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  • How to get many visitors for free to a live news website?

    Launched a news portal that provides live news but it is getting a low audience? Get expert tips on how to quickly attract a large number of visitors to a news website without additional costs.

    We have a Kolkata live news website and we need more visitors to this news portal. We are also hiring a content writer and journalists/reporters for our channel but it seems to be more expensive than we thought. Hence we would like to start with a basic budget. Accordingly, we would like suggestions on how to get visitors freely?
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  • There are a large number of websites for news, content and other things which are mushrooming in the internet and it is really a difficult task for the website owners to attract the requisite volume of traffic to their respective sites. Still there are certain things which can be considered to achieve this objective. Some of them are -

    1. Enrich the content - This is the most important thing as the viewers are always attracted to a rich site having good coverage of the topic and its historical background along with the contemporary viewpoints on the issue.

    2. Be impartial - One has to give the unbiased news and should not mislead the viewer. Once the viewer sees that there are fake and crafted things being broadcasted, he will avoid the channel.

    3. Authentic content - Before releasing any important and sensitive news it is always better to confirm and check its authenticity from the reputed sources.

    4. Participation of viewers - To make the channel popular it is suggested to start the participation of the viewers by inviting them in the daily quiz or daily question and then intimating the names of viewers who have participated, just like done by the popular radio channels.

    5. Patience is the key - Any new channel takes time in getting popular and some hard work is required in the initial stages. One should remember that there is a cut throat competition in the market and persistent efforts only can yield the desired results.

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  • These days we are finding many websites with live news content. Almost all the newspapers are having websites and they are giving the news within no time on their websites. So it is very difficult and you should try by all possible means to become famous.

    But there are ways to increase the traffic. You can try the following:

    1. You can go for Paid search, advertising in social media and advertising through display boards
    2. You can use social media channels for advertising,
    3. Use different formats and lengths of your content. Using Videos, infographics and data-driven pieces will leave a maximum impact on the viewers.
    4. The headlines should be different and should be attractive. This will give you a better edge over other similar channels.
    5. You should be able to make your content in such a way that the content will easily appear on the searches carried out.
    6. Long-tail keywords are very important.
    7. Content from famous guests will be an additional attraction to the websites.
    8. Try for referral traffic.
    9. Try to post your content on Linkedin and give reference to your site. Linkedin is nowadays is very popular.
    10. Try to give more internal links to your content. This will make the viewers go to the links mentioned.
    11. Try to call some famous people and interview them and make the interview attractive.
    12. Try to send emails to as many people as possible. Use all your links and ask them to forward to their contacts.
    13. Keep interactive programs with the viewers and give a column for comments
    14. Conduct webinars and attend seminars and advertise your channel.
    15. Use Videos also along with the content.

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  • Website traffic is an important reflection and driver of bussiness growth. It can be helpful in locating the following features-
    1) How well your marketing is working.
    2) Gather insights working about your audience making decisions.
    3) Improvement of SEO and search - engine credibility.
    4) Generate more leads, increase conversions and get more customers.
    The following tips may help in registering traffic growth in your site -
    1) Advertise - Social media and advertising, displaying advertising are the impressive ways of attracting the visitors. In that way, you can build brands and setting your site crowded with the people.
    2) Get Social - One of the best ways to increase traffic to your website is to use social media channels so as to promote the content. Google promotion can help your site showing up personalised search results.
    3) Mix it up - Length and format of the content should not be unnecessarily lengthy. It must be appealing to the different kind of readers.
    4) Head lines should be attractive - Head lines are the most important part of your content and without an attractive headline, the blogpost may go unread. Master the art of headline writing.
    5) Pay attention to one page SEO - Optimising your content for search - engine is considered to be a valuable and worthwhile practice. Optimising the SEO page could help in boosting your organic traffic.
    6) Invite others to your guest guest blog in your site - Guest blog is a two way approach. In addition to to the posting content to other blogs, invite people in your niche to blog on your site. Ensure that your post is of high quality and original contents so as to draw crowds to your site.
    7) Post content to Linkedln- Linkedln is the best plateform of locating another job. It signifies that you should post your content to Linkedln on a regular basis.Doing so will boost up traffic.
    8) Interview the Industrialists- Send out emails requesting an interview to the noted Industrialists of some major industries and get it published in your blog.
    9) Pay due attention to email marketing- Email marketing can be a powerful tool and even a moderately successful email blast can generate a heavy traffic in the long run.
    10) Make sure your sight is fast - Ensure that your pages are technically optimised including image file sizes, paper structure and the functionality of third party plugins. The faster is the sight, the more will be the crowd of the traffic.
    11) Pay attention to comment section- Start conversations with the crowd with thought provoking comments on industry blog and site is a great way to earn your should engage with other people in your niche.
    12) Introduce Video in your content strategy- Text based contents are definitely attractive bu the inclusion of Video can be a valuable asset in attracting the new visitors.Visual materials have higher impacts on the minds of the readers.

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