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  • What to see in Ooty, Tamilnadu?

    Are you planning a holiday trip to Ooty? Interested in knowing detail regarding the best time to visit, the major attractions, budget hotels etc.? Here, on this page scroll through the responses from experts for your query.

    My friend is planning to visit to Ooty / Uthagamandalam, Tamil Nadu and would like to know from me as what to see in Ooty. Not been there and no idea about it except few online clips.
    What is the best time to visit Ooty?
    Is it good to visit during December or January month?
    What are the best places to visit in Ooty?
    Cheap and best hotels in Ooty?
    Kindly share your experience if any.
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  • 1. Oort is also known as "Queen of . It is also known as "Udagamandalam"
    2, It is a place to visit without fail for the people who love mountains,
    3, It is the best station in South India,
    4. This place is very famous for tea gardens and waterfalls.
    5. The atmosphere is very peaceful and cool. So one will enjoy walking here on the roads. People who are accustomed to very hot sun, this place will definitely be a good destination,
    6. This place is very good people who got recently married and for honeymooners.
    7.The toy train journey is very good and one can have a panoramic view of this beautiful place while sitting in the train seat.
    8. The Niligiri Mountain Railways is the steepest railway track in Asia.

    Places to visit,
    1. Nilgiri Mountsin Railway
    2,Ooty lake,
    3,Ooty botanical gardens.
    4.Emerald lake
    5. Ooty rose gardens
    6,St. Stephen's church
    7. Thread gardens
    8.Kalhatty falls
    9.Tiger hill station
    10. Dolphin nose
    11.Annamalai temple.

    There are many more places to watch depending on your time and interest. These days trekking is also getting importance in this place. It is a very good place to visit in summer. I visited this place many times. I enjoyed my trip with my family here in December end, At that time it is cold. I visited this place in April Aldo. But I enjoyed my stay in December here,

    You can try the following hotels to stay,

    1,Two seas Residency
    3.Treebo trend light house.
    5.Western Vally Resorts
    6.Green Moon Residency.

    always confident

  • Ooty is a very good tourist place in South India. It has many hill Stations, Lake View, Gardens and so. Hence it is also called as "Queen of Hills". The Pleasant air, chill weather, and cool climate attracts young Couples to come and Visit. Not only young couples, almost all people like this place. Traveling in a toy train Journey and Boating is a wonderful experience.

    The best time to visit Ooty is between the months of October to June.

    October to February: This is the best time for sightseeing. It is the winter session and possibly the temperature can go below 5 degrees Celsius also. The Night times are coldest in January and February.

    March to June: the best time to visit Ooty is during the summer months from March to June. The Weather during this time period is generally pleasant and the temperature does not rise beyond 20 degrees Celsius. This is undoubtedly the best tourist season in Ooty. Many culture programs are conducted during this festival.

    July to September: In these months the Ooty has the monsoon season. Between these months, the season disturbs sightseeing because of the heavy rainfall.

    Best places to visit in Ooty:
    1) Nilgiri Mountain Railway,
    2) Emerald Lake,
    3) Rose Garden,
    4) Ooty Lake,
    5) Stone House
    6) Botanical Garden,
    7) Kalhatty Waterfalls,
    8) Kamraj Sagar Dam,
    9) Pykara Waterfalls,
    10) Mudumalai National Park,
    11) Doddabetta Peak,
    12) St. Stephen's Church,
    13) The Tea Factory
    14) The Tea Museum
    15) Botanical Gardens
    16) Government Rose Gardens
    17) Avalanche Lake
    18) Ooty Lake
    19) Hyderabadi Biriyani House.

    Best Budget Hotels in Ooty
    1) Gem Park –Ooty
    2) Sterling Ooty Fern Hill
    3) FebHotel Khems Ooty
    4) Meadows Residency- Ooty
    5) Hotel Lakeview
    6) The Willow Hill

    Enjoying and spending time in Ooty is a marvelous experience. If you get a chance to visit Ooty, Don' t miss that chance.

  • Ooty or Ootacamund or Udagamandalam is a beautiful tourist place and resort town in the State of Tamil nadu. It is well known for its Western Ghats Mountains. Due to hills, mountain view, Lake and other site seeing places it is also known as "Queen of Hills". Due to its location at high altitudes, air is cool and weather is pleasant. Coimbatore is the nearest airport from Ooty and is located approximately 88 kilometres away and it is well connect to all cities Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. From Airport you can take any taxi or bus to reach Ooty.

