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  • Types of Passenger Aircraft's and their use in Airlines or carriers

    Have a query about the various types of aircraft and their usage for passenger or cargo? Looking out for detailed information here? Here, on this page you can check out the responses from experts for your queries.

    When you book a flight, we often get this in the print, Boeing 777 or 747, Airbus 320 or 330, etc and many of us may not be knowing about it. Here I have some questions that ponder in my mind about these and I would like our experts to contemplate on the topic and provide an answer to the query accordingly.
    a) What are the different types of aircraft?
    b) What does the number like Boeing 747 or Airbus 320 or Embraer ATR-42 indicate?
    c) What has the type and number useful to normal flight or passenger?
    d) How are Aircraft categorized?
    e) What according to you is good - Boeing, Airbus or Embraer and why?
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  • Boeing 747 is an aircraft that has manufactured by Boeing with mostly twin engine either side of the wings. This (747) has different series. For example, 747-300, 747-400 and on, this is generally a big aircraft with twin engine that carries more than 300 to 400+ passengers on-board. This aircraft can be used for a long hour journey or international route. Few 747 model aircraft can carry more than 500 to 600 passengers depend on model. And, this type of flight comes with three types of seating capacity. For example, First class, Horizon or Upper Deck class and Economy class.

    Boeing 777 is one of the best carrier, latest, luxurious and most sophisticated one among. It has around 200 seating capacity with single engine mostly. Can carry to international route as well.

    Few aircraft can carry around or less than 200 passengers. Few of them 300 around and few of them more than 500 passengers. It is all depend on the type of the aircraft from the brand / company.

    Airbus 320, this comes from Airbus brand aircraft manufacturing company and this particular model flight can carry around 150 passengers on-board and that too for domestic or short routes. You can see this type of aircraft with single engine on either wings. Plus, there could be only two class seating. One is first class and the other one is economy class seating.

    Airbus has different model aircraft that can carry more than 300, 500 and 800+ passengers. Airbus A380 and A350 are the examples. Few aircraft comes with single engine and few of them are twin engines with different seating capacity.

    ATR-42 is nothing but a different brand aircraft manufacturer and their aircraft mostly like an old type aircraft or the latest small luxury carrier. This aircraft mostly comes with single outside engine (like a fan) type and it can carry around 50 passengers on-board. This type of aircraft also comes in a different series. This one also for a shorter route or domestic purpose can be used.

    Boeing or Airbus flights can be used for a longer distance. Sometime, the carrier (who owned, like Air India or Indigo or Air Vistara etc.) uses it for shorter distance (domestic) purpose too.

    Lockheed L10 (Google for 'Tristar flight') to see triple engine flight, either side one and top end one engine can be found, totally three engines on an aircraft. This one also uses for domestic or short route purpose. This one can be used for an international route if the other country distance is lesser than 1000kms etc. (Heard that the company shut down in 2008 though last flight was using few years after the company closed).

    McDonnell Douglas also another brand and aircraft manufacturer. They specialized different series flight, like MD-90 is one of them. It can carry around 180 seats for shorter duration.

    In general, less capacity seat will have either first class and economy class or one of them only. All in all, Boeing and AirBus is reputed and top one in the competition of Aircraft business.

  • There have been a phenomenal progress in the area of aircrafts and aviation industry and with the advent of aviation technology and computer technology the manufacturers are introducing more and more robust and aerodynamically stable passenger aircrafts.

    Depending on the usage the passenger aircrafts are designed and manufactured in various designs and models. Mainly there are two types of aircrafts one is Jet aircraft and other is Propellor turboprop aircraft. Jet engines are much more efficient than the turbo propelled ones and that is the reason they are ideal for cruising at a higher altitude for a long time.

    The code number of an aircraft (like Boeing 747 or A-320) is its type identity and these codes are defined and documented by both the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). These codes help in distinguishing the aircraft from each other as there are so many types in the aviation industry. These are an inherent numbers and are used by air traffic control and airline operations and flight planning.

