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  • What is the dental treatment required for teeth broken in an accident?

    Worried about teeth broken in an accident? Quickly learn from experts the various treatment options which a Dentist can provide and the approximate cost as well.

    My brother's half teeth are broken in an accident. Is it possible to put back his half teeth in his mouth? Let me know what are the options and approximate cost of the treatment.
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  • There are a whole lot of aspects to this case of broken teeth caused by an accident. First of all, if an entire tooth has fallen out, then it is possible to put it back in the socket (this is called re-implantation) depending on whether it has been preserved properly and within how much time the procedure is done. It is not possible to reimplant it if it is after a many-hours' gap. Reimplantation does not arise if the tooth is broken. You cannot stick back part of a tooth on the broken section which is remaining in the mouth.

    What you have to consider are the options, these depending totally on the condition of the various broken teeth. That is to say, what is the type of broken state has to be seen individually for each tooth. So, let's say, there is just a chip or a slight crack on a tooth. This can simply be filed (smoothened out). The type of chip or crack may also decide whether filling material has to be put in as a preventive measure to keep the crack from becoming bigger.

    Next, consider a tooth where the top has got broken. This is called the crown of the tooth and plays a major role in our eating process as that is what is required for proper chewing of food. Such a tooth will need a filling called an onlay and the dentist will let you know of the various materials used for it (example acrylic).

    Then there are teeth which may have been so badly affected that the very nerve of the tooth sends a shooting pain and even cause bleeding. This requires more serious treatment which will likely involve root canal treatment.

    Finally, consider the case where a broken tooth is so badly damaged that it requires to be removed entirely and an artificial tooth be implanted in its place. You can inquire, then, from your Dentist about partial dentures that are supported by the adjacent teeth if those are in good condition.

    As for costs, any kind of dental treatment nowadays is very expensive. You could mention which town/city you are based and somebody may recommend a good Dentist to you, but ensure that you do not go to quacks or those who are not really having proper expertise in dealing with broken teeth. It would be best to go to a Dentist referred to you by somebody who really knows the Dentist's work.

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  • Half teeth are broken? This will not give a clear picture. Out of 32 teeth, 16 nos are broken or all the 32 teeth were broken at the middle point. Whatever may be the case you have to consult a dentist. He will examine the condition of the teeth of your brother do the treatment as required.

    Generally, based on the condition the dentist may use any of the following systems or all the systems.

    1. The dentist may fill ceramic material. This may give up to 98% of the original strength. It may not be completed in a single sitting and may require multiple sittings,
    2. If the damage is not very high. a sedative bandage on the exposed part may be tried by the dentist. This technique is known as Dental Bonding.
    3. If the majority part of the area is affected and if the pain is there, the dentist may go for root canal treatment. This treatment is also will not be completed in a single sitting. Multiple sittings are required.
    4. After root canal treatment, the dentist may suggest a crown to safeguard the teeth.
    5. If all the above are ruled out then the dentist may go for implantation of teeth.

    But the patient should contact the doctor immediately so that the doctor can immediately do first aid to stop further damage. The cost depends on the treatment given and the number of teeth to be addressed. However dental treatments are never cheap.

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  • Whenever teeth are broken or chipped or removed during an accident one has to consult a dentist who can make a primarily assessment and then advise and devise ways to repair and reinstate them. Each and every tooth is to be treated depending upon how much it is affected.

    A partially broken tooth can be repaired with certain fillings and enamels like ceramic filling. This can bring the strength of the tooth back to normal. This type of treatment takes less time and tooth also comes back to its normal condition in a day or two. This is the simplest procedures done on the affected teeth. If the teeth are slightly separated from each other then the dentist may use dental bonding to correct them and bring nearer to each other. This takes some time and in between it is to be checked by the dentist for any mid course corrections in pressing the teeth to one side or other. If a particular tooth is broken much and the pulp is being visible then the dentist may decide to go for a root canal which takes some time to drill to the base of the tooth and then fill that cavity with some epoxy which hardens and becomes like a tooth only. This is known as filling of the tooth. Depending upon the strength of the tooth the dentist can further go for the use of the crown which is a metallic cover to protect the individual tooth further.

    In case the teeth are damaged much beyond easy restoration then there is an option of implantation of artificial teeth on the gum bases both up and down side of the jaw. That is a long process and the whole denture is to be reconstructed artificially. Also, this option is a costly option.

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  • From your own assessment, I could not make out the status of your teeth. In your case, there are twin possibilities either you have 16 teeth or may be you are having 32 teeth broken half from its middle portion.
    Whatever, the case may be, you will have to do a few steps so that your problem is resolved to your satisfaction in relation to your broken teeth. Here are a few suggestions -
    1) You need to meet the Dentist at his chamber so that he can examine the inner condition of your mouth to assess the health of the remaining teeth.
    2) Your Dentist may suggest you for X - Ray so as to know the inner condition of teeth - status.
    3) Your Dentist will be able to take a look at the damage and decide the best treatment for saving your teeth.
    4) He may advise you for the endodentic surgery for the removal of fractured portion attached to the jaw.
    5) If the crack has extended down into the pulp, he may suggest you for the root canal treatment.
    6) A timely line up with the Dentist can save your remaining teeth.

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