

    There are many small IT companies who will recruit Engineering graduates for a less salary. They will never ask for fresh candidates. So you can try for such companies.

    Make a good CV and upload them in placement sites like naukri.com or timejob.com. They will be sending you alerts. You can also open the site and search for suitable jobs and apply. Go through the newspapers, jobs section of Indiastudychannel regularly and apply for the suitable posts. Some walk-in interviews will also be there. Attend such interviews.

    Meanwhile, do some computer software certificate courses in any good institute and make your CV looks better. They will add value to your CV and chances of getting a job will be more. You can also do digital marketing course, Languages like Oracle, etc.

    All the above you have to do while working in the present job. Never resign for this job till you get another job. Please remember a bird in the hand worth two in the bush.

    I wish you all the best.

    always confident

  • If you want to switch over to IT field from the present assignment, you need to take up the following measures for your induction in this field. A few guidelines are noted below helping you to get an appropriate job in the IT field -
    1) Wide contacts with your friends/ aquantences - Remain in contact with your friends/ aqaintences providing you job positions / vacancies in such areas where you want to make your career. You may ask them to upload your profile in the web sites of their companies if the vacancies exist in such fields where you want to make your career.
    2) Updating of your resume -
    Prior to updating your resume, it is important to know which attributes would make you saleable in the professional market. Your resume must be precise indicating your achievements in terms of qualifications, experience in the relevant fields and aquistion of any certification in your related field enhancing your scope of employability.
    Your resume is the first impression, a potential employer will have about you so ensure that your resume paints a complete and positive picture about you.
    3) Stick to the Relevant Information- Potential employers would be interested to know your experience in the area you want to seek your job. In your case, you may indicate your present job position but make an attractive resume even with the consultation with some experienced professionals highlighting your achievements in each field such your scorings of marks in the different stages of your examinations from class ten to your present levels, your extra curricular activities and awards won different fields.
    4) Know the basics - You should have thorough command in your subjects with which you have passed. You should be ready to demonstrate your skills during the hours of ongoing interview. The employers should have the confidence in choosing a right candidate during the process of interview and in no way, he should be disappointed with your poor performance.
    5) Master your Interview Skill - Ensure that you should have excellent communication skill. Be patient and listen to the members of the Board carefully and then proceed. Be polite and your response should be to the point in relation to the question asked by the member of the Board. Avoid lengthy interpretations.
    6) Know the Company - If you are honest in your resume, you will feel confident while going into the interview.
    During the concluding session of the interview, you must put forth some questions relating to jobs to be carried out in the event of your absorption signifying that you are really interested to know the work culture of the company you are likely to join.
    7) Look out for the Job Search Engine - Take the help of Naukari.com, Monster.com etc since the technical jobs are posted on these sites more as the demand within the industries go up.
    8) Take appropriate Certification- Aquistion of appropriate certification such as Cloud, Database, IT trainer, Oracle, Project Management etc will enhance your employability. However, such certification must be from a well recognised body/ institution.

  • Electronics and Telecommunication engineers can easily get a job and make their career in many industries like electronics manufacturing organization, Power Electronics, Telecommunication industries, IT industries, Internet technologies, Mobile communication companies, Health care equipment manufacturing, and other industries like petroleum, coal, thermal, steel, and chemical industry etc.

    You have completed Engineering in E &TC four years back and now doing a non-technical job since last 2 years. So it will be a little bit difficult to get a job but not impossible. Further you want to get a job in IT field. You can try to get a job in IT Company, because being an engineer you can easily get a job in IT field. If you will do some IT course it will be a plus point and will help in getting a job in IT company.

    1. First of all update your CV and include all your skills and knowledge about software etc.
    2. Join some advanced course related to Information Technology.
    3. For searching a job in IT field you can start from local recruiters. Search job in local industrial area or IT park. Drop your CV there.
    4. You can search career option on websites of good IT companies.
    5. Email your CV to the IT companies
    6. Read employment newspapers, Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.
    7. Registered on online jobs portals like naukri.com, shine.com, Monster.com and Indeed.com etc. You can also take their premium services.
    8. Make a profile on linkedin and apply to IT jobs there.
    9. You can also register yourself in private recruitment firms. They will also help you in getting a job.
    10. Improve your knowledge and skills. Watch interview video available at Youtube.
    11. You can take guidance from your professors and friends also.
    12. Some family members who are also working in IT field can also help you.
    13. You should learn programming and develop your programming skills. Learn programming languages like Java, Sql, PHP etc.
    14. Read and learn about latest technologies and keep updated yourself. Knowledge about latest technologies will also help you to crack the interview.
    15. Attend more and more interview and gather questions and information and prepare yourself for upcoming interview.
    16. You should decide the field according to your interest. If you want to go in Cloud. You should do a course related to that particular skill.
    17. Improve your communication skills. For this you can join some grooming classes also.
    18. You should also improve your Presentation Skills and Problem Solving Skills.

    There are some courses can help you to get into IT field:
    1. Software Testing
    2. .NET
    3. Java
    4. Python
    5. C++,
    6. Data Science
    7. Data structure
    8. Mobile Application Development
    9. Web Designing
    10. Digital Marketing
    11. DevOps
    12. PHP
    13. SQL

    Due to the gap in your degree and job and also as you want to switch the job from non-IT to IT field you will have to work hard. But Focusing on target and hard work can make a difference and definitely you will be able to find a suitable job in your field of interest.

