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  • How to face exams without fear?.

    Wondering how to avoid stress and give exams? Looking out for details regarding how to prepare and be confident for exams? On this page our experts shall provide you with solid advice to resolve your fears.

    The months February and March is the season of the public exams. CBSE 10th and 12th class public exams 2020 will begin in the month of February. Kerala Board 10th and 12 exams 2020 will be in the month of March.

    What have learned in a year is tested in two or three hours. Exams are a crucial and essential part of the school education era. Moreover, one's higher studies and career opportunities depend upon the marks scored in the exams. So, how to study well, how to deal with the exam without fear, what are the ways to use learning skills properly are very important.

    A major problem facing children during exams season is the fear of exam. Students should have a clear understanding of how to face the exams without any fear. Experts, please give help to students for these problems.

    How to prepare for the coming exams?. How to face the exams without fear?.
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  • There is a story. One traveller while moving on his way held up in a den. To rescue him he hide himself in a cave. He find thick dark inside. He thought himself it is better if some light is there. Immediately light came there. Wondered traveller it is good if something available to eat. Immediately a good feast came before him. With much interest hungry traveller ate every thing. Then he think if some bed available he would sleep. Immediately a sophisticated bed came there. Then this person think whether it is a demon's work. A demon came before him. Feared traveller think whether the demon kill him. Immediately the demon killed him.
    So good thoughts before anything yield good unwanted fear kill him.

  • No doubt when it is exam time the fear and tension would there for the student and parents. But how to face the exam is the question and it is easy too. According to me, I trained my children to read the daily lessons and also prepare for the tomorrow lesson today itself so that the child can give full attention in the class and the understanding of the portions would be good without any doubts. Once the child gets updated on a daily basis, there is no question of any backlog of questions to be remembered or verified. And those who prepare from the beginning can remember the entire textbook portions and thus no fear to face the exam.

    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

  • To fetch impressive marks in any examination is an art and needs a thorough planning with the allocation of sufficient time for each paper included for the examination. I am enlisting a few points for the benifits of the aspirants appearing either for class ten or twelve examination conducted by CBSE Board. The same points would be applicable for the Kerala Board. The points are as follows -
    1) Solve the previous year question papers of last seven years and see how much comfortable you are with the questions set in such examinations. If you feel your preparation is deficient in that direction, you need to see the solutions of such questions which you think difficult to attempt. You may take guidance of your class teacher or the concerned teacher of the subject of the coaching institute being attended by you.
    2) Refer to your text books of each subjects and basics are to be understood sincerely. Make a note book for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology enlisting all the relevant formulaes connected with the subjects. However, the same is not applicable for Biology. In Biology for quick revision, sketch - diagrams indicating proper terms would be required. For Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics indications of formulaes and its proper use has to be revised frequently so as to avoid the last minute stress of the examination.
    3) It is not advisable to refer to a lot of books on each subject. This may create confusion. Stick to your own text books.
    4) Revisions of each subject is to be taken up very frequently so as not to forget any vital point related to the subject.
    5) Give equal priority to each subject and allocate time for the subject accordingly.
    6) Avoid spicy and oily diets during the period of your examination. Include Milk, Almond and Walnuts in a little quantity providing your body enough nutrients so as to keep your body fit.
    7) Take rest for at least seven hours in night so that you remain fresh and active during the period of examination.

  • This is the main problem in our education system. The result of the whole year's struggle will be tested in 3 hours. A person who is good at the subject may have some problem on that specific day and he will be in difficulties.

    Many students will have this examination fear. The teachers and the parents should train them from the beginning and monitor their performance. There should be some practice sessions and the students should take these sessions also seriously and they should start preparing well for the examinations. Many schools will conducted practice examinations . They will conduct two or three such examinations so that the students will get accustomed to writing examinations. In some schools they will even declare the results and try to encourage the students.

    In our houses also we should see that our wards will face the examinations confidently. We should also conduct 2 or 3 mock drills so that they know how to attempt writing the examinations.

