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  • How to remove dark patches on the skin on the thighs?

    Worried about dark patches on the skin on the thighs? Know from experts the best ways to remove such dark patches entirely.

    Due to continuous ringworms on inside thighs near my private parts, the skin became very dark some years ago. From then onwards the darkness remains the same. It has not gone. On rare occasions, I have been getting itching there. My main concern to remove the darkness near my private parts. How to remove such dark patches?
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  • This problem is mainly due to sweating. The air circulation in this area will be less so sweat will not get evaporated easily and that only will cause more problems.

    To avoid this problem, it is advisable to dry the area completely before getting dressed and apply prickly heat powder which will absorb the wetness and thus will help in not getting any itching and blackening.

    You can consult a skin specialist who will suggest the ointment which you can apply in those parts to come back to normal color.

    But the best way is to apply fresh coconut oil in those places regularly two times. In the morning after having your bath dry the area and then apply coconut oil and wait for 5 or 10 minutes. Then you can apply prickly heat powder and then you can get dressed up.

    Again in the evening after your bath you have to apply the coconut oil on the are where you are observing black patches.

    If you follow the above system without fail for 2 or 3 months, the blackening will come down. Coconut oil is the best remedy.

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  • There are many reasons as why a person gets dark rings or patches in the inner thigh region. Some of the prominent ones are the friction of the tight synthetic clothing, hormonal imbalance, excessive exercising, certain medications, dry skin, skin pigmentation disorder, certain diabetic conditions etc.

    There are some medicines and medications generally prescribed by the doctor for which the advice and consultation with the physician would be needed. At the same time there are some common home remedies which can be tried to get rid of these unwanted dark patches. Some of them are -

    1. Aloe vera - Aloe vera or aloe vera based special cream products are available for reducing the dark patches. One can get these lotions from the reputed medical shops. These are to be applied and let it remain there to be soaked by the body overnight. Do not rinse them immediately.

    2. Coconut oil with lemon juice - In this combination the oil acts as a moisturiser and lemon acts as the source of Vitamin-C which is helpful in treating hyper pigmentation. Add 2-3 table spoon of coconut oil to juice of half a lemon and rub this to the affected part with light massage. Rinse and clean after some time.

    3. Sugar and lemon juice - This can be prepared by adding lemon juice of 1 lemon with 2 tablespoon of sugar and 1 table spoon of honey. Now apply this scrub to the affected parts. Rinse after some time. Sugar is supposed to exfoliate the skin.

    4. Oatmeal with yogurt - Yoghurt is having lactic acid which is good for skin. This combination is good for the scrubbing action for cleaning of the affected parts. For this add equal parts of oatmeal and yogurt. Now apply it to the skin and rub gently. Wash off after some time.

    5. Baking soda and water - This is to be used cautiously as sometimes it may be harsh with some skin types. So, one has to prepare a paste of it and apply it thinly to the affected area and after 15 minutes just clean it with water. Baking soda is a good skin exfoliating agent.

    6. Potato slices - Potato has some enzymes which are supposed to reduce the dark spots on the skin. For this one has to make potato slices and rub them on the effected area for 10-15 minutes.

    There are many chemicals, medical formulations and treatments like soy, niacin amide, ellagic acid, lignin peroxidase, arbutus, kojic acid, liquorice, hydroquinone, retinoids and laser treatments which are advised by the doctors or dermatologists but one should go for them only after the expert medical opinion and consultation.

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  • Reasons for dark rings or patches in the inner thigh region can vary from the disease like Diabetes Mellitus, acanthosis nigricans which is a skin disease, sun exposure, dry skin, Hormone imbalance etc.

    There are some home remedies to remove such dark patches other than normal allopathic ointments prescribed by skin specialists. They are

    Aloe vera gel can be effective for dark skin and chafed skin. You can apply the gel of Aloe Vera on the affected area and no need to rinse it off after applying.

    You can make a mixed paste of Baking soda and water and apply it in the dark area of your thigh. You should take an equal amount of water and baking soda. Need to rinse off after 15 minutes.

    Apply the mix gel of Coconut oil and Lemon Juice on the dart areas can be an effective remedy. Need to rub the area for 10 minutes like a massage and after that need to wash with warm water.

    Other than these home remedies, Dermatologists prefer Laser treatment through which one can remove 100% dark scratches. But is an expensive method. But if you are obese, then there a chance to regaining the dark marks because of chafing while you walk, run. So need to think twice before doing such expensive medication against dark patches.

    You can prevent from getting such dark marks by taking some simple precautions.
    Wear loose or breathable inner wears always.
    Try to wear Cotton or Nylon clothes as inner wear if available.
    Avoid shaving or waxing the area too frequently to prevent irritation.
    Should not scrub even you feel irritation after exercise or hard work in the thigh area.


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  • Dark - patches appearing on the inner thighs is not a major health issue but it is the manifestation of hormonal disbalance, obesity, poor hygiene and excess usage of hair removal creams and all these contribute to dark patches on the thigh.
    There are certain home remedies which can alleviate this issue provided this is being taken up consistently for at least two months -
    1) Gooseberry or Amla contains a lot of Vitamin C and other useful nutrients such as Ca, Mg, Cr etc would nourish the skin and eliminate the dark patches with the proper purification of the blood. Amla - powder if consumed half tea - spoon twice along with hot water in the empty stomach for two months will eliminate the dark patches.
    2) Yoghurt and Lemon Juice - Take one table spoon of Yoghurt and half cut lemon juice, mix the same thoroughly to make it a paste. This concoction is to be applied on the affected area. Keep this paste for 20 minutes and then finally rinse it thoughly with warm water. Regular application twice daily would blemish the dark patches within two months.
    3) Internal consumption of Aloe Vera - You may consume at least 20 ml of Aloe Vera along with equal amount of water and this concoction is to be consumed twice daily for at least some time say for 45 days in order to get positive result. Aloe Vera is antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal in nature and hence it is potent herb to take care of dark patches appearing on any part of the body.
    4) Cucumber has the bleaching property and can diminish the dark patches appearing on the thighs. Apply fresh Cucummber- juice on thigh gently and allow the same to penetrate inside the pores of the affected skin. After 15 minutes, you may wash the same. Do it twice daily for sometime till you get the positive result.
    5) Include Almonds, Raisins and Walnuts in your breakfast. This should be taken in moderate quantity and such consumption will purify your blood.
    6) Orange - peel and Honey - Grate the peel of one orange and mix one tea - spoon of raw honey. Apply this paste on the thigh and wash it off after 15 minutes. Regular application of this concoction will provide a blemish free skin very shortly.
    7) Take proper sleep for at least eight hours in night so as to avoid the hormonal disbalance.

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