    Ooty is a year round tourist destination and hotels run full throughout year but best time to visit Ooty is between October to June due to cool weather conditions. Temperature in Ooty remains around 25oC and best for sightseeing but during December and January month it falls down to 5oC. It is colder place as compare to other places in South India hence, attract tourists.
    Some of the good places to visit in Ooty are:

    1. Nilgiri Mountain
    2. Botanical Gardens
    3. Rose Garden
    4. Dolphin's Nose
    5. Toda Huts
    6. Doddabetta Peak
    7. Pykara Waterfalls
    8. Avalanche Lake
    9. Ooty Lake.
    10. Emerald Lake
    11. Kalhatty Waterfalls
    12. Kamraj Sagar Dam
    13. The Tea Factory
    14. Tea Museum
    15. Mudumalai National Park
    16. Thread gardens
    17. Tiger hill station
    18. Eagles Dare
    19. Thunder World
    20. Boat House
    21. Stone House
    22. Hyderabadi Biriyani House.
    23. Horse Ride
    24. Annamalai temple.
    25. St. Stephen's Church

    If you go there in summer season Summer Festival of Ooty is a major attraction of that time. It is an annual show includes flower show, fruit show, rose show and vegetable show.
    Another major attraction is medicinal plantations in Ooty which produce aromatic essential oils e.g. eucalyptus, camphor and citronella. Tea plantations in Ooty is also well known
    Toy Train at Nilgiri Mountain Railway is also very popular and draw attention of tourists.
    Ooty Lake or Ooty Boat house located in Nilgiri District is one of the charming places in Ooty due to its natural beauty.

    Best Budget Hotels in Ooty:

    1) Treebo Trend Sky Dale Inn & Suites
    2) Treebo Trend Yantra Leisures
    3) Treebo Trip Rosefield Heritage
    4) Treebo Trend Whispering Meadows
    5) Sterling Ooty Elk Hill
    6) Glen Park Inn
    7) FabHotel Grand Castle Hill Woodcock Road
    8) FabHotel Vinu Valley Resorts Funcity
    9) FabHotel Heritage Alibaba Inn
    10) FabEscape St. Clouds Pudumund
    11) FabHotel Khems Ooty

    Treebo and Fab are budget hotel and safe also for stay. You can enjoy visiting Ooty any time but Winter season is the best season.

  • Ooty (Udagamandalam) is one of the famous tourist place and hill station in Nilgiris district in the state of Tamilnadu. It is situated about 86 km from the Coimbatore city. The best time to visit in winters though people generally go there right from October to May/June before starting of the rains. There are many attractions in Ooty from a tourist point of view. Some of the prominent ones are -

    1. Nilgiri Mountain Railway - The Nilgiri Ghat Roads and Nilgiri Mountain Railways connect Ooty to the nearby town of Mettipalayem. The train journey from Mettipalayem to Ooty is itself a great tourist adventure of its own kind. The slow hill train moving on curvilinear paths ascending from Mettipalayem to Ooty and passing through picturesque locales is a great experience which one must go through. The hill Train (known as toy train also) covers a distance of total 46 km in a span of 5 hours undertaking the spectacular journey. Later, one can also return by it to Mettipalayem.

    2. Ooty lake - Ooty Lake is at a distance of about 2 km from Ooty town centre and is in a green location surrounded by Eucalyptus trees. It is also home to beautiful water birds. This is a great place to go on picnic or a photography session. There is boating facility also which is a great attraction here.

    3. Botanical Garden - This is another most visited place in Ooty and situated about 2 km from the town centre. Spread in an area of 89000 sq. meters, it is having many different species of flowers, plants, ferns, trees, herbs any many more exotic and indigenous varieties of flora. It is maintained by the state Govt.

    4. Rose Garden - It is near the main city area in the Elk hill slopes and has a large number of rose varieties. It is said to be the largest rose garden of its kind in India. It has thousands of varieties of roses and even the rare colour roses like black and green are also seen here. Some of the special rose varieties seen here are tea roses, miniature roses, polyanthus, papagena, ramblers, floribunda etc.

    5. St. Stephen's Church - Situated near the city centre this is a marvellous architectural building. This is one of the oldest churches in the Nilgiri area and was constructed sometime in 19th century.

    6. Pykara Lake - Situated about 19 km from Ooty it was considered a sacred place by the tribals here. Actually this lake is on the Pykara river and for the nature lovers the whole area is flush with beautiful sceneries including a few water falls. It is not only a favourite picnic spot but picture/ movie shootings also take place here.

