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  • To enquire about google photos setting.

    Want to know if one sign in into two devices to access google photos? Wondering if this is possible? check out this Ask Expert page for responses and find out how to access photos on google.

    I want guidance regarding google photos. I have signed into two devices from my google account.
    Is it possible to access or upload photos of that second device on Google photos? That second device is not with me but my photos are in it and it is signed with same google account also.
    How do I recover those photos using Google photos? Please help.
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  • Google Photos is a free photo storage and sharing service provided by Google for storing our photos online in its storage space. This service was launched by Google in the year 2014 and is being availed by millions of the users across the globe. One can store high resolution photos and videos also there. One interesting thing about this is that it categorises the photo by its own recognition technique. For example if you search for the keyword 'wedding' it will bring all your wedding related photos to you. Another example is say 'Taj Mahal'. It will bring all the photos in which Taj Mahal is there to the screen in front of you. So it is a powerful service and one can install the Google Photo app in ones mobile. One can store as well as share photos using this service.

    So it is a good idea to store ones photos in Google Photos and relieve the mobile from that storage space as in mobile phone usually the whole space is occupied by the photos and videos.
    So, Google Photos is just like a cloud service and one can share ones photos to anywhere and the intended person or group there can view it. For the photos up to a resolution of 16 MP and videos up to 1080p one can store unlimited photos in Google Photo storage server but for higher resolution it is restricted as per the storage space given to the user (generally 15 GB) in his Google account that one can find out by going inside ones account. Beyond that one has to pay for the additional space (for higher resolution) around approximately $2/ month for each chunk of 100 GB.

    You can access the Google Photos from any device using your Google account. This service is linked to your Google account and email only. So it does not matter which device you are using. It works well with android or iOS or simply using the Google Photos website through a laptop or desktop. Whenever you want you can download the photos from Google Photos to your device. You can also delete some of the photos there if you wish so.

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  • Yes. You can view your photos in another device which is not being used by you regularly. You have to sign in to your Google account through your email address and password. Your Google Photos space is linked to your google account and email. So viewing from other devices is not a problem. I view my google photos on my Laptop. may smartphone and Ipad. There will not be any problem.

    First of all, you have to have your google account and you have to have your email. Once you have that you can go for this Google photos.

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  • I want to upload photos from that another device through my current device iam using. Os it possible?

  • Google Photo is a photo storage and sharing service provided by google. It provide free and unlimited storage service for storage of photos and videos. Best part is that it is safe and secure service. Its app is also available in google play store.

    You can open this app in your phone or any other device. If you want to open google photo in your mobile device. then open google photo app and then login into app using User ID and password of google account. All photos and video will be there. If you want to open google photo on desktop or laptop, for this you will have to do just login to your google account and select service ie. google photo. Now you can access all photo here on desktop or laptop.

    You can also access this app in multiple devices simultaneously. You will have to just login to the app using your User ID and password. It is linked to your google account so all photos are stored there. You can download or share or delete photos from there whenever you want.

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    Yogesh Wakchaure
    You can upload the photos to the Google Photo storage place (server) from any device directly but only thing is you should have internet date available in your device. If you do not have sufficient data then you have to copy and transfer your photos from one device to other using a pen drive or SD card or blue tooth or any other method so that then you can upload them from that particular device. It is also to be remembered that if the number of photos is large it will consume a lot of data for uploading. Hence one should have that type of data available for this purpose. If you want to download the photos back to your device then again you will require data. So, this is a type of hidden cost (data cost) in using the online storage facility. As relatively cheaper data is available now a days, we generally do not bother for this aspect but you have to check it as per your data plan available in that particular device.

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