  • I have seen with the world wherein the formal courses make less sense other then what your specialities are and in addition what you want to be as a chosen carrier. Few in my relation are doing good in the IT field even though initially they never had the IT background but one thing is for sure that they kept on updating themselves with the latest of technologies in order to compete with others because and as a matter of fact we are leaving in a world of cut throat competition where survival is very hard and elimination is possible everywhere and therefore if you do feel that you can go ahead then don't wait, find yours area of interest and devote yourself into it.

    In the beginning you need to start from the very basic wherein you wouldn't be offered a good package but and if you could stick to that in order to get some basic knowledge for the next level. But this is quite evident from your writing that you are much doubtful instead of showing some confidence of go head attitude. You need to improve here.

    The journey hasn't started yet and there is a long way to go. I would suggest you to opt with some computer course and work on the some software like the Oracle or SAP or Microsoft Navision etc. There are three different jobs being taken care in any IT jobs. One belongs to the hardware part wherein the expertise takes care of the server, storage, router, wiring etc. The second profile is the functional one being the expertise of the flow of information in the system and the finally the third one concerns with the Programming part for which one needs to be expertise in the programming language like the Oracle or ABAP etc. And depending upon your capability you can choose any of these fields and go for a long term carrier plans.

    But you need to be prepared of the outcomes as the final success may take time depending upon your initiatives. Pl. go through with the suggestions of the other experts as well for more better options and road map. Best of luck.

  • You are an engineer and if you have an interest to carve out a career in the IT field you can definitely do that. Only thing is you have to do efforts in that direction. IT field has many options and as you are out of the technical line for last 2 years you will have to update your knowledge in the relevant IT field before applying for a job in this sector. Meanwhile start seeing the IT job openings in the various job sites to get a feel of the types of the jobs being advertised and where you stand in that relation. It is now clear that you will have to do some certificate or diploma course in the area of your interest. There are many interesting and prospective streams in IT field. Some of them are -

    1. Web hosting and web applications.
    2. JAVA and its frameworks.
    3. CISCO Technologies.
    4. Statistical Analysis System (SAS).
    5. Data Base Administration (Oracle, DB2, MySql, SQL Server etc).
    6. System Administration (Red Hat, Solaris, UNIX, VMware etc).
    7. Digital Marketing.
    8. Cloud Computing.
    9. Microsoft Technologies.
    10. Mobile SDKs (Android, iPhone and Windows Phone).
    11. Animation & Graphics.
    12. SQT (Software Quality Testing).
    13. Specific language courses(like PHP, Ruby/Perl/Python etc).
    14. Networking and internet.
    15. Data Science.

    You have to scan through this exhaustive list and find out where your interest lie. It will be a good thing to pursue the interests. Out of the above list some of the areas are old ones and quite common but some are relatively newer and now emerging to reach bigger heights and one can emphasise on them for selecting them as a career line. Some of the worth mentioning are Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Data Science and language like Python.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Though you have not mentioned it explicitly, it is quite obvious that you are somewhat familiar of even skilled in the basics of IT and know the basics.

    Here are three or four good options for you to consider and implement rather urgently. Choose any one of them, and get going immediately. You need to immediately jump into one of the choices, as you can otherwise bus the bus. Kindly do not forget this fact.

    1. Since it is not immediately known where you are based, am just assuming that you are near a big city. Even otherwise, migrate to a city like Pune or Bangalore or Chennai and search for a job in the same line where you have experience. Remember, this is only to enable to make some money and manage your expenses. Or, continue where you are and immediately do a course in Cloud Computing. This will immediately help you to get a job. Grab it. Just go for the job and do not have ego issues that will possibly distract you. For example, if you get a starting salary of just Rs10,000 just go for it. I know for sure in at least six cases where the employees now draw salaries of more than one lakh per month after six years of experience.

    2. The second course that you should consider is any advanced course on Robotics or Machine Learning. These courses have been introduced by some NITs in a big way. There are some professional bodies that seem to be keen on introducing these courses as well. Try something in institutes like NIIT. When you are sure that the course content is okay, go for it. Do it. such courses are bound to be in big demand when we start seeing the global developments in artificial intelligence. There are bound to be jobs. However, if you do not have the core experience in terms of working in IT companies that are global majors like Infosys Technologies, Wipro or TCS, you are not likely to get a high salary to start with. Just do not worry about your starting salary. You will grow only with hard core experience.

    3. The third area where you can positively get a good break by doing a six month certificate course in SAP Supply Chain Management. What you must ensure is that you get a good number of hours to practice the skill you have learned. This is important so that you have the substantial skill-sets that can be transferred to the job in a massive way. There is a terrific scope for SAP supply chain management, as the skill sets will enhance the process of management of the IT processes well. Once again, gather the vital experience, your salary and quality of experience will be extremely good and your career will take off.

    4. Remember that the global IT industry is always looking for professionals who can solve any technical problem and go on adding value in a significant manner. Once this happens in your life, you will become as professional as anyone in the field.

    All the very best.

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