    7. Tribal Museum - The Tribal Museum is located inside the Tribal Research Centre situated in the Muthorai Palada area and is about 10 km from the city. It displays many things related to Toda tribe and other tribes of this area. This is an important place for the visitors who have interest in the anthropological and archaeological matters related to the tribes which habitated here in large numbers long back.

    8. Kalhatti Falls - Located about 8 km from the city this place is popularly known as 'Bird Watcher's Paradise' and provides a bird point view of the valley. The Bellikkal lake is the added attraction here. Elephants coming here and drinking water is a common site which tourists enjoy much. There is a walking track also along the lake.

    9. Doddabetta Peak - It is the highest point (2623 meters) in the area and situated only about 10 km from the Ooty city. It is actually the mid point of the Western and Eastern Ghats surrounded by thick forests.

    10. Toda Hut - Near the botanical gardens there are a few Toda tribal huts which are preserved for the tourists to observe the old huts used by these people. A few Todas can still be found living in the area.

    11. Dolphin's Nose - This is a peculiar shaped rock situated about 15 km from Ooty city on a high point and one has to climb up to reach it. From here one can have a picturesque glimpse of a few falls and a few rivers flowing below.

    12. Tiger Hill - This is situated about 4 km from the city centre and is a very fascinating natural destination. It is near to the Doddabetta peak also so one can club the visit with that.

    13. Kotagiri - It is about 17 km from the city and is in fact in Coonoor area. This is a beautiful village situated amid the lush green tea plantation and is a must place for the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty.

    14. Annamalai Temple - About 20 km from the city it is a famous temple of Lord Muruga.

    15. Lamb's Rock - This is a popular picnic spot located in Coonoor area. From here one can observe the Coonoor river stream as well as the Coimbatore plains.

    16. Simi's Park - This is situated at a distance of 13 km in Coonoor area and is a nice garden. Every year there is exhibition of fruits and vegetables held here. It is a beautiful sight for the visitors.

    17. Catherine Falls - About 18 km far in the vicinity of Coonoor this is a very popular place for the visitors to observe the Catherine falls. In this fall water comes down from a good height of 200 feet.

    18. Avalanche Lake - Situated about a distance of 15 km it is another popular tourist place crowded by the nature lovers and photography hobbyists. Around the lake the surroundings are full of flowering plants which make the place very beautiful.

    19. Thunder World - It is a theme park in the city itself and is very popular among the young visitors. This is an amusement park where with the help of multi dimension projection technology an illusion is created to reconstruct the age of the Dinosaurs. It has different sections having different themes of entertainment.

    20. Adam's Fountain - It is a fountain situated near the city at about 2 km distance and is a very common and interesting spot for the tourists and visitors. This fountain was built in the year 1886 in the memory of the then Governor of Ooty. It is just located at the Charring Cross junction.

    There are a large number of hotels available in Ooty. Some of the good ones, affordable and in the city or nearby areas are -

    1. The Silver Dale .
    2. FabHotel Khems.
    3. Smile Stone Residency.
    4. Mystique Inn.
    5. Hotel City Palace.

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  • The main thing in visiting ooty is you have to stay at least for two days. There are many places to see and enjoy. You can occupy a taxi for sight seeing through Phone number is 9842335457. Or else you can contact Tamilnadu Tourism Department through the website
    They have good packages.

