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  • Query about my AKTU 1st semester backlog

    Having a backlog in semester examination? Wondering about when the exam will be scheduled and will this be mentioned in my mark sheet? On this page ISC experts shall respond to your query so that you can resolve your query.

    I am a first year engineering student in AKTU. I missed my 3 theory exams of 1st semester. I want to know:
    1- when will my carryover exam take place
    2- when I will cover my carryover exam will I be mentioned in my yearly marksheet
    3- will it affect my placement opportunities
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  • Your backlogs should be cleared before you complete your degree. Then only your chances of getting a good job is better. They will be conducting the examination two times every year and you have to attend those examinations and clear the examinations. Your marks sheet will give the details of month and year of you passing the examination. If you finish the course by the time you complete your four years you will have better chances. Otherwise it will be difficult.

    It is never advisable to have backlogs and write supplementary examination. The load on you will increase as you have to study backlog subjects as well as this year's subjects also. Because of this pressure sometimes we may not be able to farewell in the examinations. This will affect your overall performance and you may not get required percentage. When the people are coming for campus recruitments they will give more importance to the students who don't have any backlogs. So you should complete the backlogs before you come to third year and then you should complete all the subjects in your first attempt. Then only you will have chances to get campus recruitment.

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  • Backlogs are to be cleared before you complete the entire session of your engineering course. Backlogs create unnecessary pressure to the candidates because of their constant thinking on that issue. But you should keep a cool mind and devote some time to clear the backlog. You may even meet your professor of the subject and discuss how best these papers can be cleared in the next time. Session of each semester is of six month duration and hence in a given year, the examination will be conducted twice and you must avail of such oppurtunities to clear the back logs.
    Failure to clear the backlogs in time would produce severe strain within your mind and may affect your performance for the overhaul tests. The remaining backlog papers will multiply your load in respect of preparations of the remaining papers included in a given semester.
    In case of your campus interview attended by the expert of the companies, they would see your performance of each semester and non clearance of backlogs will be viewed seriously from their ends and it would create a bad impression in relation to your performance. Hence it is always better to give utmost priority to clear the backlogs in time.
    Normally the campus interview is held when you are in the sixth semester and by that time, it should have been cleared. Your selection in the campus interview would depend upon your final performance in the interview before the Board, impressive scorings in each semester and free from backlogs.
    In regard to your query regarding your questions, answers are as follows -
    1) Semester - system examinations are held twice ie in the month of January and July every year. Hence you may appear for your backlogs during such sessions.
    2) Your mark sheet would indicate the month and year of passing such backlogs.
    3) It will not affect your placement- oppurtunities provided you clear the same before your final semester of your engineering session. If you clear the backlogs before you enter sixth semester, your recruiter would be pleased to see that your mark - sheets are free from backlogs.

  • Sometimes backlogs or arrears are inevitable and they start cumulating. More they cumulate more it becomes difficult to clear them in time. So best strategy is try to clear the papers on the earliest opportunity. Anyway, due to many reasons sometimes backlogs accumulate and we have to clear them. Every semester exam gives a opportunity to clear them along with the usual current subject papers. In case of backlogs there is definitely more load on the students and one has to give more time for studies. If you clear the backlogs in time that is before the last semester then you will not have any difficulty in placement also or campus recruitment also.

    What I will suggest is take the studies seriously and chalk out a good time-table for your studies giving slots for the backlog papers. Please note that backlog papers are as important as the current regular papers. You have to clear all of them if you are really serious for your career.

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  • Many students have got arrears or backlogs of their papers in the graduation time and the institutions allow to cover up them later within the specified tenure of the course. In some courses even an extra period of 2 years can be given as extended period for completing them. But that is definitely an adverse thing as far as the opportunity for a job is considered. The employer will definitely not like to enrol such students who have completed the course in an extended period. It is required that as far as possible the student should complete his semester papers within the tenure of the degree course so that the accumulated load of studies does not bring unnecessary strain on oneself. The syllabus is already divided in parts as per the semesters and carrying the load of one semester to the subsequent semester is not a healthy practice though it is allowed by the institutions.

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