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  • Suggest places of visit in Goa for December vacation

    Planning to visit Goa during the Christmas holidays? Get suggestions on the best places to visit and things to do from our experts.

    My sister and her family along with their relatives, i.e. a group of 15 are planning to visit Goa during their daughter's Christmas vacation. I would like experts to provide more details about the State and place of a visit, such as beaches, night outs, the ideal place for shopping, best restaurants, and food to try in Goa, etc. Also, since it is Christmas time, there may be many church festivals, etc that are popular in Goa. I would like to be provided with many details and some personal experiences, if any, for better information.
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  • I have visited Goa many times. I visited during different times and I feel December is the best month to visit this place. With the Goa temperature in December will be around 20'C. There are so many activities and events that will be happening in this state throughout the month.

    !. You can sit any beach and enjoy sunbathing
    2. There are no restrictions on Party timings. Through the night you can have the party. Generally, parties here will start only after midnight.
    3., Sunburn's festival is a very important event throughout December. International DJs will attend. Good food, music and dance will be there. You can just start dancing there and enjoy.
    4. If You love music, Goa is the place for you. You can enjoy different types of music in different places.
    5. Many water sports like Banana boat rides, jet-skiing, surfing, para-sailing etc. You can go for watersports.
    6. The Mandovi River Cruise is another activity you can enjoy.
    7. Many beaches and you can take long walks on all the beaches.
    8. Goa is having many churches which are very famous. They are St. Xavier's Church, the Archaeological Museum of old-Goa and the Naval Aviation Museum. You can visit them.
    9. You can visit the Galgibaga beach which is known as the turtle nesting beach of Goa.
    10. You can have Elephant splash rides. These rides will give a feeling that you are closer to the might of nature.
    11. In Goa, there are many wildlife sanctuaries. Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, M hadei Wildlife Sanctuary and Mollem National Park are some good examples.
    12. Every Saturday night there will be a market at Arpora. This market can be a fun night out. Street-DJs, food, fire-eaters, poi jugglers and others are very good to enjoy.
    13. You will get special seafood, cakes and pastries or just food, in this place.
    14. Massage, Ayurveda treatments, meditation and all kinds of spiritual healing are available for you in this place.
    15. There are many other places where you can enjoy your time.

    The following hotels you can try.
    1. Amavi by Sumera
    2. Nireas - Healthy Haven
    3. Zest.
    4. Copperleaf
    5. Little world.

    The best hotels to stay:

    1.Royal wood Beach Resort
    2.Casablanca Morjim
    3.Vivanta Goa, Panaji
    4.Passions de Goa
    5. Balaji INN.

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  • Goa is one of the best dream destination in India for the domestic as well as foreign tourists. It is known as the beach destination of India also. December is the time of Christmas and ideal time to visit Goa. In fact, there is a maximum footfall in Goa from all over the world in the month of December only.

    There are many attractions in Goa especially in the winter season. It comprises of beautiful beaches, swanky resorts, vibrant nightclubs, mesmerising casinos, open air fairs and exhibitions, beach parties, New year and Christmas parties etc. Some of the main attractions and places to visit are as follows -

    1. New Year party at Anjuna Beach – This is a place for a fun-filled and vibrant new year party. It is situated at 18 kilometres from Panaji and 8 kilometres west of Mapusa, North Goa. During the new year time there is a very lively and exhilarating scene at this beach and many activities like dancing with fire are seen here. There are beach shacks and pubs here and one can join the party anywhere. Most of the pubs are well decorated and are thronged by the crowd for lively musical performances and delicious food.

    2. Mid night mass in the churches in Goa - During Christmas time this is a very spectacular event observed in the various churches of Goa. The streets are decorated and there is a scent of the celebrations everywhere. Bakeries are filled with variety of cakes and puddings. Special dinners are available in the restaurants. Some of the delicious dishes available there are roasted turkey, pork sorpotel, assorted grilled seafood and bebinca (layered dessert).