    All students should complete the study well in advance of the examination and they should not do night outs during examination. By the time the examinations start, the student complete the syllabus and just brush the subject once before going for the examinations. He should have a relaxed mind and should not get tensed. They should have sufficient sleep and should develop confidence that they can face the examination well.

    While studying the subject he should understand the subject but should not by-heart without understanding the subject. One should get up early on the day of examination and should have peace of mind and should not be thinking about the examination. One should not have any negative thoughts and they should go to examination with positive thoughts. Some people try to refer the subject till the last moment. At least two hours before, they should stop referring the subject and have a confident mind.

    The parent should never discourage the wards and give them confidence so that they will have a positive attitude. Keeping calm and cool and going to the examination with a positive frame of mind is very important.

    always confident

  • Many students have the fear of the exam. It is a very common thing and the main reason is that one has to give the gist of ones study and performance in those 2-3 crucial hours. So fear of exam is a genuine fear and has certain psychological manifestations also.

    What can be done to avoid this unwanted fear at the time of exams? There are methods and measures to cope up with this and some are as follows -

    1. Students who do their studies well in advance during the year and do not postpone their syllabus for the eleventh hour are likely to get less anxiety at the time of exam. So it requires making time table and adhering to that right from the beginning of the academic year. This also helps in distributing the course evenly throughout the year.

    2. Managing the time is one of the crucial factors in the life of a student and he has to take full advantage of the available time and not waste it in unproductive things. Some hobbies like hearing music can be done in parallel with the studies as the soothing music in the background can help in focussing to the studies much. It also helps in not distracting by the external sound disturbances due to nearby traffic or neighbourhood irritating sounds.

    3. Taking small breaks amid the studies. This is a very important factor and many students do no understand its importance and finish the studies for taking the long awaited big break. No, it is not correct. Remember, there are no big study breaks in the life of a student. It is a continuous endeavour and that only will help in scoring high in the forthcoming exams.

    4. Another thing which is of paramount importance is managing the stress levels. It is a common thing that when a test like exam looms on our head there are good chances that we get stressed. So, we have to deal with this evil effectively. If a student has done his studies well in advance and has covered the syllabus properly, he will have less chances of getting unnecessarily stressed as he is well prepared for it. In addition, one has to be a bit alert on this front that being stressed diminishes our cognitive energies and our performance in the exam can be effected by it even though we have well prepared. So, remember stress is our enemy and we have to fight with it with full force. Having little physical activities here and there, having a short stroll in the open air and having a small chit-chat during those short breaks is the time tested way to reduce stress levels significantly.

    5. Our physical fitness is a very important thing in our life and our performance sometimes depend on that much and one has to be very careful on that account. During exam times one has to be careful in not taking excess food as it will lead to lethargy in the body which will simply make one lazy. One has to avoid junk food also and go for nutritive items like fruits, salads, nuts etc. Drinking a lot of water will help keeping the body cool and hydrated.

    6. Many students are advised to make bulleted notes in form of small pocket cards and keep them in the pocket so that they can revise those things on the go or traveling from one place to another. I also feel that it is one of the best ways to revise the crucial points. It will also help in lessening the fear of the exam.

    7. Please note that we are studying for our career and a bright future and are not doing any favour to our family or friends. It is a personal choice. So take it as your own baby and take care of it as much as possible. You will reap as you sow.

    8. Student life is a life of devotion and dedication. It requires total calm and peace. So one has to avoid any conflict or confrontation with others as it will disturb in studies and hamper the overall goal and objective. One has to remove unnecessary things from ones mind as more space is required for the immediate objective that is studies and studies only.

    9. Discipline is the key to success and adhering to the time table will make a person confident and bold and then there will be no place for fear in ones life.

    10. Remember the mantra that fear will adversely affect your score in the exam for which you were toiling hard day and night and you have to keep it away during those crucial 2-3 hours inside the examination hall.

    Knowledge is power.

  • Examinations important part of our lifestyle.