    The Jet aircrafts can be further divided in different categories like Jumbo Jet, Mid Size Jet and light passenger Jet and accordingly their passenger capacities are different. Boeing 747 (passenger capacity - 600) and Airbus 380 (passenger capacity - 853) are the examples of Jumbo Jets are are the competitors with each other. Due to the big size of Airbus it had some problem in getting required passenger loads and that hampered its popularity and the business also. The mid size passenger Jets have a narrower body and carry about 350 passengers. These are very common in the aviation business as they can have a greater profitability by having better passenger occupation rates than the Jumbo category. The third category is light passenger Jets and their capacity is in the range 50 to 100 only. For example Embraer 175, which can travel about 2800 km at a cruising speed of around 870 km/hour. These light passenger Jets are very popular with the economy airlines operating in regional routes.

    The propellor type aircrafts are smaller in size and are not as robust and sturdy as the Jet aircrafts. Still, they are considered a safer medium of air transport. Further, they are more fuel efficient than that of the Jet aircrafts. They can also take off from smaller runways. Their passenger carrying capacity is low and only the bigger propellor planes like Bombardier Q400, can accommodate up to 80 passengers.

    Just to mention here that the small private aircrafts are also there which are either Jet type or Propellor type and their seating capacity is smaller only about 6 passengers and are used by rich individuals to move from one location to other for their business work or amusement. Some of the big businessmen have medium size or bigger private Jet aircrafts also in which they have an office etc also on the go.

    From the quality control and safety point of view all the aircrafts are good as stringent quality control and manufacturing performance is maintained in the aviation industry but as we know a machine can occasionally fail also in spite of all precautions, so there are hidden threats in aviation industry. I do not see any such comparison between the different types as which is better than the other as all these are made with a robust design but in extreme turbulent weather and atmospheric disturbances, all of them will have same fate in case of any eventuality. Let us remember that in spite of a few accidents now and then aviation industry is considered as one of the safest way of movement from one place to another.

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  • Generally, the aircraft that are being used for travelling passengers will be divided into four classes.

    1. Turboprops: Bombardier Q400. ATR-42 may also be in this class. These are small aircraft. A maximum of 50 passengers will be there. 4 seats in a row.Two in one side and the other two in another side. They fly at a lower speed. It will take more time. Generally, these are used for domestic travel and less distance travel. Flys at low heights. There are no classes. Only economy class is available in this. Seats are not very spacious.

    2.Regional Jets: Aircraft like Embraer E170 will come under this class. Turboprops will be used. The number of passengers will be around 75. Only economy class. Seats are not very comfortable.

    3.Single Aisle: Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737 will come under this class. They are mainly used for domestic routes where the traffic of passengers is more. These aircraft are a very popular type of aircraft around the world. Seats are good. Travels at a better speed and height.

    4. Widebody: A350, A380, B777, B787 etc. will be classified in this class. They are used for long-distance travel and international flights. The seats are more comfortable. Space will be more.

    5. Business Jets: Gulfstream G450 etc. will be under this class. They will be available on-demand and they are charter flights.

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  • How are Aircraft categorized? What are the different types of aircraft?

    Aircraft are categorized as Passenger and Cargo as per their use. Just like goods trains or trucks for goods transportation in aircraft they are called Cargo planes.
    There are military aircraft and civil (non-military) aircraft.
    In civil aircraft, we have private owned business planes or scheduled plying commercial airliners. We usually talk about commercial airplanes who transport freight (cargo) or passengers. They are known generally as commercial airliners or airlines.
    On the technical side, aircraft are different as per their make, engine or propulsion, capacity, wing type, etc.
    The major commercial aircraft manufacturers are (known in short) the Boeing, the Airbus, the Bombardier, Embraer, etc.