    3. Midnight Shopping in Arpora Saturday night market (flea market) - Arpora is situated in the North Goa beach belt. It is famous for its interesting range of articles including Goanese souvenirs which are very attractive to the tourists. The markets opens from the month of November to April and opens at 6 PM in the evening on Saturdays and remains open throughout the night. This is a good place to eat seafoods also.

    4. Water sports in Dona Paula Bay – For the brave hearts and the bold ones this is the right place to enjoy the water sports like kite surfing, dinghy sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and scuba driving. For some time it was under maintenance and renovation so one should first enquire about it there before planning to visit it.

    5. Water sports at Cidade De Goa – This is a 5-star resort but one need not to stay here for the water sports which can be booked separately. This is located in the sprawling Vainguinim beach of Goa.

    6. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Chorao Island - Those who have a love for nature can go to this place. It is the ideal place to visit in the winters. One can watch here the domestic and migratory birds in the fascinating bird sanctuary. This place is a favourite for nature lovers and trekkers.

    7. Art of literary festival - This festival is observed in the month of December. People having interest in art and literature can attend it.

    8. Mondo Festival - For those who have a liking for songs and dances this is a must see festival. This is mainly a song dance romantic performance and is very entertaining and is popular among tourists.

    9. Mollem National Park - This is a very nice park having a variety of flora and fauna. This is an ideal place for a one day picnic and there are added attractions like Dudhsagar falls and bird watching. One can find birds like Blue Mormon, Golden Oriole, and kingfisher inside the park.

    10. Candolim Beach Festival - This is a place situated in North Goa where in the month of December many local and outside artist show their talent at this music festival. Worth attending for those who have a love for music.

    There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Goa apart from private lodges and guest houses and lodging is not a problem. Some of the reasonably priced but good places to stay are - The Rivasa Resort, Santana Beach Resort, Phoenix Park Inn Resort, Ondas do Mar Beach Resort Phase 2, Lazylagoon Sarovar Portico Suites, Aldeia Santa Rita, Fahrenheit Hotels and Resorts, Cygnett Lite Celestiial etc.

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  • Lets have few among best places to visit including beaches in the below sections.

    Baga Beach is the most famous of all Goan beaches. There is always something exciting going on here and its surrounding areas will not give you time to get bored.

    Calangute Beach being the largest beach in Goa affectionately known as the "Queen of Beaches" comes among the top ten beaches in the world which means it is one of the tourist places in Goa that you should not miss. Pl. note that since this is connected to most other important tourist spots in North Goa, it would be an ideal place to reside in during Goa visit. This offers you with the in-water sports like the enjoy kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, water snorkelling, water-skiing, and fishing etc. Parasailing is also a sport that one can enjoy if not feared for such plays.

    The Bom Jesus Basilica could be one of the important places and the tourists spots wherein the incorrupt body of St Francis Xavier is kept and is also the central landmark for Catholics in Goa. The visitor can also enjoy the gallery of Modern Art which is also a part of the Basilica. The construction is baroque style and cam be considered one of the best examples of baroque architectures in India.

    If the visitor is good enough time then he can put in the list continuing with Casino Cruise, The Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, Chapora Fort, Todo Falls, Divar Island, Arvalem Waterfall.

    Mapusa Friday Market & Anjuna Flea Market can be the ideal place for shopping.

    One can also visit the Naval Aviation Museum, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, Mollem National park.

    One thing for sure that beaches could be the most entertaining and satisfactory among all.

  • There are two parts in Goa. One is South Goa and the other one is North Goa. I would suggest you or family to stay in Panjim which is almost center to both and you can enjoy either parts of the Goa.

    In general, December is the peak moment as numbers of foreigners will be there and climate will be normal. May-June is for Indians (school holidays) but hot or very hot climate. Since December is the peak moment, the Hotel or Resort or Hostel's room tariff will be higher at this time compare to non-season. It is better to pre-book with certain discount if available.

    There are many option in Panjim for stay, easy access, shopping and food items etc. There are ferry trip too available in Panjim. There is a Miramar (beach) location and it is near to Panjim as well. This place is one of the best to visit and enjoy the Dolphin show in Miramar beach. You will find residential area too beside green atmosphere around.