  • Ooty would welcome you with mesmerising meadows, soothing environment, cool weather and wide array of sight seeing places to visit and amid each tourist attraction in Ooty, it promises a lively experience leaving you in awesome for many days to come. You may visit numerous eye catching places, which can offer you exciting thrilling experience.
    Some of the attractive places to be visited in Ooty are given below -
    1) Avalanche Lake - This lake is beautifully lying amid the lush greenery of mountains and landscapes attract every visitor. It is popular for trout fishing apart from its rare flora and fauna. Other popular activities are Camping, Rafting and Trekking to nearby hilly regions such as Upper Bhavani. It would prove to be an ideal picnic- spot.
    2) Ooty Lake - Ooty lake is indeed a place to visit to enjoy refreshing rides on the serene of water. You may witness array of shops located around the lake selling various local items.
    3) Emerald Lake - This lake is located near the Emerald - village in the Nilgiri district. Emerald Lake lies in a place called silent valley. It is situated around 25 kms from Ooty. It is really a beautiful lake offering an ideal place for picnics for for picnics where you can spend your quality time with your loved one.
    4) Kamraj Sagar Dam - A popular place for picnic and film shooting situated 10 kms away from Ooty Bus Stand. This dam offers peaceful environment with beautiful surroundings where you can spend your time with ease. You can enjoy bird watching as well as fishing. This is an ideal place for the researchers for its conducive study environment.
    Other tourists attractions are as follows -
    5) Ooty Botanical Garden
    6) Deer Park
    7) Doddabetta Peak
    8) Kalahatty Waterfalls
    9) Mudumalai National Park
    10) Mukurthi National Park
    11) Needle Rock View Point
    12) Ooty Rose Garden
    13) Ooty Toy Train
    14) Tribal Research Centre
    15) Parsons Valley Reservoir Ooty
    16) Pyakara Water Falls
    17) St. Stephens Church
    18) Ooty Stone House
    19) Toda Huts Ooty
    20) Wax World Ooty
    21) Wenlock Downs Ooty.
    Best time to visit Ooty is between October and June when the climate is congenial for undertaking tours.
    Best Hotels available in Ooty are as follows -
    1) The Silver Dale
    2) Hotel City Palace
    3) Hotel Lake View
    4) Gem Park Ooty
    5) Green Moon Residency
    6) Glen Park Inn.

  • Normally September and October are off-season in Ooty due to Monsoon rain. But the rain in this hill station will not be that strong like other areas. So if you are okay with small drizzling, you can choose this time. Another advantage in this time is the low rent for hotels due to offseason.

    The winters from October to June is the ideal time to visit Ooty as the temperature remains somewhere around 25°C which offers pleasant weather. It is the best time for travelling and sightseeing.

    The below given some of the good hotels for families for staying in Ooty
    1)Global Village Ooty
    6/202 _ Kathadimattam Street,
    Manjoor Road, Balacola Post,
    Ooty (Udhagamandalam) 643203 India

    2)Gem Park, Ooty
    Sheddon Road, Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India

    3)Hotel Lake View
    West Lake Road, Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643004 India

    4)Fortune Hotel Sullivan Court
    123 Selbourne Road Rose Garden Road,
    Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India

    5)Fairstay Holiday Resort
    Fun City Property, Ooty-Coonoor Main Road
    Lovedale Junction bus stop,
    Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India

    6)Glyngarth Resorts
    2 / 213 Hullatty Village The Nilgiris,
    Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643007 India

    7)Hotel Welbeck Residency
    Welbeck Circle Club Road The Nilgiris Tamilnadu,
    Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India

    8)Club Mahindra Derby Green
    29 - 49 Baikey Road, Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India

    9)Savoy - IHCL SeleQtions
    77 Sylks Road, Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India

    10)Ponmari Residencyy
    26 D Charring Cross, Ooty (Udhagamandalam)
    643001 India


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  • Ooty is one of the beautiful summer resorts located in Tamil Nadu, South India. Many nature bounded fascinating locations can be found in this region.
    1. Ooty Botanical garden:-It spreads over 22 hectares of land which is surrounded by sloping hills. It include plants, flowering bushes, and animals of rare species and also so many fossilized trees.
    2. Rose Garden:-At the slope of Elk hills, 4 hectares of Rose garden where we can see 20,000 rose plants which include 2241 varieties.
    3. Ooty Lake:-It is an artificial lake surrounded by beautiful flowering plants and green trees. Boating facility in this lake attracts visitors.
    4. Art Gallery:- It exhibits a rich collection of paintings, sculptural arts and crafts, items of tribal objects attracts the visitors.
    5. Doddabetta peak:- Nearly 10 km. away from Ooty the highest peak of Nilgiri hills is located. From this peak one can view the eternal beauty of this place.
    6. Ooty Toy Train:-In this Toy Train one can experience a breathtaking travel through tunnels, curves, bridges, beautiful scenery between Mettupalayam to Ooty.
    7. Thread Garden:- A beautiful artificial flower garden which is also known as Thread Garden located near ooty lake is one place one should not miss to visit.
    8. Sim's Park:- This park is situated 15 km away from city gives an eye feast to the visitors with flower beds, lawns, beautifully decorated rockeries, lush green lawns etc.
    Mudumalai Wild Life Sanctuary, Wax Museum, Government museum , Deer Park, Tribal research center etc.
    Here is an article to go through the details of Ooty tourism:- Ooty- The beautiful tourist center of India

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