    Q. Type of examinations
    1) examination in daily life
    2) examination in the reference of education

    Q. How to face examination in daily life
    The life is the series of experiences and examinations. Nature and our lifestyle tests us at every step. That's why the first type of examination is more important than second type. We should always read books and stories about the persons who have won against bad situations because these stories will tell us that nothing is bigger than the efforts of human

    Story1) Dashrath Manjhi who had made the road or path from the chest of mountain. That's why he is called mountain man. Instarting the people didn't help him
    But in the end He won.

    This type storage give us new confidence to fight against problems.

    Q.2) how to face the examination related to education?
    First of all set your goal and follow these steps-
    1) first of all try to study continuously from the starting of session
    2) made time table and follow it
    3) your session should be pre planned
    4) give more and more test so that the fear of examination cannot win by you.
    5) study more and more in last months before examination
    6) practice for answer writing
    7) develop your presentation skills
    8) be positive
    9) kyon your examination and achieve good marks.

    The first category of examination is more important than second category because life is education and education is life.

  • Exam fear is common amongst students.
    The following ways in which exam fear can be tackled-

    1. STUDY NOW
    Study everyday no matter what happens. The number of hours don't matter as long as you are focussed and comprehending the concepts and terminology.

    2. Revision

    Revision is mandatory. Studying is vain if you don't revise the study materials. Revision helps in better rentention.

    3. Recall and repeat
    Recall the studied lessons occasionally verbally without peeking in the books and study materials. Repeat this process as many times as you can to improve your memory rentention power and capability.

    4. Don't favour tantrums
    Avoid tantrums. Don't panic. Believe in yourself. Be confident and don't let negative thoughts win over you.

    5. Priority
    The first thing which must be in your mind is to study and complete the syllabus. Don't be in a rush but be on a steady pace. Be devoted towards your study and health goals.

    6. Health
    Study for 40-45 mins and take 10-15 mins. During those small breaks, regain your mental and physical health by refreshing your mind and rejoicing. Don't be hard on yourself.

    7. Syllabus
    At times, questions come out of syllabus. Remember 80% questions come from the syllabus so, be prepared with the whole syllabus. Don't miss out any topic due to any kind of negligence or excuse. Cover the whole syllabus and clear all your doubts before the commencement of the examination dates.

    8. Notes
    Electronic notes are not so beneficial in the long run even though most people nowadays favour e-learning. It's best to make notes in hard copy and in our own handwriting for better comprehension and to avoid any kind of discrepancy and errors.

    9. Teach yourself

    It's easy to fool yourself because no one can fool you except your ownself.
    Learn the study lessons and then teach the lessons in front of a mirror without any kind of reference material.

    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

  • Exam is just a step to reach your goal, then why are you afraid one of your steps.
    Don't bother yourself to take it as burden, believe me exams are nothing but just a process to show your knowledge and talent.

    Here I am giving you some tips just follow them and improve you confidence.

    Do not forget about your goal - there must be a goal of your life right so just keep your focus on your goal and think that this exam is just a way to achieve that goal your fear would be lesser then before.

    Timetable - Most and most important to make a timetable, do not feel like its a childish thing but trust me when you make your own timetable you like to follow it, here are some point keep in mind while making time table -

    A. Timing set as per your comforter and as per you family environment because both will affect your study.
    B Keep your favorite subjects in starting of you study.
    C Keep all important things with you while start study.
    D Do not take long breaks during study time.
    E Last but not the least mention your mobile used timing also in your timetable and when its time to study keep aside you phone.

    Mediation - Students should meditate daily at least for 10 minutes it will increase your brain power and concentration. Di it in the morning will give a fast result.

    Talk to your people - Go and talk with those to whom you feel confer table and same time with whom you get a positive frequencies, when you feel fear of exam go and spend some time with them.

    When you feel fear about exam just stop studying and take previous exams papers and start answering the old questions you will find it as much you answer the questions your fear will gone, this process boost confidence.

    Always remember one thing exams are just a normal questions which you have already learn many times so you just need to explain these answers in the copy in a systematic ways so examiner will like it.

    Be relaxed and continue your preparation, All the best.

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