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  • Will the year on reissued study certificates create problems in document verification for jobs?

    Worried that the year stamp on reissued school certificates will create problems in document verification for jobs? Learn from experts if this is indeed so and how to resolve the problem.

    I am applying for government jobs. I have lost my study certificate from LKG to Class 8. So I went to the school for re-issuance of the study certificates, but the stamp they put is a 2014 stamp. As recognized by government stamp changes for every 10 years while I was studying, it was the 2008 stamp (2008 means they will keep stamp from 2008-2014 and I completed Class 8 in 2010) and they mentioned the date of issue as 2019. Will there be any problem when document verification is done for government jobs?
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  • There will not be any problem even if you took the Study Certificates recently. Since the schools maintain the records of the students who have studied there, you can take the study certificates at any time. Even I took the Study Certificates after completion of 20 years of my studies. Sometimes, some Government organisations may ask for the certificates in certain formats, in such situations we have to take print out of those certificates and make it signed by different authorities. In such cases, the Stamps will be latest ones only. So, the stamps does not matter as long as the certificates are genuine.

  • If the certificate issued by the school is original and signed and stamped by school authorities, there will not be any problem.

    You studied in that school long back. But you asked them a duplicate certificate in the year 2014. They will mention in your certificate which year you studied in that school and that will be signed and stamped. The person who is signing is the present head of the school. They use the present stamp of the school. They will not keep the old rubber stamps and they will not put them now.

    I lost my SSC certificate. I passed SSC in the year 1970. At that time the name of the school is H Z P Hr Sec School. But I went for a duplicate in the year 2005. At that time the school has become Junior college and the Name of the institute is Govt. Jr. College. I obtained the duplicate which is signed by the present in charge and the school stamp is different. I have not faced any problem with this certificate.

    So you need not worry and you can go ahead.

    always confident

  • No, in no way you will face any problem if the school authorities have provided you a certificate indicating the year of studies in that school. It hardly matters that such a duplicate certificate in the event of the lost one is issued after a couple of years.
    The school,authorities maintain records of passing of each student year wise and once a candidate approaches for the duplicate one, the authorities would go through such record and if name of the candidate appears in a particular session, he will be issued a study certificate with the signature of the Principal officiating currently with his stamp. However, date of issue and stamp would vary issued for other candidates. Issuance of fresh certificate will be provided with the current date and official seal. However, it won't affect the genuineness of the certificate.

  • Whenever you apply for the reissue of a lost or stolen document, a duplicate certificate or document is issued by the agency after verifying your credentials as per their records. This is a well laid down procedure and once they prepare your duplicate document then they have to mention on which date they are issuing this to you. So naturally they can not put a back date as that will become illegal from procedural point of view. So, they will put the date of the day only when they are issuing it. The date and stamp on any certificate original or duplicate has a legal bearing and no one can put a back date or arbitrary date on these important documents. So please do not worry about that aspect in your duplicate certificates issued by the school or their centralised office. You can very well present it to the verifying authorities.

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