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  • What should I do after sex if the skin is back and not coming to the original position

    Are you facing an issue with your private parts after having sex? Searching for resolving the query here? No worries, our ISC experts shall provide medical advice to resolve the query.

    I had sex yesterday. Before having sex last night I masturbated and then in the afternoon I had sex. I used condoms and then I had sex without condom. I had it 3 times in a span of 4 hours. I did first time without condom and my skin has gone back and it's been like that for 12 hours and the skin is somewhat coming back but not covering the tip of the penis yet. What should I do?
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  • Men have such problems as mentioned by you in the query. Many times, the foreskin of an uncircumcised man gets stuck or does not retract to its original position. Normally they are caused by two conditions, 1) phimosis and 2) paraphimosis.

    a) Phimosis: In this, you are not able to retract or pulled back the foreskin behind the head (glans) of the penis. Doctors explain that normally, every uncircumcised man can retract the foreskin of his penis by the age of 10 or 95% of boys can do it by the age of 17. The reason for it can be an infection, inflammation, or some other condition and if you are not able to retract it even after the year, you've got a problem and one need to visit a sexologist.

    b) Paraphimosis: In this, One is able to pull back the foreskin of their penis but it gets trapped and then swollen behind the head or glans of the penis. It is considered an emergency as it leads to swelling and blockage of blood flow to the penis. Some of the symptoms and causes of paraphimosis are:
    i) Pain in the glans or head of the penis due to swelling.
    ii) Change in the colour of the penis i.e. it turns Red, white, blue, etc due to low or poor blood flow to the penis.
    iii) An improperly circumcised penis.
    iv) Strong or repetitive sexual practices including sex, masturbation, etc.
    v) Infection, poor hygiene, prolonged foreskin retraction and previous foreskin injury

    As per your information and inputs, I understand that you have got the second type of foreskin problem. In order to give relief to some extent, you can try the following:
    a) Apply ice to the penis to reduce swelling and try to retract the foreskin back to its normal position.
    b) Apply soapy water or soap to the head or glans of the penis and try to retract the foreskin back to its normal position.
    c) Apply some natural oil like coconut oil or lubricants like vaseline on penis to lubricate the foreskin and try to bring back the skin to its original position.
    d) You can even visit a pharmacist and try corticosteroid cream or ointment like hydrocortisone. Apply it two or three times a day. Apply it on the inside, outside to tip of the foreskin so as to retrieve it to its original place. Do consult the pharmacist before getting the over-the-counter treatment.

    Even after doing the above steps, you are not able to retract your foreskin to its original position and you are still having swelling or pain at the tip, do visit a sexologist who would help you with the best medication after thorough examination and tests.

    Do remember that once your symptoms fade away or you are able to retract back the foreskin, always clean the penis daily with lukewarm water using mild soap. While cleaning, do retract the foreskin and clean. avoid using soap, shampoo, deodorant and talcum powder and after washing or shower dry it gently with a clean napkin or towel and after peeing do shake off the remaining or excess urine.

    Note: Anything in excess is harmful and you mentioned about 3-4 times sex within a span of 4 hours is actually vigorous and excess. Do enjoy sex regularly but refrain from excess as it can harm you and your sex life after a certain period.

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  • This is a condition caused due to excess blood flow in the penis and head area but the blood capillaries are not able to tackle it and swell with its pressure. Once the capillaries are swollen they force the adjoining muscles and tissues to be under strain and the condition of phimosis or para-phimosis is created. Sometimes it is a painful situation and requires corrective measures and an immediate advice of the doctor is to be sought. In many cases it is not serious and the swelling subsides itself. One has to divert the mind from there so that the stretched muscles start coming back to their normal position. This type of stretching has a possibility of repeating in future and one has to cautiously engage in sexual act.

    There are many methods and anti-inflammatory drugs and ointments are prescribed to get relieve from this situation but one method is there which is based on the ancient system of Yoga and Pranayam. In this method one has to sit on a flat stool or chair and inhale long breath and then release it slowly to outside and simultaneously try to contract the anus and front pelvic region to inside. Initially it will look difficult but slowly one can master it. The trick is in the contraction of all the bum region muscles to ones own direction as if one is pulling everything inside oneself. This exercise is to be done initially 5-10 times then increasing it to 20-25 times. This indirectly pulls the muscles and ligaments in the penis region also towards body and slowly the swelling and stretch at the penis and its head are released. If there is a difficulty in doing this exercise in sitting position then it can be done even in the sleeping posture.

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  • The Size of the penis changes from a flaccid state to an erect state on sexual arousal. In its original position, the skin covers the glans completely. But when it is getting erected it will get pulled back. After having sex if it is not coming back to its original position th following can be the positions.

    1. If you are not able to pull the skin back even a little also after sex there may be an emergency. In medical terminology, this is known as paraphimosis. The pain will be more in this position. This condition may lead to swelling. There may be congestion also. The important symptoms in this case are;

    1. Not being able to pull the foreskin back.
    2. At the end of the penis, there may be a Swelling
    3. A lot of pain and discomfort will also be there.
    4. Redness and tenderness
    5. One will have trouble in urinating

    The causes for this may include
    1. An infection.
    2. An injury to the area.
    3. Improper circumcision
    4. Diabetes.

    It is advisable to consult a doctor. He will examine you and do the needful so that the skin can be pulled forward to cover the glans. The doctor may prescribe some medicines also. Then you will be normal and will not have any problem with your all activities.

    2. The second condition is that you can't pull the skin completly but you can pull it partially. You will have pain. Doctors may suggest some medicines wherein swelling will come down and you will become normal. This condition is not as serious as the first one.

    Any such abnormality should be immediately noticed and consulting a doctor is very important. Too much sex is also a reason for these problems and we should have a limit on this also. Always it is advisable to clean the private parts after sex with warm water. It is advisable to add a little Dettol in that water. Simply wiping with a cloth is not adequate.

    When you notice such problem you can try by using some lubricant like coconut oil. You can also wash with cold water so that swelling may come down. It is also advisable to visit a doctor.

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  • The condition as stated by you is known as Paraphimosis, a serious condition noticeable in young men and adlocent having not been subjected to circumcision. In that condition, the foreskin of the penis is stuck behind the head of the penis and the same cannot be retracted back. It remains in such a condition for a prolonged time and as a result, it might swell up so much that the foreskin is trapped behind it.
    The causes behind such manifestations are as follows -
    1) Engagement of Repeated Sex within a short span of time.
    2) Infection
    3) Improper circumcision
    4) Improper Lubricants employed on the penis part such as Vaseline, Coconut- oil etc
    5) Improper Immunity such as Diabetes.
    Paraphimosis may cause unbearable pain and sometimes, it may develop infection.
    You should meet your doctor immediately if such a condition persists for the longer duration.
    He would examine the extent of swelling prescribing some antipyretic medicines so as to subside the pain. He may wrap your penis in a tight bandage. After the normalisation of the swelling your doctor should be able to pull the foreskin backdown.

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