    What does the number like Boeing 747 or Airbus 320 or Embraer ATR-42 indicate?
    Boeing 747:
    As it denotes it is an aircraft manufactured by the Boeing company. It is a wide-bodied commercial jet plane. It is one of the most popular aircraft. It has a capacity of 600 in a single-class configuration.
    Airbus 320:
    It is manufactured by the Airbus company. It is a narrow-bodied aircraft. It has a capacity of194.t is series in the A320 family and the first one started in 1987. The new version A320neo was released in 2016. This has more fuel efficiency and cabin comfort with a spacious overhead cabin for cabin luggage.
    Embraer ATR-42
    It is a 'turboprop' engine aircraft by Embraer company.. It is used for short-distance flights and hence for regional

    What has the type and number useful to normal flight or passenger airlines.?
    For a general passenger, it does not make much sense. It is like the car model number when you travel by taxi. But if you care, you can know about the features, comparative differences with other types, etc. Some have more comforts viz-a-vis overall capacity, multiclass configuration, cabin space, overhead luggage locker space, luggage carrying limitations, etc. It is also academically satisfying to know about the various types of aircraft from their manufacture model numbers.
    What according to you is good - Boeing, Airbus or Embraer and why?
    It all depends on the particular plane/model one is flying and to some extent the biased loyalties. So it is best left to the flyer. As the middle class usually fly the low cost or economy class or the single class configurations used by our airliners we do not see much difference. But those who fly abroad frequently, especially on long haul flights may know the difference.

    General information:
    There are many web sites which give a lot of information on flights and aircraft. I use 'FlightAware' .I use this web site for live tracking flights when my relatives travel by air. The site has also rich information on airliners and aircraft. One can surf by airliner or type or aircraft clicking on the relevant key link or menu. You can see the aircraft photos and

  • Aircraft is a machine that is supported for flight in the air by the dynamic action of air on its surfaces. Some examples of aircrafts are airplanes helicopters and gliders.

    Aircrafts are categorized into seven categories, which may be further subdivided into several classes:

    (A) Lighter than air category: They can navigate through the air under its own power and they have density lower than air.
    Some of the common examples of lighter than air aircrafts are airship, balloons and dirigibles etc.
    There are multiple types of lighter-than-air aircraft:
    1) Airship : It is a powered, steerable aircraft that is kept inflated by a body of gas (helium) which is lighter than air. It is also of various kinds like Rigid Airship, Semi-Rigid Airship and Hybrid Airship.
    2) Dirigible: It is just like airship and is powered and steerable.
    3) Blimp : It is also a powered, steerable, lighter-air craft. Its shape is kept by the pressure of the gases within its envelope.
    4) Zeppelin : It is a kind of rigid airship that is manufactured in Germany.
    5) Balloon: Balloon drift along with air. It is quite different from airship as airship has control system of forward and backward motion and steering itself.

    (B) Heavier than air category : This aircraft are heavier than the air that it displaces, hence having to obtain lift by aerodynamic means.
    1) Airplane: It is also called as aeroplane or plane. It is a fixed-wing aircraft. It is propelled by a jet engine and propeller , and supported by the dynamic reaction of the air against its wings. They are of varied sizes and shapes, and wing configurations. They are mainly used for recreation, transportation and military.
    2) Rotorcraft : it is also called as helicopter class and categorized as heavier than air aircraft. This aircraft uses lift generated by wings, called rotary wings or rotor blades.
    3) Powered lift Aircraft: They are different from rotorcraft as they can take off and land vertically.
    4) Glider aircraft: It is also known as sailplane. It is mainly used in the leisure and sport activities.
    5) Powered parachute : Its short form is PPC. This motorized parachute is made up of a parachute with a motor and wheels. These are personalized aircraft.

    Number with the aircraft names indicates their divisions. Boeing is the aircraft manufacturer company. Boeing company assigned each division different numbers e.g. 300s and 400s aircraft numbers represents military aircraft, 500s represents turbine engines, 600s represents rockets and missiles and 700s represents jet transport aircraft. Boeing 747 is a wide body aircraft and also known as Jumbo jet. It has more than one aisle. Airbus 320 is manufactured by Airbus company. It was launched in March 1984. It is the most popular version of Airbus 320 family. ATR 42 is a twin-engine turboprop. Number 42 denotes seating configuration. It is manufactured by ATR Company.

    All aircrafts are good and depends on the passenger's choice. Boeing and airbus aircrafts are medium to long range, while ATR are the modern turboprop. They are most economical as well as comfortable. It depends on routes and air operators also.

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