    If you are a Non-veg, or loves sea-food then Panjim is the best place to spend to buy fresh or cooked fish and prawn etc. from Market or nearby restaurant.

    Baga, Calangute, Margao, Colva, Cola, Anjuna and Palolem beaches etc. are well known to enjoy the nature and para-gliding, surfing and boating etc.

    There are many more places to see in South and North Goa beside little outer of Goa (like Doodh sagar). Many historical places in Goa including old Churches, Temples, Mosque and Forts etc. If you have enough time and patience then you can really visit many places for memorable moment.

  • With the drop of temperature of almost in all places of India, Goa would prove to be a place of utmost enjoyment with the temperature hovering round 20 degree centigrade.Goa would prove to be a remarkable place in December because of indulgence in numerous activities such as taking parts in water - sports, enjoying sea - foods, music - festivals etc.
    Some of the activities which you could enjoy are given below -
    1) Water - activities - The azure water of Goa offers myriad range of options. You can in memorable water activities in different places such as Baga, Candolin, Vagatore and Anjuna - beaches.
    2) Sunbathing- You may soak up the Sun on the lovely beaches which could fill your vacation full of pleasure in both North and South Goa. The places to be seen in
    North Goa - Baga, Candolim, Vagatore and Anjuna etc.
    South Goa - Colva, Agonda, Betul, Butterfly, Paloem etc
    3) Hot Air Baloon - ride -
    It is not just the ride that offers you an incredible experience but you also avail of the chance to help staff with the inflation of Baloon.
    4) Cycling at Chorao Island - Cycling at Chorao Island will help you to be fresh and relaxed. You can explore the forest trails o two wheels as you proceed through beautiful golden grass and the eye catching Coconut - trees.
    5) Club Hopping- you may enjoy the the night life in Goa and it will never let you down in the places at Nerul, Candolim and Colonna between 2130 hrs and 0330 hrs.
    6) Mandovi River Cruise - In December, the Mandovi River Cruise offers unique coastal Goa - experience. The two hour sun - set cruise also comprises an entertainment show and dinner. You can make a plan for the overnight stay at around Rs 3000/-. All cruises would depart from the Santa Monica Jetty next to Mandovi Bridge.
    7) Christmas- celebration - There are over 400 churches and hence Christmas in Goa is an experience to be remembered. The streets are full of live, decorated trees and full of twinkling lights. Attend the midnight mass at Missa de Galo, Basillaca of Bom Jesus, Inmaculate conceplem churches.
    8) Dudhsagar Falls - December is the appropriate time when Dudhsagar falls are in their full form roaring wild. It is situated inside the Mollen National Park. You could even trek to the falls to add your thrilling experience.
    9) Mollen National Park - If you are interested to see the wild side of Goa, step inside the Mollen National Park just to have the glimpses of animals and plants. Amazing water falls are located inside the park. If you are the avid bird watcher, this would seem to be right place. You would witness Blue Mormon, Golden Oriole, King Fisher etc.
    10) Saturday Night Goa Market- If interested for the shopping spree, do visit the fleet markets in Goa for the best and cheap buys. From dresses to bags to blankets, you would find everything at this market. This market remains opened from 7 pm to the early dawn to next morning to enhance your shopping spree.

  • Goa is indeed an excellent choice for vacation destination in Christmas holidays. Goa has a wide range of beaches to enjoy for family vacations. while planning your vacation for a group of 15 members, you should keep in mind the choice preference of different age group people. It is always better to keep your picnic plans in such ways that everyone is given ample time and place to enjoy. Here are some of the options you can keep in mind while planning a family picnic in Goa -
  • Special attractions in Goa for kids: When you have kids in your family the your travel plans must include places like, Abyss Marine Fish Aquarium, Naval Aviation Museum, Mollem National park, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary and Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Goa. These places are not only fun to visit but also they can provide a learning experience for the children. Kids and whole faily can also enjoy the Dolphin show in Miramar beach.

