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  • Admission to Bachelor of Pharmacy Practice Bridge course.

    Planning to opt for B.Pharm Practice Bridge course? Wondering what is the admission procedure? Find suggestions from ISC experts on this page for all your queries.

    Pharmacy Diploma or D.Pharm is a basic course in Pharmacy. The course is being conducted by government and private pharmacy colleges in our country. The duration of the course is two years. The admissions process is headed by the Directorate of Health Education. Candidates who have passed Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Mathematics / Biotechnology / Computer Science are eligible to apply.

    The Pharmacy Council of India has decided to discontinue D.Pharm courses by 2020. Pharmacy Council has also decided to conduct a two-year Bachelor of Pharmacy Practice Bridge course for those who have studied D.Pharm. Those who have studied D.Pharm to work after 2020 must pass this bridge course.

    I want to know more about the Bachelor of Pharmacy Practice Bridge course.
    Experts, can you please give me details about the admission procedure of the Bachelor of Pharmacy Practice Bridge course.
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  • The government of India has permitted the Pharmacy Council of India to conduct a 2 years bridge course for the diploma holders in Pharmacy. The main intention of this course is to give a chance to the practicing diploma in Pharmacy holders. This will help them to know the new drug developments and other latest trends taking place in this field. This is known as BACHELOR OF PHARMACY (PRACTICE).

    The course will teach to the students the advance specialization in the areas of Clinical Therapeutics/Pharmacy Practice. This will enable the students to get the graduation certificate and work on par with graduates in the field. These graduates can also take up research in the above mentioned fields also,

    A person who has a diploma in pharmacy with a minimum of 4 years is eligible for this course. They should submit a copy of their Pharmacist licence as a proof for their experience and they have to submit a letter from a competent authority mentioning about his experience. The candidate should submit a NOC from the employer for joining the course.

    The timings are flexible so that the working professionals can attend this course.

    The following subjects are taught in this course.
    1. Pathophysiology and Pharmacotherapeutics.
    2. Pharmacy Practice.
    3.Applied Pharmaceuticals
    3. Social Pharmacy
    4. Clinical Assignments

    The course fees will be about Rs.70000/- per semester and admission fee about Rs.10000/-.

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  • B. Pharm (Practice), bridge course has been already started in some deemed universities in our country and is basically aimed to provide better pharmaceutical professionals in the industry. It was long felt as compared to the international standards that only diploma in pharmacy was not sufficient to conduct the related work by the professionals and that finally lead to introduction of this bridge course. The main idea is to enhance the knowledge of the existing pharmacists in the area of drug dispensing, adverse drug reaction, patient counselling, rational and irrational drug combination and medication dosage advice etc. These are very critical things related to speedy recovery of a patient and no chance can be taken for any mistakes in these matters.

    This course is available to those diploma holders who have got at least 4 years of practice in the pharmacy discipline. Another thing is that it is a part time course so that the pharmacist can keep continue their jobs. The purpose of this course is merely to enhance the medical knowledge of the existing diploma holders and not simply earn a degree certificate. After completing the bridge course the pharmacist will get registered with the Pharmacy Council of India. The existing diploma holders will not get affected by this and will continue their work. Only thing is doing this bridge course will open new scopes for the pharmacists in big pharmaceutical companies.

    So practically now the complete pharma course is of 4 years comprising of 2 years of diploma and 2 years of this bridge course. Many universities might start an integrated pharma course with this development. This will also require a clarification from the UGC that how the guidelines in the matter will be issued by them (UGC). Currently, only some deemed universities have started this bridge programme.

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  • Bachelor of Pharmacy of Bridge course comprises a degree certificate of having passed the course and the examination as prescribed by the Pharmacy Council of India Regulation 2014.
    The duration of the course is two academic year with each year session not less than 180 days.
    Eligibility- criteria for admission to Pharmacy Bridge Course is as follows -
    1)The minimum qualification is a pass in diploma of the pharmacy course from an institution approved by Pharmacy Council of India approved under the Pharmacy - act 1948.
    2) A Minimum four year Pharmacy - practice experience.
    3) Proof of NOC from the employer if working in a hospital or a health - centre.
    While studying this course, the aspirants have to acquire theoretical knowledge in the subjects mentioned below -
    1) Pathophisiology and Pharmaco Therapeutics
    2) Pharmacy Practice
    3) Applied Pharmactual
    4) Social Pharmacy
    5) Clinical Assignments .
    Some of the Institutions ideal for persuing the course are given below -
    1) Chitkara College of Pharmacy, Chitkara University, Patiala, Punjab.
    2) SGT College of Pharmacy, SGT University, Chandu Bhudera Road, Gurgaon.
    3) School of Pharmacy, Abhilashi University, Dist - Mandi, HP.
    4) Geetanjali Institute of Pharmacy, Extension Manwakhera, Udaipur.
    5) National College of Pharmacy, KMCT Medical Campus, Manassery, PO -,Mukkam, Calicut,

  • plz suggest college in delhi for bridge course after d pharma.

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