  • Water Sports: Baga beach, Calangute beach, Margao beach, Colva beach, Cola beach, Anjuna beach, Palolem beach and Dona Paula Bay are well known for water sports such as Banana ride, para-gliding, surfing, jet-skiing, para sailing and boating etc.

  • Churches in Goa : In Goa one can find numerous churches which have beautiful construction style and divine atmosphere. Among these numerous churches the most popular and must visit churches are the St Francis Xavier Church and the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. There are Mid night mass conducted in various churches in Goa.

  • Temples in South Goa : South Goa which is also known as "Dakshin Kashi" is surrounded by beautiful nature trails and divine temples. Some of the aged people in the family are not satified enough with the fun activities in the most of the Goa tour. But a visit to the most popular Shanta Durga temple and Mangeshi temple will surely give them peaceful feeling.

  • Food lover's paradise: Goa is really a paradise for the Foodies. You can get world class cuisines in Goa such as, Indian cuisine, Chinese, Italian, French, continental, etc. Goa has a wide range of its own recipes in vegeterian and non-vegeterian range. But the most popular in goan food in sea food range.
    Food lovers must also visit "Spice Garden" in Goa. Spice garden is a nature trail one day picnic spot, which also offers fabulous food along with a walk in the real farm of spices plantation.

  • Shopping in Goa: For the people who are always on a shopping spree there are lots of options in Goa. Arpora Saturday night market, Mapusa Friday Market & Anjuna Flea Market top the list of various popular places for shopping in Goa.

  • Clubs and casinos: Goa has a tremendous beautiful night life for those who enjoy discotheques, clubs and casinos.

  • Cruise Tour in Goa: one can find various tour packages for 1 hour to full night ride ranging from as low as Rs.500 to more lavish cruise for upto Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000. These cruise tours mostly offer a combination of DJ restaurants over the deck. In christmas or on the new year eve, some cruise also offer a beautiful view of fireworks.

  • Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

  • Goa is known for its beautiful beaches. It is a very beautiful place for having fun. If you are planning to visit this place then the winter season is the best time. During this period, the weather is pleasant and you can do full enjoy it here. There are many attractive places in Goa where you can visit are as follows:-
    1.Baga beach - It is a famous beach in North Goa that attracts thousands of tourists and watersports lovers. It is one of the best beach in Goa that stays awake the whole night. It is called "The Hometown of Nightlife". This beach is famous for its cranky music celebrations by late-night, mouth-watering food, designer shops, and adventure sports. This Beach is also best-known for its jet skiing, parasailing, banana ride and boating water-sports.
    2. Calangute Beach - It is known as the "Queen of Beaches" in Goa. It caters to all types of travellers, from nature lovers to adventure junkies to party freaks. it reflects the culture of Goa as well as offer beautiful and scenic views of the surrounding landscapes, which act as the perfect getaway destination for anyone who wishes to seek peace and rest. This beach has a lot to offer like beer, food, to junk jewellery, clothes, trinkets and pawn items. People often visit the beach to view mesmerising sunrises and sunsets which are a special feature of Calangute Beach.
    3. Dudhsagar Waterfalls - It is situated on the Goa-Karnataka border. The four-tiered waterfall structure is one of the tallest in India and is located on the Mandovi river.
    4. Tito's Street - It is one of the best clubs in the goa. It is named on the name of the street location. It attracts a lot of people because of its prime location. The club is known for its excellent services and this is called talk of the town, so make sure you try them out.
    5. Club Cubana - It is called the "Nightclub in the Sky". It is an appropriate name for a club located in a remote location on top of the Arpora hill in North Goa and it is also the top places to visit in Goa. Club Cubana is a great attraction for partygoers. It has revolving flashlights which show their colourful lights all over the neighbourhood all night long, thereby attracting people.
    Fort trial heritage hotel, Surya Kiran heritage hotel, Vivanta Goa, Hare Rama are some of the popular hotels of goa where people prefer to stay.
    Goa offers a lot of Adventure Sports to Travellers who wish to Indulge in adventure Sports and Outdoor activities Like Bungy Jumping, Hang Gliding, Hot Air Ballooning, Paragliding, Parasailing, Scuba driving etc.

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